How to Sell Essential oils Online


The essential oils business is growing yearly. More and more people are researching and buying essential oils that can be used in every aspect of their lives. If essential oils is your passion, this could be the lucrative online home business you were looking for. Let’s see why.


Why people buy essential oils?

People are turning to essential oils for many reasons including health benefits. Essential oils has no disastrous side effects. When conventional drugs are used there are side effects. Sometimes people end up taking another drug for the side effects of the first drug. People are starting to realize that these days and research the alternative. Plus, have you taken a look at how much prescription drugs cost?  It’s crazy.

Another use for essential oils is for cleansing the home. Many people are getting away from using chemicals cleaning products.

Take a look at graph below concerning the essential oils market by

I find this graph very informative because it lists the varies types of essential oils and shows how the market interest increases over the years.

Below is a graph from Google trends showing how people have be showing more and more interest in essential oils over the past 5 years.


Teach How to Use Essential Oil

Make money teaching people how to use essential oils is a good way to make money online and off. If you have the knowledge to educate them about it. I just recently started getting interested in oils. A friend of mine uses them all the time. She told me they have to be stored a certain way. Not all essential oils are pure. They can be mixed with other stuff and may not be as potent as they should be.

Not everyone who uses or wants to use essential oils knows these facts. You could be the one to educate them. You can hold classes at your home and perform demonstrations. Or you can create an ebook about the ins and outs of essential oils and sell it on your website. You can call it “Essential oils for Dummies.”  It’s just a suggestion for a name. I’m sure you get the point. I would buy it.

What are the benefits of essential oils?

  • Encourage a positive emotional state
  • IntensifyYour Physical Wellness
  • Intensify Spiritual Awareness
  • Purify Your Home
  • Purify Your Beauty Routine

Different Categories of Essential oils

Essential oils are used for many different purposes. There are many directions you can take your business in. The best way to make money in this business is to pick a niche. What is a niche? A niche is a small but specific and well-defined segment of the population.

  • aromatherapy
  • Essential oils for furbabies
  • perfume/cologne
  • spa products
  • aroma diffusing jewelry
  • foods
  • pests control
  • candle making

Direct Sells Companies

One of the ways to get into the business of selling essentials oils is by joining a direct selling company. There are a few companies that sells essential oils and accessories.

You can sign up as a consultant with one of these companies. Multilevel marketing companies like these offer the products wholesale to the consultants. They also have downlines and uplines. After sign up and you can begin recruiting people to sell also. You make money from their sales. To learn more about these companies click on their links below.

Young Living



Have you thought about creating your own brand? There are companies that sell essential oils in bulk. They sell all the items you need to package and sell oils as your own. After you put your label on it you can sell it any way you want. You can sell direct to consumer, party plan, eBay, from home or a kiosk. 


Wholesale companies

Join an Affiliate Program

Every business should have a website. Your essential oils business is no exception. There are billions of people using the internet every day. And as you can see from the graphs above there is a huge interest in these products.

You have many options to make money with your own website.  You don’t even have to have essential oils on hand to sell. There are essential oil companies that have affiliate programs. After you become an affiliate you are given a  link to place on your site. When a customer visits your site and clicks the link it takes them to that website. If the customer purchases after clicking your link you get a percentage of the sale. It is free to become an affiliate.

Here are a few things you should look for before joining an affiliate program

  • Affiliate Support
  •  Training
  • High-grade Essential Oil Products
  • Good Commissions
  • Marketing Materials
  • Product Samples
  • Dependable tracking for your affiliate links
  • Over 30 Days Tracking Cookie

Essential Oils Affiliate Programs– Commission between 12-16%–  Commission 10%– 10% Pay-per-Sale for the first order of a customer,
5% for next orders– Sales: $0 – $4,999 commission 5%, Sales: $5,000 – $9,999.99 commission 6%, Sales: $10,000+ commission 7% – commission 10%

As an affiliate, you don’t have to worry about purchasing products. Inventory can be expensive. You do not have to be concerned with billing customers or shipping. Customer service would not be an issue. The companies handle these day to day operations.

Starting any business can be a bit intimidating for some. But it doesn’t have to be when you have the proper training. You need a website to be able to reach a multitude of people who are interested in your products.

You don’t have to create a website on your own. Check out my #1 recommendation. There you will find a community of people and myself who are making money from their passions online. Free step by step training available 24 hours a day.



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