How to Sell Dog Treats Online and get Paid


Starting a pet treat business online is a wise decision. You will be able to make money from home doing what you are passionate about – baking and dogs. There are a couple of ways you can sell dog treats online. Once you finish reading this article you will be able to start building your pet treat business online today.

Selling dog treats online can be a very profitable venture. People who have dogs consider them as very important members of the family. As you can see from the graph there 89.7 million dogs living in households in the United States. The U.S. pet industry commanded $50.84 billion dollars in 2011, according to the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association. Since then the pet industry in the US was a 66 billion dollar industry in 2017.

There are lots of potential ways to earn commissions in this very popular industry. People spend more money on pet products then they do on vet bills. So if you’re thinking about selling pet treats you are definitely barking up the right tree.

Homemade Dog Treats

It does not take alot of money to start a dog treat business especially if you are home based. Dog treats can be sold offline as well as online.

There are many avenues you can do down when it comes to selling dog treats. One of them is making the treats yourself. But before you go that route do your research. You need to know what permits are needed in your area. There are regulations you have to follow when making dog treats. Make sure you do your due diligence because you don’t want any legal issues in the future.


There are companies which sell everything you need to start your own home based doggie bakery. They sell the ingredients, packaging and any supplies you need to brand the treats as your own. Ex.  

Sell Dog Treats Offline

You may decide you want to sell offline as well. Look for pet businesses in your area that is likely to use treats. You can visit these establishments and give them samples of your treats and your business cards as well.

  • pet stores
  • groomers
  • Pet Photographers
  • Pet Trainers
  • Pet Boutiques

Become an Affiliate

Did you know there are pet food companies that have affiliate programs? Companies that sell dog food treats? You can sign up for their affiliate programs, which are FREE. After you sign up,  you are given your own unique links to the products. You will use these links to promote the products online. When someone clicks your product links, go to the company website and purchase, you get paid a commission. This is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing

 Your Own Website

In order to sell dog treats effectively online, you need a website. Don’t get nervous it’s not as hard as you may think to create a website. In fact, it can be done in 30 seconds.

You can sell your handmade treats and other pet items as an affiliate.

In order to get visitors to your site, you need to provide them with valuable information. Vistors are looking for all sorts of information pertaining to dog treats. You could be that “go to person” for the answers on your website.

Below is a small list of topics 1,000’s of people search on Google monthly:

  • Treats to help the pet’s dental hygiene
  • Best dog treats for training
  • Dog treat recipes – Sell digital products- You can create an ebook about pet treat recipes and sell it on your website.
  • Grain free treats
  • Benefits of homemade dog treats vs. store bought
  • Easy do it yourself treats
  • What are toxic dog treats?
  • Treats for the diabetic pet
  • Dog treat pouch
  • Treats for an anxious dog

On your website, you will write posts on the various topics above. The posts have to be written with people in mind. You will help people find the answers they are looking for. You will be giving your readers value. In return, your readers will become customers.

Now is the time to start that business you have been dreaming about for so long. All you have to do is enter the name of your website and click build it now. Your website will be created within 30 seconds.  Now that’s fast.

Now you are going to learn how to build out the foundation of your new business.

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