The Freedom Formula Review- Is it legit or a Scam?

Welcome to my review of the Freedom Formula. I applaud you for doing your research before you spend another penny on a make money online product/scheme. There are so many of these kinds of products on the internet. It is hard to tell what is legit and what’s not. This is why I do reviews. I want you to be able to make an informed buying decision.

With that said, let’s see if the Freedom formula is your ticket to financial freedom.

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Name: The Freedom Formula
$37 plus upsells
Misha Wilson (questionable)
Business Model:
Multi-level marketing

What is the Freedom Formula?

According to the sales page, the Freedom Formula is a done-for-you system that makes you a ton of money in a short amount of time. I have heard this time and time again with various other programs I have reviewed. But I did not want to judge with looking into it further.

The spokesperson does not go into any details about this system. But She talks in length about how much money you can earn with it. You don’t need any tech skills or any previous experience.  You don’t have to create and sell your own products.

And it has nothing to do with Multi-level marketing, or so they say in the sales video. This system allows ordinary people to make thousands of dollars in commissions.

There are people in the sales video that testify that they are making money with this system in a short amount of time. There are claims of making up to $1000 a day. This is to make you think that if they can make money with it, so can you.

In the sales video, they sell you a dream of being financially free but they don’t tell you how it works exactly. We know what we don’t need. We know what we won’t have to do. But…

What is the Freedom Formula exactly?

The Freedom Formula is not a done-for-you system like you are lead to believe on the sales page. It is part of a sales funnel that leads you to a program called Super Affiliate Network. The FreedomFormula is not the only sales funnel that sends people to  SAN. There are many sales funnels with different names on the net. Most likely these are other people trying to recruit for SAN.

This is not something they tell you in the sales video. So if you buy into The Freedom Formula, you are really buying a membership for the Super Affiliate Network which is a third party program.

I want to call this sales tactic “bait and switch.” That is what it appears to be to me. That in itself is a red flag.

Here they have you thinking that the Freedom Formula is a system, all by itself but it is not. It is a sales page for a completely different program.

In the sales video, they claim this has nothing to do with multi-level marketing. But that is the business model of The Super Affiliate Network. You make money by recruiting people into the program.

As a member of Super Affiliate Network, you will get step by step training on how to promote their product. They want you to spend money on their high ticket offers that can give you $1,000’s in commissions.

If you decide not to purchase any high ticket items then you will miss out on commissions. Because if one of your referral purchases a high ticket item then the commissions go to the next member that did. This is called  “pay to play”.

Digital Altitude and Mobe were programs that were shut down by the FTC. They were using those “pay to play” tactics.


  • 30-day money back guarantee


  •  the sales page is full of hype
  •  high ticket upsells and membership levels
  • The Freedom Formula is  a funnel page of The Super Affiliate Network
  • Supposedly a  done-for-you system

Is Freedom Formula a Scam?

I want you to form your own opinion. I don’t want to call it a scam outright. But there are red flags that concern me. They claim it is a done-for-you system and it’s just a sales funnel to another program. A program that will keep costing you money. This is very deceptive on their part. They will try to get you to buy more upsells saying you will make more in commissions. In fact one of there upsells is a high ticket membership which costs $1000.

The more you grow your downline, the more money you make. How are you supposed to get these referrals? They suggest you place solo ads. That is another expense involved. And you will be promoting other misleading sales pages using different names, like the one you saw.

There are thousands of affiliate programs that you can join for free. Many of them have high ticket item you can promote and earn commissions from.

The Freedom Formula reminds me of other make money online products I reviewed in the past. Such as:



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But I must warn you. It takes the right training, time and patience to build a full-time income online. Some people do not realize what it really takes to make money online. There are no

done-for-you systems or a few clicks system that need a very little of your time, that will help you make a boatload of money online. If you come across a product/system that says it can… run for the hills.

I hope this review has given you clarity. I wish you much success on whatever decision you make.

Feel free to post any comments/questions below and share.

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