Is Swipe 2 Earn Legit?

Welcome to my Swipe 2 Earn review. I am so glad you took the time to do your research. There are so many websites that claim you can make on them. Some are legit and most are not. This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an educated decision. Your time is too precious and valuable to waste.

With that said…Let’s see if you can $500 today with Swipe 2 Earn.

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Product Name: Swipe 2 Earn
Owners: Unknown at this time
Price: Free

What is Swipe 2 Earn?

Swipe 2 Earn claims to be the #1 influencer network in the world, but just arrived on the scene. On the website it says Swipe to earn started in March 2015. But with further research I found the domain name was registered on November 12, 2019. That’s a big discrepancy in my book. Or should I call it one red flag?

The Swipe 2 Earn website reminds me of several other websites I have reviewed in the past. Such as:

All these websites are identical. And I don’t recommend any of them.

How does Swipe 2 Earn work?

Swipe 2 Earn is free to join. When you sign up you will earn a $25 sign up bonus. Easy. When you get to the dashboard you will see the following:

The above is a screenshot of the task wall on Swipe 2 Earn showing different ways to earn money. You earn $35 for completing tasks on the task wall. When you sign up you get a unique referral link. If anyone signs up using your link you earn $10-$15 per sign up and they will earn a $25 signup bonus as well.

Sounds like a win-win deal, doesn’t it? But where is this money coming from? How is this site profiting if it keeps putting out money? That is a good question.

From what I gather Swipe 2 Earn gets paid from the sponsors on the website and in turn pays their members. That would be good if the members actually get paid. And the amount of money the site claims to pay for each task is outrageous.

There are many reputable get-paid-to sites that do not pay that kind of money out.

The owners of Swipe 2 Earn are affiliated with the sponsors on the site. When you complete a task they get paid a commission. Believe me, the commission is not a lot of money. But with many people joining the site and completing tasks, the commissions do add up quickly for the owner’s benefit.

The owners of Swipe2Earn are hoping you know nothing about how making money online really works. If you think you are going to make $500 today on this site, think again.

You are lured in with the chance of making $25 to sign up. Once you see $25 in your account you are tempted to do the tasks to see the money grow.

When it comes time to cash out you will have a problem. You will not get paid.

Is Swipe 2 Earn a Scam?

Websites like Swipe 2 Earn are known as “data harvesting sites.” These types of sites are only good for the people behind. They make money selling your personal information to third parties and profiting from it.

You are looking to make money online. There are companies that are looking for people like you. There are so many make money online offers out there, it is not funny.  The owners of these companies will pay for your email address and other personal information they can get.

Don’t be surprised if your inbox gets flooded with scam offers to make money online if you already sign up to Swipe 2 Earn.

Many people use the same username and password with everything they do on the internet to make logging in easier. They will also use it on financial sites like Paypal.

Scammers are hoping you will do that. They will go to a site like Paypal and put in the user name and password you gave them and hope it will match.

If you are using the same information for different sites, go back and change it before it is too late. Just a word of caution.

On the site, you will see proofs of payments. Don’t believe the hype. Anyone can design proofs of payments with Photoshop.


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I hope you found value in the review. If you have had any experience with this website or any other website like it, please feel free to post your comments below and share.


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