Money Come First Review- Is this another scam?

Welcome to my review on Money Come First. There are so many make money online scam out there. You are probably wondering if this is one of them. I applaud you for doing your homework before you waste your time.

You may have heard about this program from a friend or maybe an email. This review will tell you what you need to know about this program and whether it is worth your precious time.

Product: Money Comes First

Creator: Unknown


Price: Free

Money Come First is supposed to be an online job site that offers endless job positions. Anyone with no experience is able to do these jobs and make money.

The site also claims their members are guaranteed to earn a minimum of $1,500 the first week working just a few minutes.

After you sign up you can start completing job tasks and make money. They also want you to introduce other people to the program. If they sign up you will earn $10 for each signup.

The so-called jobs consist of completing surveys, entering competitions and doing trials. This is a problem. All these companies want is your personal information.  They sell your information to other make money programs. Next thing you know you are hit with a bunch of email spam and wonder where they got your info. They can also submit your information as if they were you for different trials and you could be charged for something you know nothing about.

The creator of this website is unknown to us but I bet they are known to the companies represented. The companies are paying the creator who referred us to that company’s offer.

Getting Paid

The pay minimum is $300. There are not enough so-called jobs on the site for you to complete. So how do they expect you to make $300? I know by recruiting other people into the program, that’s how.


So after you have gone through the small amount of “so-called” jobs, you have no choice but to promote this scam to other people hoping they join. If not you will not reach the minimum $300 payout with just completing the job tasks.

From my experience, you probably would not get paid at all.  This is the way these scams work.

This site reminds me of Fix Monthly Income. Check out that review.  During my research, I found the creators of Money Come First are the same creator of Fix Monthly Income. That is why they are similar. There are so many other programs similar to these and it seems to be run by the same serial scammer.

Free to Join

Just because Money Come First is free to join, that does not mean it’s not a scam. Your name, address, email, and payment information is priceless. Companies are willing to pay for that information. So this is where the creator of the site gets his money.


Red Flags

The creator is unknown as with the program I mentioned above. That’s not a good look. Why is that? Just like the program, I mentioned above.

The payout is so high. Is that because they have no intentions of paying you? Or is it high so you can resort to recruiting more people to earn $10?

The jobs are not actually jobs just another way of getting your info.

Lies about the income you can make in a short amount of time. If sounds too good to be true then it’s not.


I suggest you stay away from this program. Don’t invest your time into it. There are ways to make money online that are ethical but this is not one of them.

Before you join any program do your homework. Ask questions. Read reviews but remember some reviews have a hidden agenda behind it. It could be a review from someone who is trying to make money by recruiting you into the program. Beware of that. So the review will be on the hyped up, positive side instead of the real deal.


Here are some things to look for in a legit program.

  • No upsells. A legit program will not have a lot of upsells. The product should have everything you need to make money. You should not have to buy into a program and still search the internet for missing information.
  • No bogus income claims. The amount of money you would make should be realistic compared to the time you put into it. Making $1,000’s in a few days does not cut it. It’s a fairy tale to get you sucked in.
  • Try for free. A good program will let you try before you buy. You need to know what you’re getting before you plunk down your hard earned money.
  • Good support system. Customer service support is very important. Suppose you have a problem? Who do you contact? How can you contact them? How long would it take them to get back to you?
  • Step by Step training. Some people learn by seeing. What type of training do they have?  There is so much to learn about making money online because there are several ways to do it. I suggest affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the main way most people make money online.

Check out my #1 Recommendation for making money online. This online training program has everything I mentioned that a legit program should have.

You want to make money online. I have been in your shoes trying one program after another. I found myself losing money not gaining. But the urge to make money online was so strong I knew it had to be a way so I kept trying. I kept going after one shiny object to another until I found it.

I am trying to spare you the wasted time and effort through my reviews. I hope you found this review helpful.

If you have had any experience with this or any other program please post it below.

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