Explode My Payday Review- Legit or not

Welcome to my review of Explode My Payday. You probably have heard of it and you wanted to find out more about it. I applaud you for doing your homework before laying out your hard earned money. There are so many scam products on the internet. That make all sorts of claims about how you can make so much money online.

Let’s see if Explode My Payday lives up to its name or is just another scam.

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Name: Explode My PayDay

Website URL: explodemypayday.com

Owner: Meaghan Harper

Price: $47 + upsells

What is Explode My PayDay?

Explode My PayDay is a ClickBank product. It is a make money online product that claims you can make over $1,000 a day if you buy their system. The system works on autopilot so you can money with little to no work.

Explode My Payday was created by a person named Meaghan Harper, supposedly.

The sales video has testimonies of people saying they made so much money using this system.

After I put in my name and email on the first sales video I was taken to a second sales video. In the second video, Harper talks about how she needs people on her team. She is looking for 45 people from 45 different cities.

While I was looking at the video she claims there was a site built for me and is making money while I watched the video. She even said how much it was and what I would have to do to claim the money.

I also read Explode My Pay disclaimer. They can take your name and email and sell or rent it to someone else. The next thing you know your email is bombarded with making money from home offers.

When I attempted to click away from the sales page I got an offer to pay only $17 for the program.

Plus at the top of the sales page, it claims the program will close by the end of the day you are watching the video. So no matter what day you are watching you will see that day’s date at the top of the video.

This is a tactic to get you to buy as soon as possible or you could miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime. Yeah…right!

I have reviewed a lot of systems that use the same tactics.


 Fake Testimonies

The name Meaghan Harper sounded very familiar to me. I have done a lot of reviews and I know some of the lousy products I have come across uses fake actors. The actors claim they made so much with the product/system. Yeah, they make it sound wonderful.

But guess what? It looks like Meaghan Harper, the creator is a fake also.

Take a look at this screenshot from the sales video.

This is supposed to be Meaghan Harper who claims she has made $1,117.79 with this system. Now take a look at the screenshot below.

Hey, look at Meaghan Harper. And she says in the video she never made a video before. That’s funny.

Looks like she has made thousands of videos. I found her on fivver.com selling her services. This is a huge red flag. This product cannot be trusted.

The person that really created this product does not want to be known. Usually, it is because they have other programs out there misleading people. They make their money from it and move on to the next so-called scam.

How does Explode My PayDay Work?

They are not upfront with how the system works on the sales video. They say they with direct internet traffic to your site. What site? What is the site about? What are you going to be selling to make money? All of this is a secret I suppose. You are just supposed to believe the outrageous income claims and give away your money.

This is what the creators of the product want. They are hoping you don’t know how making money online really works. And that you can make so much money in a little bit of time with not much work.

They say in the sales video, “even a child could do it.”

Explode My PayDay is centered around the affiliate marketing business model. It is very possible to make money with affiliate marketing. People are making a good living online with it. But you have to learn the right way. And does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and patience.

No one can manipulate traffic to a website. It does not work that way. You need a website that gives value to the readers. They need to be able to trust what you say. Your website needs to be authoritative and that takes time to accomplish.



60 day Money back guarantee because it is a ClickBank product.


  • Fake testimonies
  • Get rich quick delusions
  • False income claims
  • Time limit- get it before the spots fill up
  • They intend to sell or rent your email
  • Manipulate traffic to your site

Avoid Explode My Payday and others like it:


If you are a newbie to making money online Explode My PayDay’s sales video could get you excited. Don’t believe the hype!

That is what they want. The only people who will make money from this product are the creators. Whoever that is. If you buy into the hype you will be disappointed in the outcome. And short $47 or maybe $17 out of pocket.

I don’t want to call Explode My PayDay a scam. Some people would thou. You do get something for your money. But it’s not as easy and quick as they claim it is to make money online.

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