What is OnlyFans about?

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Welcome to my OnlyFans review. I applaud you for doing your due diligence. There is so many work- from- home websites/systems on the internet. Some are legit and some are not. If you are new to how making money online works it could be hard to tell which is which.

This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an educated decision.

With that said, let’s see what Only Fans is all about and if you can make money with it.

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What is OnlyFans?

Only Fans, launched in 2016 and is based in London, England. It is a social media platform that allows you to sell adult content to your fans on a prescription basis without fear of having your account banned for life.

You can access OnlyFans with pc or mobile devices.

Instagram and Snapchat have been used to sell adult content but the companies’ policies do not allow nudity or adult content. The people that go against the policies risk having their account shut down and lose their business.

 How does OnlyFans work?

If you are thinking about getting into the adult entertainment field, OnlyFans is a good place to start.
This is a great way to get your feet wet in this industry without leaving your job or your house.OnlyFans allows you to put adult content on the site for your fans.

In order for the fans to see the content, they have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Otherwise, the content is censored, and the fans are not able to see it.
The creator of the content determines how much the money subscription fee is.

Anybody can make money with OnlyFans

People in the adult entertainment industry are not the only ones making money with OnlyFans. People who want to make money with their hobbies/passions and have a following can make money also.

So what are your hobbies/passions? Do you like to do nails? You can make DIY tutorials about styling nails. Are you into exercising? You could give your fans exercises that target certain areas.

Do you play a musical instrument? You could offer your fans music lessons on a monthly subscription.

How much money can you make with OnlyFans?

It really depends on how much you charge for your subscriptions and how many subscribers you have. Onlyfans take 20% of the amount of the subscription and you get 80%.

The minimum amount your fans can tip is $5.

This is a very high payout compared to other social network sites.

The payment processing system is inbuilt in the app – which eliminates external or third party billing and payment portals.

According to the website, payouts are made automatically and daily – but are delayed up to seven days.

You have the option to charge whatever you want for subscriptions but the more you charge the fewer subscribers you will have. There are many variables when it comes down to how much you should charge.

The first thing I would do is look at what the competition is doing. And also evaluate the value of the content in the subscription and find a balance. Always give your best work.

OnlyFans have not been on the scene long, there are people who have never heard of it. This is why you have to promote yourself. Don’t wait for OnlyFans to do it for you. You have to drive traffic yourself. Go to other social media to tell people you are on OnlyFans.

Always get feedback from fans. Ask them what they want to see and find ways to upsell your fans.

Make money as Social Media Influencer

It is not easy to grow a following as a Social Media Influencer. You just can’t go around asking people to follow you.  People have to get to know, like and trust you before they do that. This takes time and works on your part and hopefully, you would have already grown a following on another social media platform such as twitter or facebook.

You have to give your fans value. There are certain things you will give them because you want to help them. But also there will be content they will have to pay a subscription fee to access.

People like to be a part of something exclusive, something they feel not many people have access to. When they have access to “fan-only” content it makes them feel special. This is where OnlyFans come into play.

Is OnlyFans a Scam?

No, it is not a scam but I did find some negative comments about OnlyFans. The comments I found seem to come from subscribers. They complain that the entire website is slow most of the time. Customer service is not good and they have had their accounts shut down for no reason.

In order to join the site, users have to go through an application process. They must provide proof of legal by showing a government-issued id and fill out a W-9 tax form.

OnlyFans know it is dealing with very sensitive material, so user safety is of the utmost importance.

The user wait to be approved before they can attach their bank account to their profile. This approval could take a couple of days while OnlyFans does a background check.

If you have value to give to your followers I suggest you sign up with OnlyFans and create an added income stream for yourself. You can sign up here.

Another way to make money online

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Feel free to post any comments/questions below and share.

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