Is Influencer Cash a scam or not?

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Welcome to my Influencer Cash review. I applaud you are doing your homework to see what Influencer Cash is all about. There are so many websites that claim you can make money with. Some are legit and most are not.

If you are new to how making money online works it could be hard to decipher which sites are legit and which ones are not.  This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an educated decision. Your time is valuable and I don’t want you to waste it.

With that said… let’s see how Influencer Cash works.

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Name: InfluencerCash
Owners: Unknown
Price: Free to join.

What is Influencer Cash?

Influencer Cash is supposed to be one of those kinds of sites that pay you for doing simple tasks online. The websites claim you can make $200 a day.

InfluencerCash is free to join. You get $25 just for signing up. You will see that $25  in the back office and it will look good to you and you will want to make that grow.

Now that you have signed up you have access to your InfluencerCash referral link. For each person that clicks your link, you earn $2. And if the person joins you get $10. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Cha-ching!!

That’s not all. You get $30 for completing surveys. And also you get $10 for installing applications on your cell phone.
If you happen to come across raving reviews about Influencer Cash on Youtube I will tell you why.

People are hoping to get $50 for creating Youtube videos promoting InfluencerCash. The sites also claim you will get paid $10 for promoting Influencer Cash on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


How does InfluencerCash really work?

I have seen this type of website time and time again. These websites come and go. They lure people in by making them think they are going to earn quick money for doing next to nothing.

This website is not the only one that claims to be the #1 Influencer Network. I have reviewed other websites that claim the same thing. uch as:

Go check them out.

Now InfluencerCash makes some outrageous payment claims to get you excited. So you join for free and see a $25 signup bonus on the dashboard. Don’t think that you will be able to cash out that money.

Influencer Cash wants you to work for that money. In order to cash out you have to meet the requirements which are:

  • 20 clicks on your referral link
  • 5 referrals
  • complete 5 tasks
  • earn $200

This is all well and good if they actually would pay you. But these types of sites are for no one but the owners. They have a reputation for not paying their members. And if you think about it, Get-paid-to sites, that have good reputations, do not pay out that much money.

Where does InfluencerCash get the money to pay its members? Remember it is free to join. These sites are not paying its members. They will give all kinds of excuses not to pay you or just don’t answer your request to cash out. These types of websites come and go with the quickness. And you never know who owns them.

They don’t want to be associated with fraud as they set up cloned websites.

But yet the owner is getting affiliate commissions when someone completes a task.

It is all about getting your information and making a profit from it. Your name and email address are a hot commodity for people who have make- money- online offers. Your information can be sold to them. If you signed up already don’t be surprised if your inbox gets flooded with spam.

Here is something else to be concerned about. Most people use the same user name, email, and password with every website they use. Even their financial websites. They do it because it is easier to remember.  If you are one of the people who do that you need to change your password on your banking websites immediately.


I suggest you do not waste your time with Influencer Cash. Some people would call it a scam. I will let you be the judge of that. I try not to use the word scam if possible. But as I said, your time is valuable.

There are other well-known websites that pay you for doing simple tasks online. They do not get- rich- quick websites. You will be able to make some extra spending money but not life-changing money.

I think you should sign up for each one. I believe you should not put all your eggs in one basket.

Check them out below.

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Your website could be the go-to website when people have a question/problem they need help with.

Check out the video below about affiliate marketing.

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There is a community of like-minded people there to help you to succeed 24/7. It is not a get rich quick scheme. You could learn how to build a fulltime income business online. It takes the right training, work and time.


I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.


If you have had any experience with Influencer Cash or any other website like it, please tell me about below. And share it with others.


Let’s Make Money Online!

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