Five Minute Profit Sites Review- Is it worth it or a Scam


Name: Five Minute Profit Sites
Creator: Sam Smith (?)
Cost:  $37 (plus upsells)
Years Online: June 2018

What Is Five Minute Profit Sites?

Five Minute Profit Site has not been around long. It is a Clickbank product that came on the scene in June 2018. It’s supposed to be a system that takes advantage of $12.3 million loophole in a secret industry that will make you $519 a day in six days.

They claim you only have to work 23 minutes a day using this point and click software to make money with affiliate marketing. All it takes is 5 minutes and 17 clicks to have a website done for you.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? What they call a website is a landing page, you use this page to promote to other people.


Now people are making good money every day using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting other websites products/services and making a commission when its sold thru your marketing efforts.

But I can honestly say making money with affiliate marketing takes more than a few clicks and 5 minutes a day.


In order for you to gain access, you need to pay $37 or you may come across a sales page that offers $7


The front end product cost $37. Check out the other upsells:

  •  FMPS Faster Profits ($197) –  is a pre-built website with content (videos, articles, and reviews) in the make money niche.
  •  FMPS Double Your Profit Sites ($187) – It is a pre-built website with content (videos, articles, and reviews) relating to different topics such as weight loss, self-help, health etc.
  • FMPS Traffic Tsunami ($97) – It consists of training, ranging from basic to advance, designed to bring traffic to your sales page. You will learn here blog commenting, press release, video traffic and how to bring traffic through a blog.  

Traffic Methods

Now that you have created a landing page you are taught different methods on how to get traffic to it in the member’s area.

You have created a landing page as I have shown you above. Now all you need is to send it traffic.

There are few methods you were taught in the member’s area which are;

Solo Ads

  • With solo ads, you’re renting an email list which is expensive and cold. “Cold” meaning this list of people has no relationship with you. You have not given them any value. So why would they buy what you recommend?
  •  When traffic goes to the page they can opt-in and their email addresses are captured in the Aweber account.


Articles Marketing 

In the past, people wrote 500-word articles and posted them on article directory sites to get backlinks. Google cracked down on those sites and de_indexed most of them. This method of getting traffic is so out-dated. Why would they suggest you do that?


 Guest Blogging

If you are able to get permission from someone who has lots of traffic to their blog you may be able to get a good amount of referral traffic. But how likely is that?

 Forum Marketing

This is another out-dated way of bringing traffic to your site. The moderators in the forum don’t appreciate sales page links being posted in the forum. They take it off and could band you from posting anything in the future for not following the rules.

You can post links to content which has value to the forum members. If not, it’s considered as spam.


Blog Commenting


Blog commenting is when you place a link on someone else’s blog along with your comments. If the webmaster doesn’t allow it they will remove the link.

Blog commenting is not a good way to traffic these days

 Press Releases


The training suggests press release as a way to get traffic. I doubt is someone would see a sales page as news and have it go viral.



How to get started:


  • Click on “Create a website”
  • Join Clickbank or insert your Clickbank id.
  • Select a domain with the website name ending in .live
  • Join Aweber
  • Build a form inside Aweber and insert the form code into the website


training is minor

money back guarantee



By showing this on their sales page they are trying to get you to act before it’s too late and there are no more licenses. So you miss out on this money making opportunity.

 Outdated Methods

Most of the traffic methods are out-dated. People used these methods years ago but not now. Solo ads may get you traffic but it is not for the newbies.

Hyped Up Claims

Don’t believe the hype. There is no way you can make over $500 a day from the start. An online business done the right way can take a year or two to make that kind of money.

No Control

You have no control over the site. Their software is hosted on their servers. Which means it’s their site, not yours.

If  FMPS were to shut down so would your site. And that will be the end of it.

Won’t Rank

These 5-minute websites will not rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The sales page as no valuable content for the readers.

Spend Even More Money

In order for the system to work, you have to spend money an Aweber account. Aweber has a 30-day free trial afterward you will be charged $19 a month. You would have completed the final step by pasting in the Aweber opt-in form.

The next cost is for solo ads to get traffic as they recommend in the training.

Is Five Minute Profit Site A Scam?

This product is not a scam I think it’s a waste of money.  One premade sales page is not a worthwhile website that will get you targeted traffic and make sales. Especially the number of sales that total $519 a day in commissions.

In order to get ranked in the search engines, you have to have a website that has valuable content for your readers. Not just a sales page full of income hype.

You develop a relationship with your readers. Your reader begins to trust you over time and are more likely to buy products you suggest. This is how you get sales. Not the antiquated ways FMPS teaches you.

Five Minute Profit Site has only been around since June 2018. Not long. I doubt if it will stand the test of time.


If you want to know how to make money online check out my #1 recommendation.

This is the training I use to make money online with affiliate marketing since 2014. 



If you have had any experience with Five Minute Profit Site tell me about it in the comments below.

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