Is Just Answer a Scam or not?



If you are looking to make some extra side money with your expertise could be the answer for you.

I say side money because joining as an expert is not going to make you rich. You will still have to maintain your profession as you do now. But you may be able to make your monies stretch a little more and help people in the process.

What is

JustAnswer was created by Andy Kurtzigborn. It is a website where people can go to get answers to questions by verified experts. Andy thought it would be better to have one central location where people could find answers instead of having to search various other resources.

To make money with you would sign up as an expert, find and answer a question in your expertise. On the site, you will be able to see how many other people have answered the question and how much the person asking the question wants to pay for the answer.

When you apply to be an Expert you have to prove your expertise in that field. Take the time to sign up with the website and check out the questions in your chosen field. If you feel you can answer those questions well then apply in that category. When you apply you have to prove you’re an expert and take a test. Everything will be verified by a third party. It can take up to 10 days for approval if you live in the U.S or Canada. And up to 20 days if you live elsewhere.

What do you need to apply?

It takes approximately 30 minutes to fill out the application. If you don’t have the time you can save your application and come later to finish it.

  • A resume
  • Prove of experience, where you worked and for how long
  • Any professional license diploma, state license,
  • recent photo

access to the internet how

How much money can you make?

In the beginning, you will make 20% of what the answer costs. As time goes on it can increase to 50% with the more positive ratings you receive. The majority of the questions pay anywhere between $2-$5. It really depends on the category. The highest paying fields are medicine, teaching, and engineering. The company pays through Paypal at the request of $25 or more which will be sent the first business day of every month.

Is JustAnswer a Scam?

No, Just answer is not a scam. It’s been around for years. I have not seen anyone complain about not getting paid. And depending on the expertise, you could make a decent pocket change. Their website says the top earners make $1,000s a month. I don’t know about that. I’m wondering how many top earners do they have.

There are a couple of things I don’t like about it. For one, if you answer a question and the person don’t like your answer, they don’t have to pay. I think that is ridiculous. But yet, on the other hand, I have seen where people are complaining about JustAnswer charging more money then they expected to pay.

For example, they expected to pay $5 for an answer and later was charged so much more as stated on

Another thing I don’t like is the number of questions available for you to answer. There is nothing consistent about it. This is something you definitely can not rely on to make a living. The person asking the question sets their own price on what they want to pay for the answer. Plus you only make 20% the cost of the question.

If your answer is rejected you won’t make a dime. After getting your answer, the user can get a second opinion for free. The user can also give you a rating. The ratings affect your pay. They can give you a poor rating just so they don’t have to pay.

From my understanding, you can get many positive ratings and it’s possible not to get as many questions because the questions go to the newer experts with less positive ratings. I’m thinking it because the fees are lower.

I also found that people have complained about the general answers they were given. Which did not address the specific question and was charge more money then they expected to pay.


Sign up process involves giving up a lot of your personal information. And there are no guarantees you will be accepted.

Another way to make money online

If you want to make money with your expertise or passion on a particular subject start an online business.

With your own business, you don’t have to worry about being sabotaged by “haters.” Haters are other experts who can pose as a user, ask you questions and give you a negative rating and not pay. Who wants to play those games?

With having your own website you can help people and make money with your website in various ways.  One of the ways is through affiliate marketing. You can suggest products by doing product reviews. And if your an affiliate marketer of that product you get paid a percentage when someone buys the product. You can also create and sell how-to ebooks in your expertise.

You can also sell membership to your site. So let’s say you are a lawyer. With a monthly membership, your customers can ask you an unlimited amount of legal questions and get expert answers for the price of the membership.

Affiliate marketing is what I do to make money online. And you can do it too no matter what field of expertise you are in.

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This is a training platform that teaches you how to create a successful online business.  There is a community of like-minded people to help you. The training is free to access. You’re able to create 2 free websites.

This is an excellent way to make money with your expertise.

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