Make Money With Motor Club of America(MCA) – Great Opportunity or Not?

Welcome to my review of Motor Club of America (MCA). I congratulate you on doing your homework. There are so many ways to make money from home. But it is hard to know what are legit and what are scams.

I gather you’re here to find out if MCA is your ticket to working from home and gaining financial freedom. I am not a representative of MCA. I just want to give a chance to make an informed decision as to whether you want to join MCA or not.

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Name: Motor Club of America
Owner: Mr. William W. Green
Rating: 40/100

Who is behind Motor Club Of America?

Motor Club of America was started by 3 brothers named William, Samuel and David Green in 1926.  This was around the time when people began to buy cars. The company began to grow and branch out around the country.

The guys ran the company together for over 50 years providing various services to drivers. In 1886 the company was sold to Trac, Inc. They were the owners of Thrifty-Rent A Car. By 1992 MCA was in business in all 50 states and Canada.

In 1996 TVC Marketing acquired MCA. TVC is short for ‘Truckers Voice in Court.’

What are the MCA products?

MCA does not sell car insurance but they do have various other services. Such as:

  • Towing Services
  • Emergency Road Assistance
  • Discount on Legal Services for Moving Violations
  • Discount legal Service for Vehicular Manslaughter and Auto Assault and Battery
  • Legal Services for Auto Accident Related Personal Injuries
  • Legal Services for Vehicle Damages
  • $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • $500 Stolen Farm and Ranch Equipment Reward
  • Touring and Traveling Services
  • Membership card
  • Key Medallion card
  • Lost Key Return Program
  • Auto Decal
  • Discounts on Prescription drugs, Vision and Dental
  • Discounts on Hotel/Motel and Car Rental

Motor Club of America has three membership packages:

Total Security ($19.95/month)

Total Security Gold ($29.95/month)

Total Security Platinum ($49.95/month)

Compensation Plan

You earn $80 for referrals when they join MCA under. You make more money in commissions if you sign more people up within a week.

If you get 5 members in a week, your commission goes up to $82 for each referral. If you 10 then you earn $84 for each referral. The maximum you can earn is $90 for each referral. Any commissions from referral directly under you are called Direct commissions.

Another way to make money is with Override commissions. This is when you make money from the sales of your referrals.

You earn $6 from every sale your downline make.

When your downline gets referrals you earn $1.32 plus $0.66 a month commission for every sale they make.

Generation 2 means your direct downlines that you refer into the system. You can earn $6 from every sale your Generation 2 referrals make.

For Generation 3 & 4, they are the referrals of your referrals. But they’re still considered your downlines.

You’ll earn $1.32 plus a $0.66/month commission for every sale your Generation 3 & 4 downlines make.


How to Market Motor Club of America?

  • Postcards
  • Solo Ads
  • Banner advertising
  • PPC advertising
  • Facebook marketing
  • Free online classifieds
  • Rank blog posts and articles in search engines

Is Motor Club of America a Scam?

No, it is not a scam. It has been around for many years. But compared to other well-known roadside service companies they may be considered sort of pricey.  Some people would call it a pyramid scheme. If that is the case I think the company would have been shut down a long time ago.

MCA has been around for half a century.

Their service the United States and Canada only. That is very limiting. It’s hard to locate the official website. There are so many websites that look like the official MCA website. These are websites of people promoting MCA using their logo.

MCA does not offer is representatives step by step training. The only resources they provide are webinars, conference calls, and a Facebook group.


I am not a fan of MLM companies. I don’t like chasing after family and friends to get them to sign up. Through my research, I found that not many people are actually using the services. They sign up with the intent to make money getting referrals and hope their referrals do the same. Who wants to depend on making money that way?

I suggest you looking into making money with affiliate marketing. First of all, it’s free to start. You are not restricted to any one type of product or service. And you don’t have to worry about recruiting anyone.

But if you still are considering Motor club of America as a business opportunity I want to suggest a free online training platform that will teach you how to get referrals with chasing after people.

The training is step by step and includes 2 free websites. A website enables you to promote your MCA business and any other product or business you want.

After you learn and implement these training people will go to your website. You need to have valuable information on your website and your visitors will begin to trust you. When you gain that trust you will be able to suggest MCA or anything else you want to promote.

Any business you get into takes time to build. Whether it’s MCA or affiliate marketing it takes time, training, persistence and patience.

Just like with a “brick and mortar” store. It takes a lot of money to open, stock and staff the store. Not to mention utilities, insurance.etc. And even with all that money, the owner will not see a profit for some time. You see the keyword is “time”.

What are your thoughts? I would love to know. If you have any questions or comments post them below.

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