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Welcome to my Digital Formula review. I commend you for doing your homework to find out if this product is genuine or a scam. There are so many money making products online that claim you can make loads of money in no time at all. The people pushing these products are hoping you are ignorant to how to make money online. Let’s see if Digital Formuls fits into that category of products.

Name: Digital Formula

Website URL:

Owner: “Neil Carter”

Created in: August 2018

Price: $17 + upsells

Digital Formula is an online trading to that contains a secret loophole designed for the virtual currency markets. It was created and is presented by a guy named Neil Carter in the sales video. Carter claims The Digital Formula can help you make $1000’s from investing in cryptocurrencies.

And with this secret loophole Carter has made hundreds of thousands of dollar in the past few months. He claims after you join the system you will be able to make a boatload of money almost immediately.

After doing the research I found out what Digial Formula actually offers.

Carter says he usually sells the software for $1,997 but for “today only” he’s selling for a mere $17. No matter what day it is, in the sales video, it still says “today only”. That’s just another way to get you to part with your money. It makes you think that you will miss out on this great offer if you don’t get it today.

They charge $17 for outdated useless information. They give you tips on past trades. They don’t share any techniques that be used in present-day trading. The “secrets” are only basic information about trading and strategies that can be found with a Google search, which is free.

A trading system is included. In order to get access to it, you have to register with a broker. Once registered you have to deposit at least $250 to your trading account. If not you won’t be able to use their system. The system is supposed to have all the bells and whistles that you can use for trading and get great results.

If you believe the income hype than I have a bridge to sell you. This is a system that can’t be trusted. In a short time, your account will be emptied. With no available funds, the broker with tells you to add more money to the account. If you fall for this scam,  they will keep doing it. And you would have lost your hard earned money.

The only winners here are the broker and Carter. Carter gets a commission when you deposit money with the cryptocurrency broker. So for every naive person, Carter get to deposit money he gets paid.

The broker makes money by having more losing trades than winning traders and is able to pay their winning, skilled traders with the losers money.

If you happen to win trades the broker will not work with him anymore.

False Testimonies

As I researched this ClickBank product I wanted to find out who Neil Carter is. The man behind the product. I came across a positive review of Digital Formula and this is what I read:

After I read this I went looking for Neil Carter. I wanted to find something that on the internet that shows me he is a “big deal in the crypto world.” If he is such a big deal and a millionaire, how come I can’t find anything about him? Maybe it’s because it’s a fake name.

This is a red flag blowing wildly in the wind.

And the reason why the review I found is so positive is that the site owner is an affiliate of the program. You believe the hype, buy it and the site owner gets a commission.

The next red flag is the testimonials given by the people in the sales video. Those same people sell their testimonies on a site called

You pay them enough they say whatever you want them to say. They may not have even heard of the product but they will say they use it and make so much money with it.

Below is one of the people in the sales video.



And also this same person is on a sales video for 30 Minute Money Methods which I reviewed in the past.



This really pisses me off. These people will say anything for a buck. They don’t think about the people who are believing their nonsense. And how they are scamming people with their lies.

If you are making so much money with these products why are you selling your services on


  • 60-day money back guarantee because it is a ClickBank product


  • If this product can really help you make thousands of dollars, why sell it for only $17? And if all you need is $17 why have upsells? They expect you to deposit a minimum of $250 an account to be able to use your system.
  • There are fake people making fake claims on the sales video.
  • Who is Neil Carter? I can’t tell but yet he is a millionaire in the crypto world. Yeah right.


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Is Digital Formula A Scam?

In a way, I would call it a scam because of the fake testimonies. And I have a problem not know who the real Neil Carter is. The training is so basic. You can find the information with a quick Google search.

But it’s up to you. What do you think?

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