Discovery Toys MLM Review- Is it a Legit Way to Make Money?

Welcome to my Discovery Toys MLM review. In this review, I am going to tell you what Discovery Toys is all about and if it is a legit way to make money. This is a company that has been around for years. And they are all about learning through playing with toys.

Applaud you for doing your homework to see if Discovery Toys is a good opportunity for you.



Company Name: Discovery Toys

Owner: Lane Nemeth

Price to Join: $89 – $399


What is Discovery Toys?

Discovery toys was founded by an early childhood educator named Lane Nemeth in 1978 and sold the company in 1997.

It is a multi-level marketing company that sells educational toys. Discovery Toys sell a large variety of toys that aid in the learning and development of children.

Discovery Toys knows how important playing is to a child.  You can easily find what type of toy you want depending on the play activity. You can also purchase toys especially for children with special needs.

Discovery Toys categorizes its toys as follows:

  • Toys that help develop independent play
  • Toys that promote prolonged engagement
  • Cooperative and team skill-building toys
  • Toys that encourage students to talk about play
  • Toys that have completion objectives
  • Toys that encourage pretend play

Discovery Toys are also sorted by a variety of subjects:

  • Make-Believe Play
  •  Social and Emotional Play
  •  Artistic Play
  •  Motor Play
  •  Sensory Play
  •  Construction Play
  •  Logic Play
  •  Language Play
  •  Science Play
  •  Numbers Play
  • Reading Fun

One of their best-sellers is Marbleworks check out the video below.



  • Well known established company
  • High-quality toys
  • Not expensive to get started


  • Hosting parties is time-consuming.
  • The Discovery Toy company sells on Amazon.

How does Discovery Toys work?

Like most MLMs, Discovery Toys sell directly to the customer through in-home and virtual parties. So you start out by hosting a party or you can get a friend to host one for you. The parents are very likely to bring their kids since this is a party selling kids toys. That is good for you. The parent can see which toys are good for their children and what toys they children like.

The party host can earn various discounts and free products depending on how many products were sold from the party. This is an incentive to invite as many people as possible.

Your job as a consultant is to present the toys to the guests It would be best to have a variety of toys on hand as well as catalogs.

As I was doing the research on Discovery toys I saw that the company is selling its toys on Amazon. But the price on Amazon is more than on the Discovery Toys websites for this particular toy.

How to Get Started with Discovery Toys?

First of all, it would be a good idea to find a Discovery Toy consultant who is successful. That means to speak to a few of them. Find out about how they are doing with their Discovery Toy business. You want to learn from someone who has a thriving successful business. You want a person like that to be your upline.

Next, you have to choose a starter kit:

BusinessStarter kit $89
Business Launch kit $159
Business Builder Kit $399

What is the Discovery Toys compensation plan?

Consultants can earn from 25 –  34% commission on their personal sales and up to 7% commission on their team sales.

Based our your in-home parties sales you could earn the following:

  • $400 in party sales gets you $80 in base earnings and $20 in bonuses.
  • $600 in party sales gets you $120 in base earnings and $30 in bonuses.
  • $800 in party sales gets you $160 in base earnings and $40 in bonuses.
  • $1,000 in party sales gets you $200 in base earnings and $50 in bonuses.
  • $1,500 in party sales gets you $300 in base earnings and $105 in bonuses.

How to sell Discovery Toys?

There are several ways to sell Discovery Toys. The main way is through in-home parties. You can get a friend to host a party to get the ball rolling. Invite a lot of parents. Hopefully, there will be kids there also.  Then you demonstrate the toys and point out how each toy benefits the child.

During the party, you get sales and leads. You want to find out who else would like to host a party to earn free gifts and discounts.

Another way to sell Discovery Toys is online. As a consultant, you will get your own Discovery Toy website. But it is the same website that all consultants get.

So don’t think that you will be able to get sales and new consultant sign-ups from just being online. Search engines like Google, do not rank these cookie-cutter websites. But you can put the website on your business cards and flyers to help generate sales.

You could also have your own free, unique website and learn how to successfully attract customers and build a downline through search engine optimization.

Building a downline is the best way to make money. You will duplicate yourself with successful consultants. But remember, not everyone that joins will stay or do well. So by having your own unique website you will be able to attract new consultants all the time.


Final thoughts

If you are a mother who is looking for a fun way to make money then Discovery Toys may be the thing for you. You may already have some parents in mind that would love to host parties. If you are a people person and enjoy helping people than this is right up your alley.

But don’t limit yourself.

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I hope you found value in this review. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.

Feel free to post any questions/comments below and share it with others.

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