Is Copy My Email System a Scam?

Welcome to my Copy My Email System Review.  I applaud you for doing your homework to see if this is something you want to invest in. There are so many make money online products/systems on the internet. It is hard to tell what is legit and what is not, especially if you are new to how making money online works.

This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an educated buying decision.

Now let’s see if you can make up to $400 a day using Copy My Email System.


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Name:  Copy My Email System

Website: or

Founder: Bobby (questionable)

Price: $1 Trial + $97 + Hidden costs


At the beginning of the sales video, you see generic news reports about making money from home. It jumps from one newscast to another. But as you can see they do not mention Copy My Email System specifically. After that, we see “Bobby”.

Bobby goes on to tell how he has built his business and the type of lifestyle he and his family is living from the fruits of his labor. His wife does not work. He has several luxury cars and so on.

What is Copy My Email System?

Copy My Email System was founded by someone named Bobby. Bobby claims it is a “done-for-you” money making system that can help you make up to $400 a day. And you only have to invest 10 minutes of your time a day sending emails to make that kind of money.  And you don’t need to have your own email list of subscribers, which takes time to build on your own.


Sounds good, doesn’t it? So how does it work?

Well, Bobby claims to have made millions of dollars over the last 19 years with email marketing. He has built a list of over a million subscribers and it literally takes 13 hours to send one email to this list. Now he wants to pay people to send emails for him.

Every day you would log in and send an email you have chosen. When someone clicks a link in your email you get paid 20 cents. It does not matter if someone buys something or not. As long as a link is clicked you get paid. This is called CPA (Cost per Action) marketing.

As you do this every day, 500 subscribers will be added to your list each week. You can also make money through their affiliate program. When other people join under you, you would get 10 cents for each of their links that are clicked.

What’s inside Copy My Email System?


After getting free access to the member’s area you will see videos on how to proceed. You are told you need an email sending account in order to send emails. It costs $34 for your basic email sending account. With the basic, you can only send emails once a day. If you want to upgrade to be able to emails 2 times a day you would have to pay $97 or the special one time offer of $77.

Below is a screenshot of a timer count down. They want you to activate your system before the timer ends. Every time I refresh the page the time starts over again. I have seen this sales tactic before. They want you to hurry up and purchase before you miss the opportunity or something.

If you want to jump start your earnings you can do so by paying for an additional 1000 subscribers to your list. So instead of waiting for the 500 subscribers to be added each week to your account, you can pay a one time fee of $197. As you can see in the image below you need to hurry up and grab this offer because there are only six spots lefts.

Besides making 20 cents per click you can also make money by cloning yourself. You are able to make money from referring people to be emailers. So Copy My Email System suggests you sign up for a free ClickBank account to get your CMES affiliate link. After obtaining your affiliate link then you would go to another source, TrafficforMe and buy leads to your CMES affiliate site. Which is another expense and the owner probably is an affiliate with So that means when you purchase leads he gets paid a commission.

Is Copy My Email System a Scam?

There are too many red flags that make me say ” keep your hard earned money in your pocket.” Showing new reports about making money from home is a sales tactic I have seen with many products. They want you to believe the news is reporting about this system which in fact they are not.

Another red flag is… who is Bobby? How do we know this person is real? He claims to need help sending out emails. He claims it takes so many hours to send out one email. Well, I wonder which email autoresponder he uses. Because emails can be sent out to thousands of people with a click of a mouse in no time at all.

The business model CMES uses is CPA Marketing. You as an affiliate would get paid a commission when someone does a specific action such as filling out a form, making a purchase, clicking a link, or signing up for a trial.

Clickbooth has many CPA offers and is free to join


The best way to make money online is by having your own business. I suggest you take a look at the online training platform called Wealth Affiliate, that taught me how to build a successful business online, which is free to try.

There are so many ways you can make money with your own business. Affiliate marketing is just one of the ways.

Making money online is a process. It takes time, the right training and patience. Once you have those things in place the sky is the limit to how much you can make online.


Feel free to post any comments/questions and share.

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