What is Six Figure Success Academy- Legit or Not?

Welcome to my review of Six Figure Success Academy.  I am so glad you are doing your homework before you invest your hard earned money. There are many legit ways to make money online and there also many scammers out there ready to take your money. It is hard to tell which is which sometimes especially if you are new making money online.

Let’s see what Six Figure Success Academy is all about and if it lives up to its name.

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Company Name: Six Figure Success Academy

Website: www.sixfiguresuccessacademy.com

Owner: Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda

Cost: $ 1997

Who is behind Six Figure Success Academy?

Ty and Mike created this program in June 2018. Mike was into Information technology as a career but he didn’t like it at all. So eventually he quit to follow his dream of being an online entrepreneur. Ty was working in the corporate world for 9 years. He tried his hand at online marketing, and, like a lot of us, made lots of mistakes.

Both Ty and Mike put their heart and soul into online marketing. Six Figure Success Academy is the result of their passions.

Who is This Program For?

The Six Figure Success Academy is for anyone who is new to online marketing. Creating webinars is just one avenue to take when it comes to online marketing. But it should not be the only one you use to build a business.

Six Figure Success Academy can get your feet wet in the video marketing world. It’s a good start but there are other ways you will need to know in order to build a successful online business.


What is Six Figure Success Academy?

The Six Figure Success Academy is a video training program that shows you create webinars to sell anything you want to sell. It does not matter if it is your own product or someone else’s as an affiliate. There is a strategy to selling via webinars and then actually doing it with a certain formula.

The first step is to find someone with an online course. There are many of them online. Udemy literally has hundred of them. The main thing is you are looking for courses already created so you don’t have to do it.

The next step is to help them increase their course sales by using the Six Figure Success Academy guide. Next, you will promote the course to targeted people who want to buy it.

Six Figure Academy is all about teaching you how to make money with different products at the same time. Thus making money each day. They show you how to do this quickly and without a lot of work.

Once you sign up with Six Figure Success Academy there is a simple course to complete. It is about 6 weeks long. The training consists of 50 videos which are relatively short. All of them are under 10 minutes.

What does the Six Figure Success Academy Training consist of?

  • Week 1- An introduction to video marketing and the basics of webinars.
  • Week 2 – Learn how to create an Avatar and learn how video personalities are able to communicate.
  • Week 3 – Learn how to monetize from using the video concept
  • Week 4 – Preparing for maximum success – These involve setting up their video software and the sort of hardware you might require to achieve the best results.
  • Week 5- Generating thousands of dollars on demand.
  • Week 6 – Optimize and scale. You learn the common market practice of splitting test between what is working and what is not.

There are also bonuses you can earn commission from if you sell them.



  • Good quality training
  • money back guarantee
  • a viable business model combining video and affiliate marketing


Video marketing is not enough in the long run to build a successful business.

How to get Traffic?

No matter what type of online business you have you need traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. If you don’t have it you don’t make money. That is the bottom line.

Now how do you get traffic? There are several ways:

Free Organic Traffic

The search engines love websites that offer value to their readers. Content is king. And everyone who makes money on the internet knows that. When you write content you go after low competition keywords.  With the combination of quality content and keywords, search engines will reward you by giving your website high rankings. That, in turn, brings traffic.


Paid Traffic.

Paying for traffic is something you would want to consider if you know what you are doing. Plus it is possible to lose a lot of money until you get the advertising right. You have to test different ads to see what works and what don’t. Buying paid traffic takes money and time.

Social media.

Social media is another way to get traffic. There is a certain way to get traffic. You can not just send your links to anybody, it’s called spamming. Plus you won’t make any money that way. A target audience is needed when you are promoting something. They would be the most likely to buy what your selling.

Facebook ads give you the ability to target your audience. This is another paid traffic source.


Six Figure Success Academy is certainly not a scam. The training is very good. I do recommend it. But I do have a problem with one aspect of it. In one of the lessons, they talk about making money on demand. There is no such thing as making money on demand.

People spend money with people they know, like, and trust. It takes time to build online authority. People want to see you help them and not just have your hand in their pockets. You have to show them that you are there for them. You want to help them with their problems. After you gain their trust then you can recommend products to them. This is when you make money online. It does not come on demand.

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