Spring Profits Review- Is it worth the money?

Welcome to my review of Spring Profits. You probably just heard about this recently. It is a new Click Bank product that hit the make money online scene. I congratulate you on doing your due diligence before you spend your hard earned money. There are so many products/systems on the internet that claim they can make you financially independent. Most of them fall short. That is why I do these reviews.

Let’s see if Spring Profits live up to the hype.

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Product name: Spring Profits

Website: www.springprofits.com

Price: $37

Owner: Daniel Green

What is Spring Profits?

Spring Profits just recently sprung on the Click Bank market place. On the sales page it says the owner has made millions of dollars with this profit generating system. Many other ordinary, average people are making $25,000 a week using Spring Profits with no experience.

Spring Profits is supposed to be a done for you system that you can use to make a boatload of money selling t-shirt on a site called TeeSpring.

It is free to use Teespring. With Teespring, you are able to design and sell  20 different kinds of products. There are no risks involved or upfront costs. Teespring handles the printing, shipping and customer service.

After you use Teespring’s design launcher to create or upload your designs. They offer a variety of selling tools to help you make money. They can also list your products on Amazon and eBay.

When a person buys a product Teespring takes care of production and shipping the item.

After you create your design Teespring will give you a base cost for creating and shipping the item. You then figure out how much of a profit you want to make over that base cost.

For example, let’s say Teespring is you a base cost of $9 for a tee shirt. You will need to determine how much profit you want to make. So there you could sell the t-shirt for $19 and make a $10 profit on each shirt.

Selling T-shirts online is a viable business. People sell t-shirts online every day on a variety of platforms like eBay and Etsy as well as Teespring.

What’s In Spring Profits?

After you pay the $37 you will access to the members’ area. In the member’s there are 3 Ebooks for you to download.

Spring Profits is not a done- for- you system as the sales video claims. What you get for your money are ebooks to download.

The Spring Profits 61 page  ebook contains the following information:

  • Introduction to building a t-shirt business
  • Market Research
  • Keyword research
  • Trademark and copyright research
  • Where to find t-shirt designs.
  • Listing t-shirts on Teespring.
  • Marketing and Branding.

The Spring Profits Content Crusher 25 page ebook  contains the following information:

  • Content marketing for tee spring.
  • Developing a content strategy.
  • Scheduling and publishing your content.
  • Other platforms and sales channels
  • Email Marketing

The Spring Profits Social 28 page ebook contains the following information:

  • Facebook marketing strategies
  • Instagram marketing strategies
  • Pinterest Marketing strategies
  • Creating a Mockup ad
  • Facebook paid promotions
  • Promotions through Google AdWords


  • Low cost
  • Money back guarantee
  • The basics of selling t-shirts


  • Fake testimonials
  • No income proof
  • Hyped up income claims
  • Just ebooks no videos
  • Need to sell a lot of t-shirts to make decent money

First of all, this product is reminding me of other products I have reviewed in the past. The people on the sales page are paid actors. Check out these products that have paid actors lying about how much money they made with these systems/products.

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Ecom Cash Crusher

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Paid Social Media Jobs

Below is a guy in the Spring Profits sales video claiming he has made a boatload of money using Spring Profits. He probably had never heard of it before. But he did when someone hired him to make false income claims.

They found his services for sale on fiverr.com

Where are the real users of this product? Don’t they have anybody that can honestly say they have made money with this product?

Crazy Income Claims

In the sales video, they claim people are making $25,000 a week. How many t-shirts is that a week? Let’s say the average price for a t-shirt retails at $20. And let’s say Teespring charges you $9. So now you are made a profit of $11. How many t-shirts would you have to sell per week to make $25,000?

No Video Training

A lot of people are visual learners. Some people learn from videos and the written word. All you get for your money are ebooks giving you the basics of how to sell t-shirts. I like to learn from videos, personally. I want to see what I am supposed to do.

Is Spring Profits a Scam?

Some people would not call it a scam because you do get some information for your money. But I would call it a borderline scam because of the outrageous income claims. Plus they are paying people to give falsehoods about using this product.

And who is the owner? He doesn’t show his face on the sales video. He does not show any proof of income. Plus he is using a “pen name.”

Why use a “pen name?” So the creator and jump from one low-quality product to another without being identified?

That’s what it seems like to me.

I don’t suggest you spend your hard earned money on Spring Profits. If you want to learn how to sell t-shirts on Teespring I suggest you take a look at Udemy.

There are courses on Udemy that teaches how to sell t-shirts for less than $37.


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It is free to start.


What are your thoughts about Spring Profits? Please post it below.

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