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Welcome to my Voice Cash Pro Review. Do you want to know if Voice Cash Pro is legit or just another scam trying to take your money? I applaud you for doing your homework before you purchase and become disappointed.  There are many make money online products/systems on the internet. Some are legit and a lot are not.

If you are a newbie to making money online it is hard to know what to look for in a scam product. This what the scammers are counting on. There is no push button, automated, do nothing system that will make you a boatload of money online.

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Now let’s see if Voice Cash Pro is legit or a scam.



Name: Voice Cash Pro

Website URL: voiceprofitsystem.com

Owner: “Monica White”

Launched in: November 2018

Price: $37 + upsells



What is Voice Cash Pro?

Voice Cash Pro is supposed to be a product that can help you make over $9,800 a week by making voice-overs.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience. Monica White claims to be the creator of this system that is a little secret. Making money doing voice-overs is not a secret. People make money doing this all the time.

In the sales video, White tells this long sad story hoping you can relate to it in some way. She doesn’t show herself in the video. Why is that? Maybe its because she is not the real creator. I found that the owners of these types of systems want to stay anonymous so they can keep churning out more systems with false claims. Its all about the money.

Fake Testimonies

In the sales video, there are people who claim they made so much money using this system. It’s funny how some of these make money online products never have real testimonies. Is it because they haven’t had anyone who really made money with it?
The guy in the sales video is the same guy below selling his services on Fivver.com. He probably never heard of Voice Cash Pro. But yet he is saying how the system has made him lots of money.

Same with this next guy below.  I have seen him over and over again as I have reviewed these money making opportunities.

And in each one he claims he used the system and it changed his life. His name is supposed to be “Matt Haskins”. And with using the system he has made over $150,00 in 6 months.

I want to know, “Which system was it that changed his life?” Was it:

Or was it

Or is he making his money on Fivver.com?

Both of these actors are making money by saying whatever they are paid to say. It seems like they don’t care if the system works or not. That’s not their problem.

It is not unusual to see people promoting products they have not used. It is done in the media all the time. I have a problem with the blatant income lies they tell.

If you are a newbie to how making money online works you may fall for the hype.

Like I said it is possible to make money doing voice overs but it does not happen overnight. As a newbie with no experience, no one is going to hire you. You have to market yourself and build a brand. This takes time and experience.

Is Voice Cash Pro Really worth it?

They don’t tell what the product is in the sales video. I wonder why it is a mystery? Most of the time with these types of products all you get are pdfs.

But what is the information you get?

You have to buy the product and find out.

They claim all this system takes is 3 steps

  • Follow the step by step to set everything up
  • Spend up to two hours online
  • Sit back and watch the money roll in

Is that all it takes? You’ve got to be kidding!

It takes more than that to make the money they claim the system will make.

Hard to Get Voice Over Jobs

The sales video is hyped up it’s not funny. It is more difficult to get voice over job than to actually do them. There is a lot of competition. Clients tend to use experienced voice actors. In order to get started, you need a demo. The equipment you record it with should be professional.

There are agents that help voice actors land auditions and jobs as well. This industry is not as easy to get into as Voice Cash Pro makes it seem.

This is really a professionals industry that pays from $20 to several hundred dollars per hour.


60-day money back guarantee because it is a ClickBank product. Don’t be surprised if you have to request a refund more than once before you get it.


  • Upsells- $37 is not the only amount they try to get you to spend. You will hit with upsells to make the product work better and make you more money
  • Fake testimonies
  • Get rich quick claims
  • Hyped up income claims


I do not recommend spending any money on this system. There are too many red flags that concern me. I feel it would be a waste of your time and money.

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