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Welcome to my  review. There are so many websites that claim to help you make money online. Some are legit, most are not. If you are new to how making money online works, it could be hard to tell the difference.

This is why I write reviews. I know your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it. I want you to be able to make an educated decision.

With that said let’s see if you can make money with

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Name:  Click Earners

Founder:  Unkown

Price: $27 or $57 + Upsells


What is

According to the website, is a website that can help you find jobs as an online assistant that can be done remotely. is a Clickbank product. Clickbank is an affiliate marketing platform.

There are some products on Clickbank that are good but most are not. Thankfully Clickbank offers a money-back guarantee.

Most people search Google for online virtual assistant jobs. That is the free way to find jobs. charges you for something you can do with a Google search.

Who is Behind

There are certain things legitimate websites have and an “about us” page is one of them. I don’t know who is behind It does not have an “about us” page or a contact page.

This is a red flag blowing hard in the wind to me. I trust the site a lot less when I don’t know who created it.


How does work?

In order to get started, you have to register by giving your name and email address. Then you answer a few questions. For example: How many hours can you work from home?

I answered the questions and this is what came next. As you can see in the screenshot above, they are using the limited space tactic of selling. And because I live in the United States I get A 50% discount. Lucky me! is a ClickBank digital product that costs $27 for 12 months or $57 for lifetime access.


  • Envelope Filing Starter Pack – $47
  • Mystery Shopper & Secret Diner Starter Pack – $37
  • VIP Package Success Coach – $3 for a 7-day trial, then $14.97 per month

What’s inside

Once inside you will have access to Pdf manuals for:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Social Media tells you to register with,,, and various other websites to find virtual jobs. These are websites you can register with freely anyway. You don’t have to buy ClickEarners in order to do it. also gives you descriptions of the type of jobs to look for. Such as:

Data Entry/Input

  • Customer Services
  • Envelope stuffing
  • App Testing
  • Game Testing
  • etc

You also get a resume template and suggestions on where to find support:. Such as:

  • International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA)
  • The Global Alliance of Virtual Assistants
  • Society of Virtual Assistants

There is also a list of Facebook groups you can join that can help you also. does not have any training on it. So if you want to learn how to do the various jobs you have to find out on your own.

What have we learned?

Well we know that charge for information we could get on our own with a Google search. This website does not offer you jobs.

But if you want to save time and not have to look the information up then this may be good for you.

At least it does come with a money-back guarantee if you decide to check it out and don’t like it, because it is a Clickbank product.

We don’t know who is behind which is a red flag to me.

There is are testimonies on the website but we have no idea if they are real or not.

The site uses the “scarcity” tactic to make you think space is limited.

Other Methods of Making Money Online

There are many ways to make money online. Have you ever heard of GPT (get-paid-to) websites? These are websites that pay their members to do tasks they would normally do online anyway.

They do not claim to pay you enough to make you rich. These websites are sources for some extra pocket money and are reputable.

People also make a full-time living with an online business. Have you thought about having your own business?

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Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need under one roof to be successful. There is a dedicated community of like-minded people there to help 24/7 including the owners.



I hope you found value in this review. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.

Feel free to post any questions/comments below pertaining to this review and share it with others.

Let’s Make Money Online!

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