Learn How to Start a Gift Basket Business

Thinking about starting a gift basket business? Good for you. A gift basket business is a great home based business that requires very little start up funds. Gift baskets are the perfect gift because it can be customized for the recipient. This business is great for being creative everyday.

I want to help you get started with a gift basket business or grow the business you have started. I hope this  information inspires you to follow your dream.


Who Are Your Customers?

Everyone is a potential customer. People buy gift baskets every day for all sort of occasions. You will have a better chance of success if you decide on what type of baskets you want to sell. When you know that then you will discover who your customers will be for those types of baskets.

There are so many avenues you can go down with this. Do you like working with baby items? Babies are born everyday. Giftbaskets make great baby shower gifts. How about birthday gift baskets for children?  You can concentrate on an age group like one thru 13 years of age.

Have you thought  about the corporate world? Businesses buy giftbaskets all the time. They buy for their clients and employees. Or maybe you love animals and want to concentrate on gift baskets for all the beloved furbabies out there.


Gift Basket Niches

  • gourmet/food baskets
  • wedding and baby shower baskets
  • nut/fruit gift baskets
  • bath product gift baskets
  • candy gift baskets
  • floral baskets
  • customized gifts baskets.
  • pet Baskets

Basic Supplies

Some suppliers require you to have a resale tax certificate to buy products wholesale. Some don’t. First of all you will need the basic supplies such as:

  • Baskets/boxes other creative containers
  • Gift Shred & Basket Fill
  • cellophaneribbon and tape
  • Products to place in the baskets
  • Ribbon
  • Adornment/decorative items
  • Wrapping papers
  • Gift basket and containers
  • Filler items
  • Thin wire and wire cutter
  • Paints
  • Fabric pieces/scraps, linen
  • Paints
  • Gift cards
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue and glue gun
  • Hole puncher
  • Adhesive tapes, etc.

Pricing Your Gift Baskets

It’s up to you how much you charge for your baskets. Just keep in mind how much you paid for all the supplies that went into making it. Don’t skip anything. Write it down. Everything you use has a value.

Once you add up everything double that sum, and add 30- 50% on to it. That’s a good starting point. Also see what your competition is doing. What are they selling their gift baskets for?  Are their gift baskets one of a kind like yours maybe? Take that into consideration also.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Taking good pictures of your gift baskets is very important for marketing purposes. Marketing is a big part of being in business. Selling gift baskets to your family and friends is a start but if you want more sale you need to market the business. People want to see what you have to offer. The more visually appealing the picture is the better. Pictures can be put on a flyers or brochures and given to the customers in the niche you have chosen. Be sure to include a price list.


  • Show your baskets at networking events such as fairs
  • Leave sample gift baskets in the areas of your target market
  • Place targeted advertisements in your local newspapers and relevant magazines
  • Use social media to promote your gift basket business
  • Build an official and professional website, and engage your customers on that platform
  • Use word of mouth referral marketing
  • Try door to door marketing
  • Place your business on online directories

Need Money to Grow

Even thou it takes little money to start a gift basket business you will need some capital to keep it going. You have to think about obtaining finances to invest in the business. Such as:

  • using your personal savings
  • using your credit card as a source of funding
  • Asking family and friends
  • investors or partners
  • Raising money from crowdfunding sites

Start A Gift Basket Business With No Money

Did you know you can start a gift basket business with no money?  Yes you can. It is possible to sell gift baskets and you would not have to be concerned with assembling, collecting payments or shipping. All from the comfort of home.

Become a Gift Basket Affiliate online. There are gift basket companies on line who have affiliate programs. It is free sign up as an affiliate and receive an affiliate link. You would then place that link on your own website. When a customer clicks that link he is taken to that companies website. Once he purchases a gift basket you get paid a percentage by the company.

Here is a sample list of Affiliate Gift Basket Programs








Check them out. See what they have to offer. The percentages they pay may differ from each other. Plus you need to keep in mind who your niche customers are and the type of baskets you will want to promote on your website

Take Your Gift Basket Business Online

Every business should have an online presence. Whether you are making the gift baskets yourself or you decide to become a gift basket affiliate. It all starts with a website. People shop online all the time. What better way to start and expand your gift basket business from home? With your own website you will be able to make moneyin other ways along with affiliate marketing.

Such as:

  • Advertisements
  • email marketing
  • sell ebook
  • sell how-to courses
  • sell digital products

If you would like more information about why  taking your business online make cents, READ THIS.

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Take the first step in creating your online gift basket business now.  Everything you need to know about having a successful business online is just a click away. You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself. Take a look at my #1 Recommendation.

Over the years I have made and sold Easter baskets. I would use the bottom of clean one gallon water bottles. Crochet a cover for the base, crochet a handle made with wire and made different animal face baskets. I’d love to know what type of baskets you make. And if you have any questions please post it below.

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