Commission Hero Review – Is it Worth The Money?

Welcome to my Commission Hero Review. I am so glad you are doing your homework before you spend your hard earned money yet again. There are so many make money scams online. It is hard to know what is legit and what is not. Especially if you are new to how making money online works. This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an informed buying decision.

Now let’s see if you can really make $1000 a day with Commission Hero.

But wait… before you go any further.

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Name: Commission Hero
: $997.- or two payments of $597.-
Owner: Robby Blanchard

What is Commission Hero?

The owner of this system is Robby Blanchard. Robby is the #1 top affiliate on Clickbank. Clickbank is an online marketplace where you can find digital products to sell and earn a commission from your efforts as an affiliate.

Commission Hero is a done-for-you system by Robby. He shows you how to promote affiliate products on Facebook and earn thousands of dollars with very little work involved.

You do not need to have a website or an email list. You will make money as an affiliate using Facebook advertising. Robby is going to give you a step by step blueprint. The same blueprint that has made him the #1 affiliate on Clickbank.

It is a 3-step system that is set up in a psychological way that forces people to buy your offers.

What’s Inside Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is a done-for-you training course. You will access to landing pages, ad copies, images for your ads and a Facebook training module.

The three core modules are:

  • Choosing products to promote.- Robby suggests you promote products that are in the make money niche as well as health and relationship niches.
  • Create advertising images- Robby shows you where he buys is designed images from that costs him $5 and how to turn those images into a video for a higher click-through rate.
  • Setting up landing pages.- This will show you what to put on your landing pages that is Facebook compliant and converts.

These are the three components to making money using Facebook advertising. Once these are in place all you need to do is what for customers. You will have your own unique affiliate link to the products you promote. These are the links you will place in your advertisements. When someone purchases from clicking your link you get paid a commission.

Robby also has special deals on certain products that will give you a higher commission because you are a member of Commission Hero. I could see that as being true. Because if I was a vendor on Clickbank I would give Robby higher commission since he is the #1 top affiliate on Clickbank.


  • Affiliate marketing is a viable business.
  • You are able to target market your audience with Facebook advertising.
  • Robert Blanchard is a real person.
  • Step by Step training.
  • Facebook support group
  • Sign up bonuses


  • Every member uses the same templates
  • You are limited to Clickbank products
  • $997 is a high cost, especially for beginners.
  • You will have to buy hosting and a domain name


Is Commission Hero Legit?

Yes, Commission Hero is legit. But it is not something I would recommend. Facebook advertising is not that easy. There are a lot of trials and errors you will face with and it is possible that you will lose money long before you make money. Facebook advertising is not free. And you will have to test which advertising works and which one doesn’t? Testing will cost you money.

$997 is a lot of money for a beginner. And that is not the only expense you will have. You will have to buy a domain name and hosting which is not a lot of money but it is something to consider if you buy Commission Hero.

Clickbank has a lot of digital products to promote but most of them are poor quality products. At least in the make money niche, they are. I know this because I have reviewed many of them in the past.  Such as:


People make money with affiliate marketing every day and you can too. And you don’t have to break the bank to learn how to do it either. There are so many affiliate programs online. Mostly every product has an affiliate link. You do not have to settle for just using Clickbank. Or stay within the make money or health and relationship niches.

You can build your own affiliate marketing business online. You can promote products you are passionate about. Let’s say you are passionate about sewing. You can build a successful online business about sewing and have affiliate links on different sewing products on your website to make commissions on.

Or let’s say you love horses. This is niche many people are passionate about also. You can build a website about horses and make money promoting horse products with your affiliate links.

Below is a video about Affiliate marketing

If you learn how to successfully build an online business you will not have to pay for advertising.

There is a way to make money online using free traffic. In order to make any sales, you need eyes to your offer. The more traffic you get the more sales you get.

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You will also have access to a community of like-minded people 24/7 to help you with your online journey.

I hope this review helped you. Many blessings with whatever you do.

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