What Is Notion Cash About?

Welcome to my Notion Cash review. I applaud you for doing your research before you waste any time or money on another bogus system/product. There are so many make money online products online. It is hard to tell what is legit and what is not. This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make informed decisions.

With that said…Let’s see if Notion Cash can put some extra money in your pocket.

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Product: Notion Cash
“Notion Cash, LLC” 
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What is Notion Cash About?

Notion Cash claims to be a “one of a kind” Social Earning Network. It is located in New York. NotionCash.com is a subsidiary brand of Notion Cash, LLC. a leading Internet and media company that operates many similar websites.

They claim you can easily earn money in several ways. You get $25 for signing up, $15 for every person you invite and make up to $50 for every app you test. Earn hundreds of dollars with just a few minutes work every day.
Sounds good right? Who would not want to make that kind of money for doing little work?

Notion Cash was formerly called Kids Influencer Club (kidsinfluencerclub.com) and is a similar site to kidsearncash.com And kidsearncash.com redirects to https://cloutbucks.com.

Notion Cash is free to join. People would not think it is a scam because they don’t have to pay. But the owners can make money off of you.

One on of tasks they have is to answer surveys to earn money. You have to give your email address, name, and phone number for each survey you take. Don’t be surprised if you start getting spam in your inbox by third-party companies trying to sell you something.

If you give them your email and any other personal information, they can sell it. This is known as a data harvesting scam.

Your username, email, and password that you use to sign up to their website can be stolen. They are hoping you are using the same information on other accounts such a PayPal. Beware of identity theft. Change your passwords often.

Who is Cash Notion For?

Well, Cash Notion is targeting people who are regularly on social media and who want to make some extra money spamming their referral link. But this site is really for the owners and anybody else that buys or rents your information.

Think about it. $15 for each referral you get? Where are they getting the money to pay you? You are not paying for membership. There are no products to buy on the website.

That much for a referral is unheard of online.

Fake Testimonies

On the Notion Cash Site, there are testimonies of people claiming to have made money with them. One of them is the guy in the image below.  When I saw this guy I said to myself, “I have seen this guy before.”  Looking back on the many product reviews I have done. Guess what I found?

Here he is in the image below claiming he makes money with another program I reviewed called AZ Millionaire Method.

And also he claims to have made money with Secret Online Goldmine.

And with Spring Profits too. He is a busy guy.

He is busy alright. He is busy making money selling his services on Fiverr.com With people lying like this, who can you trust?

Below is another person claiming that she made money with NotionCash.

And as you can see below she is an actress selling her services on Fiverr.com also. She is another one that is hard at work telling lies. I am not sure how these people sleep at night.

If Notion Cash is all that, why pay actors/actresses to lie about their earnings. They probably never heard of Notion Cash until they were contracted for their services.

This is another red flag blowing hard in the wind.

Is Notion Cash a Scam?

I would not trust any site that pays people to lie about how much money they made with it. I can’t find anything positive about this site. Where are the real users of this site? Can a real person attest to making money with it?

As I was doing my research I found that people are complaining of not getting paid. After they get your information they don’t need you anymore. So don’t expect to get paid.

I think with that and everything thing else I mentioned above, it’s safe to say, “Don’t waste your precious time”.

Notion Cash is known as a scam to some people. If you did sign up with them I suggest you change your personal information such as your passwords, on other financial sites you deal with, before you start getting fraudulent acts on them. And stop promoting Notion Cash.



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I wish you many blessings in whatever decision you make.

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