Is Clout Bucks legit?

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Welcome to my Clout Bucks review. I applaud you for doing your research before wasting your precious time. There are so many websites on the internet that claim you can make money on. Some are legit and most are not. This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an educated decision.

Many people, just like you, want to make money online and don’t want to be made a fool of.

With that said let’s see if you can earn $500 today with Clout Bucks.

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Name: Clout Bucks
Owner: Who knows? Your guess is as good as mine.
Price: Free

What is Clout Bucks?

When came upon this website I said to myself, “here we go again.” This website reminds me of the other websites I have reviewed in the past. Such as:

On the website, it is hard to tell what Clout Bucks is all about. The site claims you can make $500 today with social media. Clout Bucks has been around for about 10 years. I have not seen any proof of that. I saw a few blog posts on the site and the first one was dated in 2018.

Clout Bucks claims to be the #1 Social Earning Network. *It is free to join and you get $25 as a signup bonus. After you sign up you get a unique referral link for you to share on social media. You earn $5 for every friend who clicks your link and $10 for every friend that signs up.

Now doesn’t that sound too good to be true?

Clout Bucks claims to be a Get-Paid-to site. You get paid for completing tasks from the task wall.

The Task Wall features a variety of free apps, surveys, and offers from the website’s sponsors.

Supposedly the sponsors pay the owners of Clout Bucks and Clout Bucks pays its members.


As you can see from the image above, most of the tasks will earn you $30. You can also try to earn another $50 by uploading a YouTube Video about Clout Bucks. In the video, you have to say how it works, how much money you made and how much you love it.

You have to meet certain requirements before you can cash out the first time. So if you think you can just sign up and cash out that $25 sign up bonus… it’s not going to happen.

In fact, don’t expect to get paid at all with Clout Bucks.

Is Clout Bucks a Scam?

I suggest you run from Clout Bucks. Don’t give it another minute of your time. The creators, whoever they are, are hoping you do not know how “making money” online really works. The site claims you can make $500 today and it doesn’t cost you anything to join.

There is no way you are going to earn $500 today on this site. It is just a fallacy to get you to sign up.

Once you join…boom. You see $25 credited to your account. So you say to yourself, “That was easy.”

This gives you the incentive to keep going. You want to see the money in your account go up.

So you start working on the task wall. Clout Bucks has affiliated with some of these tasks if not all and is making a commission when you complete it. There is nothing wrong with that. People make money like that online all the time. It’s called affiliate marketing.

But you will see the money grow in your account and will be anxious to cash out. There is a requirement to you have to meet before you cash out your first time.

Clout Bucks pays its members using PayPal, CashApp, Western Union, Bank Transfer, mailed checks, and more!

Most people will choose Paypal because it is reliable and quick but that does not mean they will actually get paid.

Clout Bucks is known as a “lead generating website.” Don’t expect to get paid with this site. You will just be wasting your time. The site is all about gathering your information to sell to other third party companies.

Don’t be surprised if you get a boatload of spam after joining this site because these companies know you are looking to make money online. So be prepared for a lot of make money online offers in your inbox.

And also websites like Clout Bucks are known to use your name and password to access your financial account such as PayPal. Most people use the same name and password on everything they do on the internet.

If you did sign up with Clout Bucks already using your information that is on other financial sites, go back to those sites and change it.


There are many ways to make money online. There are legit websites that pay you to do simple tasks online. They don’t exaggerate your earning potential. You can earn some extra spending money/rewards with these sites.

Don’t expect to be able to kiss your boss goodbye.

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I wish you much success in whatever you decide to do.

If you have had any experience with Clout Bucks or any other website similar to it please post it below and share!

Let’s Make Money Online!


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