What is Verbalink.com?

Welcome to my Verbalink.com review. There are many ways to make money from home and transcribing is one of them. If you have good typing and listening skills then transcribing could be for you.  I applaud you for doing your research to see if Verbalink would be good for you. Your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it.

With that said let’s see if you can make money transcribing with Verbal Ink.

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What is Verbal Ink.com?

Verbal Ink is one of the leading companies in the transcription services industry. It was founded in 2003. The company name was changed. It used to be called Escriptionist. Verbal Ink offers the following services:

  • Translation services
  • Foreign language transcription
  • subtitling services
  • voice over services, etc.

Who can apply Verbalink.com?

Verbalink is looking for “highly skilled” transcriptionists. This means you need to have some transcribing experience but the website doesn’t specify how much experience.

Verbal link only accepts writers who reside in the United States.

The company is looking for applicants that possess the following criteria when they apply.

  • You can tell the different voices of several speakers
  • You can understand heavy accents, regional dialects, etc.
  • Know how to manage your time well
  • Strong command of English grammar
  • Have specialized transcription software and foot pedal
  • Know how to use email and Microsoft Word

How to apply?

In order to apply, you have to email them at jobs@verbalink.com. Keep in mind they are looking at your professionalism. Your resume should be professional done in ms word or pdf format with a cover letter. You should put in the cover letter why you think you would be an asset to the company.

If you don’t send a cover letter the resume will be rejected.

Verbal Ink is not always looking for transcriptionists. If they have an opening they will send you a transcription test after receiving your email. The test is not easy. They are really looking to test your skills as a transcriptionist.

How much does Verbal Ink pay?

It does not say on the Verbal Ink website how much you get paid. But it does say they pay a “living wage” to their transcribers. The pay varies. It depends on your skill level, how difficult the audio file is. You get paid by for each audio minute. Auto files can vary in pay rates.

Alternatives to Verbal Ink.com

You may or may not meet the criteria Verbal Ink is looking for. If not, that is ok, not all is lost. There are other companies that are looking for beginners.

 AccuTran Global– This company is based in Canada. It wants you to have experience as a transcriber but they do offer jobs for beginners from the U.S and Canada.

If you can type more than 70 w.p.m the test should be a breeze to pass. The faster your typing speed is, the more money you make.

The pay ranges from $.0055 per word for beginners to $.0066 per work for more experienced transcriptionists.

1-888-TYPE-IT-UP – If you are a beginner and reside in the United States you should consider applying to this company. They are interested in talented, new transcriptionists from the U.S.

Their transcription pay rate ranges from $.60 to $3 per audio minute. But in actuality, it takes longer to transcribe audio minutes in real-time. In other words, instead of making $.60 per audio minute, you will get approximately $.20 to $.30 per minute.

3Play Media- concentrates on client transcription services via voice recognition software. If you can type over 75 wpm and reside in the U.S., you can apply to this company. They hire transcription editors. Editors are paid between $10- $25 per hour.

Daily Transcription- As a beginner, I suggest you take a close look at this company. They hire U.S and Canadian citizens and pay from $.79- $1.10 per audio minute, which is pretty good for beginner transcribers.

Daily Transcription pays weekly by check only, unless you are outside of the U.S. or Canada, other payment arrangements can be made.

GMR Transcription- If you reside in the U.S you should apply to this company. They have strict rules for formatting which makes their test a bit more difficult. The pay ranges from $.70 to $1.23 per audio minute. You are able to pick the transcription files you want to work on.

GoTranscript- This company offers jobs for beginners. They pay transcriber up to $.60 per audio/video minute. GoTranscript pays weekly, every Friday via PayPal. You have to pass a fairly easy transcription test.

TranscibeMe- This company is also for the beginner even thou the pay is low. The pay rate starts at $.33 per audio minute. There are opportunities for advancements with this company. TranscribeMe pays via PayPal minimum payout threshold is $10.


The opportunities are there to make money online as a transcriptionist. If you are a beginner it is going to time to gain experience and make more money.

I wish you only the best.

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I hope you have found value in this review. If you have had any experience with Verbal Ink or any other company mentioned, tell me about. I would love to hear from you and share it.

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