What is Traffic Ivy About?- Scam or not?

Welcome to my review of Traffic Ivy. I applaud you for doing your research before you invest in this product. As we can tell for the name, this product is about traffic. As internet marketers we need traffic. We can’t get around it. We need people to visit our sites and purchase. It is a numbers game. But so many of us struggle to bring traffic to our sites. I don’t mean just any traffic. I’m talking about targeted traffic.

Let’s see if Traffic Ivy has the solution.

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Product name: Traffic Ivy

Website: trafficivy.club

Price: $19 plus upsells

Owner: Cindy Donovon

What is Traffic Ivy?

On the top of the sales page, it reads” New Revolutionary Cloud-based SaaS gets guaranteed real free traffic anytime you want.”

Traffic Ivy is a recently released Clickbank product created by Cindy Donovon. It has a completely Saas based Viral Traffic Network.
It has a network of people who share each other’s content with their social media followers in the hopes of driving traffic to each others’ blog posts, social media pages, and product promotions.

Who is Behind Traffic Ivy?

Finally, I come across a product that has a real owner. Cindy Donovan is a transparent person. Too many times the creator uses a spokesperson to hide behind. Cindy Donovan is a plus in my book.


Traffic Ivy Software

Donovan is an Australian marketer who has been in the online marketing industry for the past several years. She has created several products such as:

SocioJam System, it shows people the tips and tricks of Facebook marketing. And also InstanGenius which is a plugin to help people sell their products. Another product she created is VideVine that is used to drive traffic.

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How Does Traffic Ivy Work?

When you purchase Traffic Ivy you get access to the members’ area. There is a section called the marketplace. This is where you will find campaigns for other people products you can promote. Each campaign gives you a certain amount of points for sharing it.  There are 22 categories of campaigns to choose from.

Some of the products in the marketplace are ClickBank products. I have reviewed many Clickbank products in the past and most of them are of low quality.

So this is based on the concept of “one hand washing the other”.

The members’ is where you will create and manage your posting. You have the choice to have your content posted on blogs, Facebook and other social media platforms. Such as Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Linkedin.

The Traffic Ivy system is based on points. The points costs:

Option 1: $9.97 for 2,000 points – choice of traffic
Option 2: $29.97 for 5,000 points – choice of traffic
Option 3: $49.97 for 10,000 points — choice of traffic

There are also upsells to consider purchasing. Which are:

  • Traffic Ivy Pro Subscription- $27 – $47 monthly. You have a choice between the Gold Package which is 5000 points a month or the Platinum Package which is 10,000 points a month.
  • Traffic Ivy Kickstart Bundle– $97 one time fee. You can have a fully hosted WordPress blog created for you which includes lead generation forms and five done for you landing page systems.
  • Traffic Ivy Agency– $197- With this, you will be able to create unlimited sub account. You can put points towards several sub accounts.
  • Traffic Ivy Reseller– $297- With this, you become a reseller, and can sell an unlimited amount of accounts to earn 100% on future funnel sales.




  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Some traffic can be generated
  • Cindy is a real person.


  • Fairly new product. Not enough members.
  • Low-quality content.
  • Not all members have a large following.

Is Traffic Ivy a Scam?

No, I would not call it a scam but I don’t think it has longevity. It is something I would not suggest you get involved in. There are red flags blowing in the wind. First of all, not everyone has a large social media following. So the likelihood of getting sales when they share your campaign is low. Plus some people may have a large following and don’t engage as they should with them.

People buy from people they know, like. and trust.

Like I said some of the campaigns are ClickBank products. I would never share a Clickbank product unless it’s a very good product. Because on the site I tell my readers that most of the ClickBank products are not good and to stay away from them.

I don’t believe Traffic Ivy has enough members. It is new. And I don’t believe really successful marketers would join. Why would they? If they are successful marketers with a huge following how could joining Traffic Ivy would not be beneficial to them anyway.

And even if they did, what would their followers think if they started sharing other people’s products with them? Especially if the products are not good. Their follows can begin to lose trust.

I also wonder about the quality of the sites you would post on. Are they relevant to your content? How long has the site been around? Is it an authority site? These are questions you need to know the answer to.


Hopefully, you have enough information about Traffic Ivy to make a decision. If you want to try it out it’s up to you.

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