CB Cash Code Review – Is it worth it?

You may have heard about CB Cash Code and wondered what it was all about. I applaud you for doing your homework before you invest. That is the reason why you landed on this review. There are so many scams on the internet looking to take people’s hard earned cash. Let’s see if CB Cash Code is one of them

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Name: CB Cash Code
Website: http://www.thecbcashcode.com
Creator: “George Patterson”
Price: $37


What is CB Cash Code?

CB Cash Code aka as ClickBank Cash Code website was registered August 2018 and is a fairly new product on ClickBank. My research has George Patterson as the creator but the website registration name is private. So whose to say it is really someone named George Patterson?

CB Cash Code has a sales video which hypes you up about making  $1,000’s every day by doing very little. The sales video does not tell you exactly how you would make this type of money.

It claims you can be learn how to make $80,000 a month, working 10 minutes a day. In the video, it talks about a “secret website” called ClickBank which is used to make money.

ClickBank is not a secret. ClickBank is an affiliate network for digital products.


Now that breaks down to $20,000 a week. Does that sound realistic to you? Think about it.

Below you will see an image showing how much was made on a ClickBank master account.

How do we know that it is real or some made up numbers to get you excited about the product? I believe it’s the latter.




After you have paid $37 you gain access to the member’s area. There you will see four PDF documents. You will only be able to download the the main guide. The rest are upsells.

  1. The CB Cash Code Main Guide – $37- This guide shows you how to sign up as ClickBank affiliate and choose products to promote. It tells you what affiliate marketing is about, and the different ways to promote the products to gain traffic. It also informs you how to avoid products which does not have good affiliate resources.

The main guide is a basic run down about the ClickBank affiliate platform it self. There is no training in this guide. You can learn about ClickBank on its own website and don’t have to pay $37 for it.  Or you can go on Youtube and get the same information. ClickBank is not a mystery.

2. ClickBank Cash Pro (Upsell) – $197 ($177 with discount) This PDF guide suject is about traffic sources in not much detail.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay per click
  • Pay per view
  • Paid Advertising


3. ClickBank Book Plus (Upsell) – $147- This PDF instructs you how to crate and promote product pages on Facebook.
4. ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method (Upsell)– This PDF shows you how to use social media to send traffic to your landing pages.


CB Cash Code Affiliate Program– The affiliate resources are not very  good. You get one page with an affiliate link and 14 prewritten email to promote to your email list.

Here’s an example of one of them.

In this first email it claims you can make $52,000 in 15 days. If that was true everyone would do it.

They are targeting people who want to make money online and don’t know how the process really works.

Don’t believe the hype.


Would I Recommend CB Cash Code?

Heck no, I would not. There are various reasons.

  • Who is “George Patterson”? Red flags goes up when the owner of the product is invisible. If your product is all that why don’t you show yourself.
  • Too many upsells. These PDF’s are not step by step training. It just skims through the various topics. As a newbie to internet marketing, you will find yourself looking at other resources on the internet to fill in the gaps.
  • Outright deception. This model of making money is all about affiliate marketing. There are people making good money with click bank products but you have to have the right training as well as good products. If you don’t have a good quality product you can expect people to want refunds.
  • Bogus amounts of money. When they claim you can make $1,000’s a day that’s another red flag.
  • Testamonies. There are actors from Fivver stating on the sales page they are making a huge amount of money using the CB Cash Code method and Clickbank. If they are making that kind of money it’s because they are promoting various other nonsense products and getting paid for their claims.

There are so many products online made to scam people out of their money. They target people who want to make money online. People who have no idea what it takes. This reminds me of other make money programs I suggest you stay away from.

For example:

What Makes A Money Making Program Good?


If you’re a newbie to making money online you’re probably wonder what to look for in a good money making program. Here are a few things to look for.

  • Who is the creator? Are they readily accessible?
  • Does it have a great support system? Is their someone you can get help from at anytime?
  • Is there a free try? Can you try the program before you buy it?
  • Is there alot of upsells? Do you have to keep buying different things to get the results the program claims you will get? Or do you pay just one price for everything you need?
  • Does the program give you step by step video through written words and video?

When you do your research online for moneymaking programs keep those questions in mind.

There is an online training platform, which is free, it teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

There are thousands of products to promote through affiliate marketing and this program shows you step by step how to make money online.

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