Daily Cash Siphon Review

Welcome to my review of Daily Cash Siphon. I congratulate you for doing your homework. There are so many make money products online. It is hard to figure out if they are legit or not especially if you are not sure how making money online truly works. In this review, you are going to find out if Daily Cash Siphon can help you make money or is it something that you disappointed.

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Name: Daily Cash Siphon

Website URLdailycashsiphon.net

Owner: Chris Parker

Launched in: September 2018

Price: $37 monthly + upsells

Who is Daily Cash Siphon For?

Daily Cash Siphon is for the person who does not know how making money online works. The business model is affiliate marketing. They claim the system will work for you whether you are a busy person or a lazy person.

These are the types of people they are marketing to on the sales page.

What is Daily Cash Siphon?

Daily Cash Siphon was launched on ClickBank in September 2018. I have seen some talk about it on the internet and thought I should check it out myself. After going to the main website I thought to my self, “Another BS product.”

But as you know you can’t judge a book by its cover. So I further researched hoping it will change my mind.

At the very top of the site, it has large text saying-

“NEW! Weird Trick Exploits $480 MILLION GLITCH & Legally Siphones Us £296/DAY…Find Out How You Can Start Today In Under 7 Minutes & 19 Clicks…”

Under the sales video, it says


That is enough to get someone to watch the video hoping there really is a way to make $296 a day. And for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands, to make that type of money in under 7 minutes and just 19 clicks would be great.

And to know there is a “glitch” that is being kept a secret is remarkable. Don’t you think?

I have reviewed many systems and I have seen them make these hyped up claims. What is the purpose of telling me how much time or how many clicks it takes? All anyone should care about is if the system does what they say it will do. Bottom line. It’s about making you think you can get rich quick with this system.

The guy in the sales video, whose name is William Fairbrother, shows you screenshots of earnings on ClickBank as income proof. Actually, William Fairbrother is a ” pen name”

Take a look at the screenshot below. This is not an account of an affiliate. The earning shown is that of a vendor. So all this money was made affiliates who are promoting Daily Cash Siphon.

Daily Cash Siphon is a training course  about affiliate marketing and blogging. They show the ways to make money with affiliate marketing with step by step videos. People make money through affiliate marketing every day. There is nothing magical about it. It has nothing to do with siphoning off cash as the sales video says.

After you purchase Daily Cash Siphon you will be hit with upsells. Below is a screenshot of how much commission an affiliate would get if someone purchased Daily Cash Siphon.

Upsell #1-

You get your own Daily Cash Website built for you. This is a site that will make you money. It is an affiliate website that has content ready-made for you.

From what I learned about affiliate market, a ready-made website full of content will not rank in Google. Especially if everybody who buys this upsell gets the exact same website. Google wants websites to have unique content which is valuable to their readers.

Upsell #2-

With this upsell they offer you a website in a different niche. But still, if other people have that niche your website and content would not be unique. It will not rank in Google or any other search engines.

Upsell #3 –

This upsell is about traffic strategies. This is very important because traffic equals money.


Affiliate marketing- this product will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing, which is a viable business model.

60-day money back guarantee because it is a ClickBank product


Cookie Cutter Websites

Outrageous income claims

Is Daily Cash Siphon Worth it?

People make money from affiliate marketing every day but Daily Cash Siphon does not tell you how you will make money. Where does the secret traffic source come from? Will you have to pay for traffic?

Will you have to blog? The websites they create are duplicate websites. Google and other search engines don’t like duplicate content. Those types of site will not rank in the search engines.

They say they help you find the best products on Clickbank, which are weird and controversial.

They don’t explain what type of training you will receive. But yet what they do tell you is to keep it a secret. From what I see there is not much to tell.

Is Daily Cash Siphon a Scam?

I would not call it a scam even thou some people would. I would not let it siphon any of my hard earned money. I don’t believe the system will work as they say. I believe you get some information about affiliate marketing for the money. So because of that, I would not call it a scam. And you are able to get a refund because it is a ClickBank product.

The product is not an open book. Wouldn’t you like to see what you’re getting for your money before you buy into it? Maybe the weird and controversial products are not to your liking.


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