Writing to Wealth Review- Can you really write to riches?

Are you looking to make money with your writing skills? Have you heard about Writing to Wealth and thought you would check it out? I am so glad you’re here doing your homework. I pat you on the back. There are so many scams on the internet trying to take your money and promise you the world or at least wealth.

Let’s see if Writing to Wealth lives up to its name.

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Name: Writing To Wealth


Type Of Site: Job listing directory

Price To Get Started: $34 + Upsells

What is Writing to Wealth?

Writing to wealth is a Clickbank product that offers writing jobs you can claim and make as much as $325 or more per article. After you pay the membership fee, you are supplied with a list of companies who are looking for writers. The writing jobs consist of short article and blog post writing assignments. They claim they have more jobs than writers and their job database is updated regularly.

The membership comes with extra writing resources such as:

  • Automatic Article Writer. The software offers article templates
  • WriteSparks! Software. A topic generator mostly used with creative writing.
  • Nick Daws Interview. A two-hour  interview featuring the author of “How to Write ANY Book in 28 Days – Or Less!”
  • Novel Writer Software.  helps with novel writing. There are no details on how this works.
  • MaxType Lite Typing. A typing tutor.
  • The Writer’s Best Friend. A  research tool.

Writing to wealth review


Writing to Wealth is Misleading

Writing to Wealth makes it seem like its so easy to make a lot of money as a writer. That is far from the truth. Writing can be a lucrative business if you have experience. Writing for a blog is different from writing a novel or creative writing.

When you write for a business they need for you to have SEO (search engine optimization) writing experience. They want their websites to rank in the search engines. You need to know how to write engaging content.

Writing to Wealth claims you don’t need to have any writing experience to “claim the jobs”, do the work and get paid. First of all, you are not “claiming” anything. First, you apply for the job and then wait for your application to be approved. This is how it works. You can get the same job listing from sites like Upwork.com, Fiverr.com, and Textbroker without paying a membership fee.

Writing to Wealth gives you the notion that you can earn up to $325 per article/post. You are not going to get that much per article. Usually, professionally written articles are paid per word which is around one cent per word.

They hoping people are ignorant to the world of writing for pay.

On the sales page, they give a special offer to pay $24 for membership which is a “one time only offer.” When you try to click away from the page the fee goes down to $12. They definitely want your money so they keep giving discounts.


  • Low sign up fee
  • 60 Money back guarantees because it is a ClickBank product.
  • Provides a list of up-to-date jobs.


  • Unrealistic claims about how much money you can make.
  • No training to show you how to write articles for search engines.
  • You don’t claim jobs. You apply for them.

Is Writing To Wealth a Scam?

I don’t want to call it a scam. There are things I don’t like about it. You are getting something when you pay your membership fee. A database of up-to-date jobs.  But that same list of writing jobs can be found elsewhere on the net for free.


Thumbs DownThe income claim is outrageous. Writing a good article takes time.  As a newcomer, it could take days to write an article.

This program is more about making the creators wealthy.

Another thing that I would like to point out to you guys today is the fact that writing in any form can become extremely time-consuming. You have to do research for the article, pay attention to details, edit the article and format it. And your work has to be unique. You can not just copy someone else’s work from the internet claim it as your work and get paid for it. It does not work that way.


Make Money Writing Another Way


If you still have your heart set on writing for money there is a better way. Learn how to write for the web the right way and how to find high paying clients. Check out a writing platform called Contena.

An even better way is to write for yourself. Start a blog, write content you are passionate about and help your readers. Once you have a blog and begin publishing content regularly you can obtain free, organic traffic. The more visitors you get the more money you make.

There is a program I recommend where you can get 2 websites for free. This online training program teaches you step by step how to make money from your content.

The training is all about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is how I make money online. I received my training from my #1 Recommendation.

I am a believer in having your own. If you learn how to write for the internet within your own blog, the sky is the limit to the amount of money you could make.

Those same articles you wrote for your site years ago could still make you money in the future. That is what’s called passive income. Do the work once and get paid for it over and over again.

If you don’t think you want your own website but still want to get paid for writing for others, check out this training. It is not free but it is very comprehensive and has gotten good reviews.

Not everyone wants the responsibility of their own website. Some just want to do the job and get paid. Then move on to the next job and know when they will get paid and how much.

And you know what? That’s fine also. You have to do whatever works for you.


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