Verbalize It Review- Make Money Transcribing/Translating

Welcome to my Verbalize It review. There are many ways to make money online and translating is one of them. I am so glad you’re taking the time to check out Verbalize It. If you are new to how making money online works, it could be hard to know what is legit and what is not online. This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an educated decision as to whether Verbalize It is right for you or not. You don’t want to waste your precious time.

With that said let’s see if Verbalize It a scam or not.

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What is Verbalize it?

Verbalize it uses an advanced system that provides its clients with translation/transcription of content faster by joining artificial intelligence with human workers to produce accurate results. Which provides better accurate results than using only machine-produced translations/transcription methods.

It offers cloud-based transcription/translation services in 150 languages, 140 countries, and 50 industries worldwide.

The company is based in New York and was co-founded in 2010 by Ryan Frankel and Kunal Sarda. Later in 2016 it was taken over by a translation company called Smartling.

Verbalize it Application

The application process is fairly simple, but it could take a few hours to complete the written and audio proficiency tests. Verbalize It requires you to be proficient in two languages. These are the languages you will be tested on.

Only the top 10% of testers are accepted.

Afterward, if you pass the tests, you need to tell the company about your skills and experiences. You will need to complete your profile and add your payment information.

Verbalize It pays via Paypal twice a month. So you need to have a Paypal account.

After the test, your training begins. Training is flexible so you can pick a time that is good for your schedule.

How do You get jobs with Verbalize it?

The process is pretty straightforward. When you are ready to work you have to make yourself available with either your browser or phone. Verbalize will send you a notification about new translation requests for the language you are proficient in.

You can either accept it or not. But don’t wait to accept because the job could be taken by someone else. It is a first-come, first-serve type of thing. After you complete the job, you send it back and Verbalize it will review the work.

Pay rates depend on how long and difficult the files are.

I have learned the pay is approximately $6.00 an hour. Which is pretty low compared to other translation jobs. This is the major complaint by Verbalize It members.

Vebalize It Requirements

Verbalize It requires you to be proficient in a minimum of two languages. In order to deliver high-quality transcription/translation you need to have the following:

an up-to-date computer/laptop
anti-virus software
an online dictionary and thesaurus
a second language dictionary online
spell and grammar checker
Microsoft Office with Word and Excel installed

Is Verbalize it a Scam?

Verbalize it is not a scam. But over the years they have had bad reviews from current and past workers. And some good ones also. The pay is low. The test is over an hour and there are approximately 50 questions you have to answer also. If you failed the test, Verbalize It will not tell you why you failed or which part of the test you failed.

Take a look at what some of Verbalize It workers had to say about the company on The Glassdoor website.

As you will see there are many negative reviews.

The good thing is VerbalizeIit is flexible. You are not required to work set time. You can begin working at your convenience.

But on the other hand, you are not guaranteed work. Work depends on the language it is needed in. Who’s to say what languages are most popular? The languages you are proficient in may or may not be needed a lot. This is something to keep in mind also.


There are other websites that pay you to transcribe. I am a firm believer of not putting all my eggs in one basket. If you are really want to make money transcribing, I suggest you sign up with several companies. Below is a few I have reviewed in the past.



Casting Words

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If you have had any experience with Verbalize It or any other company like it, please post below and share this review with others.

I hope you found value in the review.

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