Is Experts Academy a Scam?

Welcome to my Experts Academy review. I applaud you for doing your homework before you spend another hard earned dollar. There are so many make money products online. It is hard to tell what is legit and what is not. This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an educated buying decision. With that said… Let’s see if you can make money with Experts Academy.

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Product Name: Experts Academy
Product Owner: Brendon Buchard
Price: $1,997.00


What is the Experts Academy?

The Experts Academy is an online business training program created by Brendon Burchard. Brendon is a well known motivational speaker and expert marketer. He as written several bestselling books. Including:

  • Life’s Golden Ticket
  • The Charge
  • Millionaire Messenger

Burchard teaches you step- by- step how to become a millionaire creating products on whatever you are interested in. You can take your knowledge and make money with it.

In his hour-long introductory video, Brendon introduces the Experts Academy Formula. The sales vides is 45 minutes long. This guy definitely can talk. So what is the formula?

Brendon gives you a brief overview in his video. Experts Academy teaches you how to make your own information products and market them in various formats. Such as:

  • CD’s
  • Seminars
  • Speeches
  • Webinars
  • PDF guides
  • articles

Experts Academy Training and Tools

Experts Academy is a 7-week online training video series that teaches you the following:

  • Learn how to create content
  • How to build an email list
  • Selling with confidence
  • Make money with your content
  • How to become a bestselling author
  • Make money as a life coach
  • Making money from speaking events
  • Using social media to get massive traffic
  • Q&A/Coaching calls with Brendon

Tools include:

  • Experts Academy 20-Disc DVD Home Study System-A 20 disc DVD home study system – comprehensive training that includes transcripts, resource guides, marketing campaigns, and videos from legends in the industry.
  • Experts Academy Marketing Mastery Modules
  •  Experts Academy Promotional Partnership Crash Course
  •  Two Tickets to Experts Academy LIVE!-Not including hotels, airfare, or restaurant meals.



  • Informative videos
  • 30 day Money back guarantee
  • Brendon Burchard is an expert
  • A yearlong business plan is given.


  • Extremely expensive
  • Limited support (email only)
  • Other upfront costs involved

Who is Experts Academy for?

This is for anyone who has a burning desire to make money with their passion. If you want to make a little extra money, this is not for you. This is for someone who sees themselves building a long lasting business around their passions/interests. Some aspects of the training can be very frightening and hard to implement. Such as speaking to a live audience.

There are people who have made money with Experts Academy and some who have not made a dime. And I know that is disappointing to the people that shelled out $2000. From my experience, $1997 is not the only expense you will have with building this business. There will be more added as you go along the training I’m sure.

If you want to see more of what Burchard has to offer, check out his website, where you can buy his courses individually.

  • The 10 Human Drives – $49
  • The Influence Course – $297
  • The Business Accelerator – $297
  • The Success Accelerator – $29 per month
  • Secrets of the Top 2% – $497
  • The Confidence Course – $97
  • The Achievement Accelerator – 3 monthly payments of $197
  • High-Performance Academy – 3 monthly payments of $369


Experts Academy is not a scam. It is a high priced learning program. You will get a vast array of knowledge from some of the leaders in this industry but I am not sure you will find the success they have by implementing what they did. It is not that easy.

If you want to learn how to make money online, without the paying a big-ticket cost, check out my #1 recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches you how to build a successful business around your passions/interests with affiliate marketing. It is also free to try.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to worry about creating a product, shipping it or customer service matters.

Have you given some thought to what your interests are? What are you passionate about? Do you love animals? Let’s narrow it down some because animals is such a broad subject. In order to make money online, we have to go deeper. For example, Let’s say you love parakeets. So does a million other people. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a successful business about parakeets. You will learn how to create content and get free traffic from the search engines.

The goal of your business is to help people. People are asking questions and they go to the search engines for the answers.
For example:

  • what are the essentials for a parakeet
  • parakeet diseases
  • best cage for a parakeet
  • Parrakeet breeding

Your website content can be the answer to their questions no matter what your website is about. Over time your website will become authoritative. You will be able to direct your visitors to the products that are right for them, solve their problems and earn a commission from the sales your affiliate links generate. There are hundreds of products for parakeets and there is an affiliate program for most of them.

Affiliate programs are free to join. Amazon has an affiliate program and thousands of products to promote on your website.

Maybe you love musical instruments. And would like to build a business around it. In order to make money with that, you need to narrow it down some more. What kind of musical instrument? A drum? A flute? Or a piano?

This and more is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches when building a business. Everything you need is under one roof. There is a community of like-mind people there 24/7 to help you succeed including the owners.



No matter what you decide I wish you much success in your online journey.

If you have any questions/comments please post them below and share.

Let’s make money online!








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