Is Evolution Travel a Scam?

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Welcome to my Evolution Travel review. Have you been approached by one of your friends about joining Evolution Travel as I did? My friend told me invited me to an online group presentation about this business opportunity. Even thou I did not participate, I wanted to do my own research about Evolution Travel in case my readers wanted to know more about it.

Let’s see if you can save money and earn money with this MLM travel business or is Evolution Travel is just another scam.


What is Evolution Travel?

Evolution Travel is an MLM company in the Travel business. It was founded by David McCovy in 2015 and is known as a “cloud-based travel agency,” and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2014, David McCovy was with a company called 5Linx, where he became Senior Vice President. Later on, after 5Linx shut down he went with a company called Paycation.
Just like many of us, David wanted to work for himself, not others, so he started his own company. With the help of Ron Archer, Evolution Travel came on the scene in 2015. It is partnered with a well-establish travel company called “Archer Travel Service, Inc.

Because of the partnership with Archer Travel Group, Evolution Travel offers discounted travel services for both customers and the affiliate members. And you have the opportunity to make money by referring customers and affiliates.

How much money can you make with Evolution Travel?

There is a set of amounts of money you can earn as a commission when you sell the travel packages.

The travel commissions are paid in a 2 level payout.

  • 1st Level – 80% of the booking sale goes to the referring member.
  • 2nd Level – 10% of the total sale goes to the upline.

There are different ranks you can qualify for to earn more commissions. The higher the rank the more money you will make.

  • Consultant Rank – When you sign up as an affiliate member.
  • Executive Consultant Rank – You need to sign up 3 Consultants.
  • Bronze Consultant Rank-  6 Consultants signup
  • Silver Consultant Rank –  9 Consultants signup
  • Gold Consultant Rank –  Sign up 15 Consultants, 3 of the 15 must be qualified as a Silver Consultant rank or above.

There are 14 ranks in all you can qualify for as your team grows.

Evolution Travel offers residual commissions each month.

The residual commission comes from the company’s bonus pool profits every month. When you get to the Executive rank and higher you could qualify this. The amounts you earn in residual commission can vary from month to month.

Below is a percentage breakdown of the company’s monthly profits. Your rank determines the percentage you qualify for.

  • Executive Rank – Qualifies you to earn 13% of the Residual Pool.
  • Bronze Rank – Qualifies you to earn 14% of the Residual Pool.
  • Silver Rank – Qualifies you to earn 20% of the Residual Pool.
  • Gold Rank – Qualifies you to earn 12% of the Residual Pool.
  • Platinum Rank -qualifies you to earn 30% of the Residual Pool.
  • 1 Star Platinum Rank –  qualifies you to earn 30% of the Residual Pool.
  • 2 Star Platinum Rank – qualifies you to earn 30% of the Residual Pool.
  • 3 Star Platinum and higher Rank – qualifies you to earn 11% of the Residual Pool.

How much does Evolution Travel Cost to Join?

Originally it cost $299 to join. It has been discounted to $30 to join Evolution Travel and become a Professional Travel Agent. You will have to also pay monthly, $69.95, for administrative fees.

AS a Professional Travel Agent (PTA), you get the following:

  • 90% commission on travel sales (PTAs get 80%, and their recruiter gets 10%)
  • A customizable travel website
  • Direct access to worldwide vendors
  • Travel training
  • Residual income
  • A discount directory that includes 20-60% off of travel services and experiences
  • Tax benefits
  • Ability to build a team


As an ET Travel Agent, you’ll be eligible for rewards such as:

  • Free cruise
  • Travel points
  • Cash & Merchandise rewards
  • Familiarization trips
  • Travel agent discounts

Is Evolution Travel a Scam?

No, it is not a scam. Evolution Travel is legit. It has legitimate products for sale and is partnered with name-brand companies such as Univeral Studies, Caribbean Cruise line, Southwest Vacations, and Disney.

It seems like the agents of Evolution Travel focuses more on recruiting people to join then on travel packages. This is one of the complaints I have read online by people who were looking to purchase packages.  The agent would go more into the opportunity than what the customer wanted in the first place.

If you want to recruit new members you may have a hard time doing it. Multi-level marketing companies are thought of as scams by some people.

When you join an MLM company the first thing they tell you is to make a list of people you know. This is called your “warm market.” You are to approach your “warm market” with this “great money-making opportunity.” Don’t be surprised if your family and friends politely turn you down.

As I did my research for this company I have come across good and bad reviews. Here are a few of the good ones:


If you love to travel and want to make money being responsible for other people’s travel plans Evolution Travel may be right for you.

I see a few red flags with this company and I would not recommend it. Some people want to have their own business but they are not into recruiting people. Whether you recruit anyone or not you still would have to pay a monthly fee.

The money you would make from selling travel packages is not disclosed by the company. I would like to know how much I would get beforehand so I can plan.

David McCovy was involved in Paycation, which closed down in 2014. People lost money. They paid their monthly fees and did not earn any commissions or rewards. The next year David became involved with Evolution Travel.

If you are looking for a business and don’t want to have to recruit people to make money, check out my #1 recommendation.

It is an online training platform called Wealthy Affiliate and is free to try. Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to build a successful online business using affiliate marketing. 

I wish you the best with whatever you decide to do.

Feel free to post any questions/comments below and share!

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