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Welcome to my Fix Monthly Income Review. I know you are looking to make some extra money online. This is why you are here. You probably heard of Fix Monthly Income and was wondering if it is worth your time. There are so many make money products/systems online. It is hard to tell what is legit and what is not. This is why I write reviews. I want you to be informed before you waste your time and/or money.

Now let’s see if you can grow your monthly income with Fix Monthly Income.

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Site Name: Fix Monthly Income
Website URL:
Price: Free
Owner: Unknown

What is Fix Monthly Income?

Fix Monthly Income is suppose to be an online advertising site. They claim is so easy to make money online by sharing your unquie affiliate link. All you have to do is share your link with family, friends and social media. Your link directs people to the website where you will earn $5 for each unique visitor and $10 if that visitor signs up on Fix Monthly Income. You also get a signup bonus of $10 when you create your free account.

Fix Monthly Income claims they make money through advertisements. When you share your link, you are helping them get visitors to the site, and when they click on advertisements the site makes money. So in turn, they pass some of the earnings to you.

I found this to be mighty strange because there no advertisements on the site for anyone to click. There are no products or services to purchase. So how are they actually making money to pay you for referring people?

This is a red flag blowing hard in the wind to me.

Also, I checked to see who is behind Fix Monthly Income. I could not find who the owners are. It comes up anonymous. If this site was legit the owners would be known.

How do you make money?

After you sign up you are given a referral link. This is the link you will use to spam everywhere you can in order to earn $5 a click.  Places like:

  • Facebook
  • Forums
  • Chatrooms
  • Twitter

The website claims they have 71,482 members in the program. And they have earned a combined total of $1,029,545. They also guarantee every member should earn a minimum of $300.

Sounds pretty good. Who would turn down earning an extra $300?

Is Fix Monthly Income A Scam?

Some people would think it is not a scam because you don’t have to pay for anything. But I think your time is worth money. And you will be wasting your time spamming your referral link.

But also, if the site is not promoting anything for visitors to buy, how are they going to pay you? You are not going to get something for nothing. Yeah, it will look like you are earning money when you start sharing your link. You can tell your family and friends to sign up. But when its time to get paid… that’s another story.

Below is a screenshot of a complaint by someone who signed up with Fix Monthly Income. I found this complaint on

That person promoted their link and this is what happened:

People are complaining about not being paid. They do the work and earn enough to get to the payout level, which is $300. When they request for payout the company makes them put in their personal info for the site captcha.

Because there are no products/services being promoted on the site, the only way I see them making money is by getting people personal information and selling it. The owners, whoever they are, can make money selling your information to other people who want to send you other offers.

You would be considered a targeted lead for “make money online” products. Your inbox would get flooded with those types of offers. Many of them would be of low quality and not worth your money or time.

Not only will you spam emails but you would be at risk for identity theft.

This reminds me of the products I have reviewed in the past. Such as:


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I wish you much success in whatever you choose to do.

Feel free to post any comments/questions you have below and share.

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  1. Your post was a real good read. It present exacly what I was looking for. In fact I have been looking at making some extra cash online. Thanks for the heads up on some illegitimate programs. Let’s how WA can help me out.

  2. Hello, it looks like ” Fix monthly income” is a big scam. Who is the owner of the site? Is there any information about the site? Is the profile look fake?
    Your post is very informative and easy to read. Thank you for providing the information.


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