Is Cash4Clickz a Scam?

Welcome to my Cash4Clickz review. I applaud you for doing your homework. There are so many make money websites it is hard to know what is legit and what is not.  Your money is hard-earned and your time is precious. You don’t want to waste either of them. This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an educated decision as to whether you want to take a chance or not.

With that said… let’s see if you can make $500 a day with Cash4Clickz or is it a scam.

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Name: Cash4Clickz PTY
Owners: Zindex

  • Free to join
  • Additional charges inside the platform


What is Cash4Clickz?

According to the website, Cash4Clickz is the #1 Influencer network and has been around for almost 5 years. Zindex, which is the parent company of Cash4Clickz has been in existence since 2005. Their goal is to help people change their lives through social media.

This sounds all well and good but I have reviewed many websites that claim they are the #1 Influencer network. Have you ever heard of Cashog, Kashtree or Paid4Clout? Check out how similar they are. claims that it pays you for doing simple tasks online. 

  • $25 when you sign up
  • $2 for each person who clicks on your Cash4Clickz unique referral link
  •  $10 for each person who actually joins Cash4Clickz Through your referral link
  • $30 for completing surveys
  • $10 for downloading an app to your phone.
  • $50 for creating YouTube videos promoting Cash4Clickz

This sounds very easy and straightforward on the surface. Especially when Cash4Clickz if free to join. What could you possibly lose? I will tell you in a minute.

The website claims you can make more than $500 a day. When you sign up you will see $25 in your account. In order to get that $25 you have to do the following: 

  • refer at least 5 people to the platform
  • complete at least 4 tasks on the TaskWall
  • get at least 20 clicks on your unique referral link

These actions amount to over $200 if you do the math. This site is designed to keep you working for the owner to make money.

Who is really behind Cash4Clickz?

Nobody knows how the actual owner is. The only way to get any support is through email.

Cash4Clickz claim they been around for almost 5 years and paid out over $68,000,000 to its members. But if you take a look at the screenshot below. The whois data states otherwise. The site was created on 10-22-2019. How could it have paid so much to its member is such a short amount of time?

And if it is the #1 Influencer network, why is it not on Facebook? I can’t find it anywhere.

Cash4Clickz does not pay

There is no proof that Cash4Click pays. The income claims is outrageous to begin with. Legit Get-Paid-to websites do that pay that type of money. So you do the tasks and reach the requirements to cash out. Cash4Clicks has the right not to pay you if it thinks you got dishonest clicks.

The website is designed for the owner to make money not you. This site is seen as a “harvesting site.” Many people will join in the hopes of making money especially when it doesn’t cost anything to join. There are many people promoting this site on Youtube in the hopes of getting $50.

Who is for?

There are no real proofs of income. The proof of payments on the site are fake.

The owner of the site get paid for the tasks you complete. And they only get a couple of dollars. So how are they going to pay you the amounts claimed?

The owner can also make money by selling your personal information such as your name and email address, to third party websites. After you sign up don’t be surprised if you get a lot of spammed offers in you inbox.

A lot of people use the same password for everything they do on the internet because it is easy to remember. If you have used the same email address and password you used with your financial websites, such as Paypal, I suggest you go back and change it immediately.

Is Cash4Clickz a Scam?

I don’t want to call it a scam. I highly recommend you leave this one alone. Don’t waste your precious time.

There are much better sites, with good reputations, that pays you to do tasks online. I suggest you go sign up on the following websites:


These sites have been online for many years and are known for paying members. But don’t expect to make a lot of money, at best, you can make pocket change.
Cash4Clickz is not for you if you want to make pocket change or full time living online.


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I hope you have found value in the review.

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