Seven Dollar PTC Review- Pays Seven Dollar Per Click Or Not

Name: Seven Dollar Click
Price: Minimum $79.99 per month

Owner: ?


Welcome to my Seven Dollar PTC review. I want to congratulate you on doing your research. You came upon the review because you are looking into making money online and possibly heard about Seven Dollar Click. This company claims it pays you $7 per click. Let’s see if their claims are viable.


Who is Seven Dollar Click for?

This program is supposedly for people who want to earn money a very easy way, by clicking ads. For people who want to put some extra money in their pockets. It does not take any experience. All you need is time. The program is targeting people who are new to making money online. They don’t have much experience with the programs online that claim to pay out a large amount of money for doing little work. Which sounds good to the newbie.

How does Seven Dollar Click Work?

Companies pay for advertising space on the website and the site pays its members to click ads. This site is free to join. After you join you go to the earning area. In the earning area, you will see a list of 147 links to ads. Each ad is 25 to 60 seconds long. You can only click those ads. If you want to click more ads you have to upgrade. The Ultimate Gold membership of $99.99 entitles you to earn 100% referral earnings.

You are required to upgrade in order to get paid. If not you don’t have access to the cash-out area. In order to cash out, you will have to earn $7000. That is 1000 clicks for $7 a click.

If you get to $7000 you still have to wait to 60 days to get paid unless you purchase a lifetime membership, then you will get paid faster.



As stated in their terms of agreement you must have an upgraded account for 75 business days. If not you don’t receive your earnings. If you happen to upgrade and you don’t keep it current you lose out on your earnings.

As I have stated above they have an Ultimate Gold Membership but it does not state if you pay $99.99 monthly or not.


Below you will see the membership options for you to purchase. I don’t see the Ultimate Gold membership is this option.

There are various options with different percentages of downline earnings. Meaning anyone you refer to this system that pays for membership, you earn a commission.




Companies are paying to advertise with Seven Dollar Clicks. They pay $10 for 1000 clicks.


Don’t Be Fooled

I suggest you don’t waste your time or money on this program. So there are so many red flags with this it’s not funny.

They say its free to join. Yeah, it is free to join but you won’t get anything at all with the free membership.

The companies are paying only $10 for 1000 clicks. So how can this company pay $7 per click? It does not make any sense.

I believe they get as many people as they can to join and click thinking they will make money and still collect from advertisers with no plans on paying members. They have so many rules to abide by. If they feel you broke one of their rules they won’t pay you..

How convenient is that? But still, the clicks were already made for the companies.

But I still don’t see how the companies gain anything. It is not like they are getting targeted traffic. Unless they are hoping members actually see something of interest and buy from the ads. Sound like hit or miss advertising to me.



Proof Of Payments

Seven Dollar Click claims they can show proof of membership payments. It really looks impressive, doesn’t it? It does not prove anything to me. Anyone can make up a list of payments like this. It’s not hard.

And another thing, why does it take 60 days to get paid? So that means you have to keep your upgrade for 75 business days and if you do make $7000 to get paid out, you still have to wait another 60 days to get paid. All together it adds up to almost four months before you see a dime.

Sounds like nonsense to me.

And to make it even worse, they want you to upgrade to be able to get paid quicker.

Imagine how much money they are getting from members who did not do their homework about this so-called earning opportunity.

It’s no wonder they have been in business for over six years. People join and click for cash for a few months, don’t get paid then leave or get banned.


Seven Dollar Click Terms and Conditions

Their terms and conditions are strictly in their favor. They can do whatever they want with your account. They can close your account and just pick whatever reason they want from their terms and conditions. There is nothing you can do about it. And all your time and money is wasted.


There is some legit pay to click sites on the internet. The pay is not much to speak of. You earn about two cents per click and that’s on the high side. On some sites, it is less than that. You can not make a full time living with pay to click sites. Legit or not.

But mostly these types of sites are looking for people who want to make quick money doing very little. In reality, making money online does not work that way. Not the kind of money I think you want to make.

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