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Welcome to my review. There are so many websites that claim to help you make money online. Some are legit, most are not. If you are new to how making money online works, it could be hard to tell the difference. This is why I write reviews. I know your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it. I want you to be able to make an educated decision.

With that said let’s see if you can make $300 daily with

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Product name: NextCash
Website url:
Type: Get-Paid-To
Owner: unknown





What is

According to the website, helps you make money with your friends and followers. It considers itself the #1 Influencer Network.

It is sort of like a get-paid-to website. It claims you get paid $25 for signing up, as a bonus, and you get $15 for each referral that signs up through your unique referral link. All you have to do is post your link on social media. also claims you earn:

  • $2 every time someone clicks your referral link
  • $10 when someone joins
  • $30 for each task you complete on the taskwall
  • $10 for each time you promote Nextcash on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook.
  • $50 when you upload a video promoting NextCash.

This is how you can supposedly make up to $300 daily.

All this sounds well and good if it was true. But it is not. If you think you could just sign up and cash out that $25 sign up bonus, think again.

You have to meet the requirements before cashing out. Which is:

  • get 20 clicks on my unique referral link
  • make 5 referrals
  • complete 5 tasks on the $30 TaskWall
  • Earnings have to total at least $200

This is designed to keep you working in the hopes of cashing out. It seems simple enough.  I have seen websites like many times.

These types of websites come and go with a quickness. Check out a few of the websites I reviewed in the past;


Bad Reputations

Websites like have bad reputations. They are known for not paying their members. You can do the work and meet the cashout requirements, but when its time to cash out, there’s a problem. These websites claim you got clicks fraudulently and that’s the reason you don’t qualify to cash out.

Now that is something that would make me hurt somebody. That is time wasted. is also known as a “data harvesting” website. The purpose of this site is to collect your information and sell it to a third party. Your information is golden because you are part of a targeted audience. You want to make money online.

There are people that would pay for your name and email so they can spam you with make-money-online offers.

Who is Behind

You would that that if is the #1 Influencer Network that we would know who the owner is. There are social media icons on the website that lead to nowhere when you click them. What’s up with that?

According to the about us page, started in March 2008.

While doing my research I looked up the website on

As you can see from the image below, was registered on 02-21-20.


Fake Payment Proof

NextCash attempts to show you proof of payment to its members. But as you can see from the image above it is fake. It states payments were made in August 2019. But how can that be when the website was registered in 2020?

And what’s up with the name LiteBucks? If you want to convince me of payment proof you should at least put paid by Nextcash. Don’t you think so too?

Who is for?

NextCash is all about the owner getting paid. It does not benefit you or me. Every time someone completes a task the owner gets paid, whoever that is.

It is called cost per action. The website is designed to lure people in with the hopes of making money. They complete the tasks on the task wall. Click this and that. Give their name and email addresses and maybe their credit cards. Each time this is done the owner gets a commission.


Alternative Websites

There are Get-Paid-to websites that are known for actually paying their members. They do not claim to pay you enough to make you rich. These websites are sources for some extra pocket money and are reputable.


Alternative Websites

I will let you be the judge of that. I do not recommend this website. You may think that you have nothing to lose because it is free to join, but that is not the case. Your personal information can be sold and you could also get viruses if you download any apps from the task wall. It’s not worth it.


If you want to earn some extra money I suggest you sign up for the alternative websites above. They are free to join. They pay you for doing things you would normally do online anyway.

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Did you know you could make money online with your hobby/interest? What are you passionate about? Do you love animals? Are you a crafter? Are you into sports?

There are many people with the same passions you have. They look online for answers to problems they have.

Your website could be the “go-to” website to help them solve their problems and you get paid while doing so.



I hope you found value in this review.

I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.

Let’s make money online!

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