Is the 24/7 Wealth Club a Scam Or Not?

Welcome to my 24/7 Wealth Club review. I am happy you are doing your homework before you spend your hard earned cash. There are so many products/systems that claim you can make a lot of money with. It is hard to know what is legit and what is not. This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an educated buying decision.

Let’s see if you can make up to $13,127 a week with 24/7 Wealth Club.

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Name: 24/7 Wealth Club

Website URL:

Owner: “Richard”

Launch date: April 2019

Price: $37


24/7 Wealth Pro 2.0- $197

24/7 Wealth Pro – $177

24/7 Wealth Social- $97

What is the 24/7 Wealth Club About?

24/7 Wealth Club is a product that was recently launched on Clickbank. In the sales video there someone named ‘Richard’ who claims you were exclusively invited to watch this video. He claims this is a brand new, incredibly powerful, revolutionary, done-for-you system that you have never seen before.

The 24/7 Wealth Club has helped hundreds of inexperienced people earn $1,000’s per week. If you are watching the video, you should feel honored, you have been selected to watch it because of your qualification.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I have reviewed many products like this. Such as:

There are a few things that stand out to me as red flags concerning this sales video.

What’s inside the 24/7 Wealth Club?

The 24/7 Wealth Club is all about making money as a ClickBank affiliate.

Inside the member’s area, you get an introduction to the product.

It has downloadable pdfs including:

  • cheat sheet
  • mind map
  • resource report
  • ready-made sales page
  • sales video
  • legal pages
  • banners
  • email swipes

The 24/7 Wealth Club also have several video training. The longest video is approximately 15 minutes long. The videos include:

  • Introduction to ClickBank
  • Success depends on the niche you choose
  • 3 layer conversion systems
  • Clickbank marketing
  • how to select a niche

24/7 Wealth Club 1.0 gives you pfds. about

  • selling on Amazon.
  •  How to use CPA (Cost per Aquisition)
  • How to get traffic using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium and Reddit

You also get a 17-page ebook about selling on Amazon FBA.

24/7 Wealth 2.0 is about marketing on various social media

24/7 Wealth Pro is all about marking on social media, how to do video marketing and how to build a list.

24/7 Wealth Social includes:

How to marketing using facebook, twitter and bing ads.

Who is behind the 24/7 Wealth Club?

Nobody knows who this ‘Richard’ guy is. All I hear is a voice. There are no pictures of Richard. And what is Richard’s last name? I would like to see what Richard is all about. That what I don’t like about some of these products. The owner is not transparent. Is it because he doesn’t want to be found?

Maybe he is preparing to launch another low-quality product and doesn’t want to be associated with this one.

Limit Spots

On the sales page is say “Only 9 new spots available”. That is a scarcity tactic to get sales. They want you to think that you have been chosen to view the video because you qualify and now they want you to hurry up and buy the product before you miss out.

Believe me, you will miss out on nothing. This is a product on ClickBank. They want as many people as possible to buy into this. They would not limit it at all. They want to make as much money as they can.


  • Some training
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Unrealistic income claims
  • limited spots available
  • Creator is unknown
  • No step by step instructions
  • Training is very basic

Is the 24/7 Wealth Club a Scam?

The only reason I would not call it a scam is because you do get some training for the money you spend. And if you are not happy you can request a refund because it is a Click Bank product. There are so many red flags with this product it is not funny.  As I have mentioned above, limited spots is not true.

I don’t trust anyone I can’t find information about.

And who are the people they claim to have made so much money with this ‘so-called’ system? All I hear is ‘Richard’ claiming these people made this and that. Where is the proof?

There is no step by step instructions. I like the “look over your shoulder” way of learning. It seems like the training contains bits and pieces of other products I have reviewed, just thrown together.

And where is the done-for-you system? That is what he said it was on the video. There is no done-for-you system. That is a falsehood as you can see above.


Hopefully, I have given you enough information to make a decision. It is up to you now.

The business model of 24/7 Wealth Club is affiliate marketing.

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It is an online training platform that is free, yes free to join. There is a community of like-minded people there to help you 24/7 including the owners. The owners are dedicated to your online business success.

There is are no push button, done-for-you systems that can make you money online. It takes the right training, hard work, time and patience to make money online.

All those get -rich -quick schemes are b.s. The only people who are benefiting from them are the creators and the people promoting it.  If you buy into it you will be left disappointed.

Much of the information you get with 24/7 Wealth Club you can get free with a Google search.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to post them below.

Let’s make money online!

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