What is Home Cash Flow Shortcut?

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Welcome to my Home Cash Flow Shortcut review. I applaud you for doing your research. There are so many products on the internet that claim you can make money with. Some are legit and most are not. If you are new to how making money online works it would be hard to know the difference. This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an educated decision. Your money and time are precious commodities you can afford to waste.

With that said let’s see if you can make any money with Home Cash Flow Shortcut.

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Name: Home Cash Flow Shortcut
Owner: Keysha Bass
$47 plus upsells

What is the Home CashFlow Shortcut?

The Home CashFlow is a one-page website. On the website, there is a video that hypes up this product with a bunch of testimonies. People claim to have made thousands of dollars in a short amount of time using this revolutionary secret.

You don’t need to have any experience or your own products. The website claims you will be able to write your own check and this is the fastest path to big money online.

This sounds all well and good but what is the Home CashFlow Shortcut? How does it work? Well, they don’t tell you this in the video. You are lead to believe this is an automated way to make money online.

You get a bunch of hype about how much money people are making with this revolutionary system. And you also hear about how most people don’t like their jobs and wish they could earn more money and spend more time doing what they like to do.

How does the Home CashFlow Shortcut really work?

Well if you think this is a system that can help you make a boatload of money in a short amount of time, think again. The Home CashFlow Shortcut is nothing but a funnel that connects you to Super Affiliate Network.

When you put in your email you are taken to a check out page with the domain name thesuperaffiliatenetwork.biz. I find this a bit misleading. The cost for the Home CashFlow Shortcut is $47.

But there are many upsells. Super Affiliate Network is a high ticket program filled with many levels and the training products can be pretty expensive. So don’t think that if you just pay $47 you will start making money. It won’t work that way.

The Super Affiliate Network is has training o how to make money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products with a unique affiliate link. You get a commission when someone buys that product through your link.

Many people make good money using affiliate marketing. It is a good business model to make money with. Super Affiliate Network is not so much a training source but instead a business opportunity.  The training you get is how to promote The Super Affiliate Network more than anything else. Because the only way you will make money is by getting people to join.

Below are some of Super Affiliate Network products. There are other products that are a lot more expensive.

The Profit Boosting Bootcamp for $1– 15 Moduil step-by-step training where you will learn digital marketing tactics and strategies to start an online affiliate marketing business.

The Solo Ad Sucess Formula for $297-11-Module step-by-step home study course where you’ll learn how to generate leads using Solo Ad Marketing.

The Super Affiliate Inner Circle- $297-The Super Affiliate Inner Circle gives 12 months access to the profit-boosting Bootcamp and advisor, along with Weekly Inner Circle Coaching, and Monthly Immersion coaching with a corporate team member.

Can you really make money with this?

As you can see in the image below there are not many people making money with this. If you are at the bottom of what some people would call a pyramid scheme you would be making $103 a year. And if you factor in how much you invested then you are on the losing side.


Is Home CashFlow Shortcut a scam?

If you have read any of my reviews you know I don’t like to call anything a scam. But with the information I have given you, I will let you be the judge. The sneaky practice of “switch and bait” makes me run away from this one. You think you are looking at one system in the video and when you go to sign up, it is something else.

This is a big red flag for me.


If you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing check out my #1 recommendation. It is an online training platform that is free to try. It is called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build a successful online business. It has everything you need under one roof.

Have you thought about having your own online business? Did you know you could make money with your hobbies/interests online? Yes, you can. What is your hobby? Do you love to swim? Do you have a passion for making crafts? Are you into health and fitness?

It does not matter what you are into. There are thousands of people with the same interests you have. You could help those people with problems they may have and make money while you’re doing it. This is what affiliate marketing is all about.

You would suggest products and services to people and make commissions when they buy through your unique affiliate link.

It does not cost a lot of money to get into affiliate marketing but you do need the right training, put work into, and time. It is not a get rich quick type of thing.

I hope you have found value in this review. I wish you much success in everything you do.

If you have had any experience with Home Cashflow Short or any other product like it please tell me about it below and share.

Let’s Make Money Online!

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