Review- Scam or Not?

Welcome to my review. I applaud you for doing your research. There are so many websites that claim you can make money online. A few are legit and most are not. If you are new to how making money online really works it could be hard to tell the difference. You don’t want to waste your precious time on crap. This is why I write reviews. I want you to be able to make an educated decision.

So with that said, let’s see if you can make any money at all with

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Name: CashForShare

Website URL:

Creator: Anybody’s guess

Cost: Free to join

Who is it for? The creator whoever that is

What is

CashForShare is supposed to be the #1 Earning Network. It is free to join. You are supposed to be able to make money from anywhere by doing simple tasks online and by sharing your referral link with others. When you sign up you get a $50 sign up bonus. And when you share your referral link you earn $10 for everyone you referred.

Now that sounds good, doesn’t it? Especially through these trying times, everyone is going through. People want to take matters into their own hands and make money the best and fastest way they can.

CashForShare also claims you earn $2 every time someone clicks your referral link and goes to the website. Mind you, they don’t have to join for you to earn $2, just click the link. That’s easy money with all the people online these looking for ways to make money. also has tasks you can complete and earn $50 for each task. Such as:

  • completing surveys
  • installing apps
  • watching ads
  • You earn $15-$50 for promoting CashForShare on various social media websites

How does CashForShare Work?

I have reviewed many websites like this one. And I have found that it does not work at all. It is designed for the owners to make money not you.

Everyone, including the owners of the website, knows people are scrambling to make money online. CashForShare claims to you can earn so much money and this is what lures people in. Especially when it is free to join. And they pay $50 right off the bat.

But don’t think you could just sign up and claim that $50. It is not going to happen. There are requirements you have to meet before you can cashout. And this is a fact that will keep you working.

In order to qualify to cashout you need the following:

  • Refer at least 5 people to the platform
  • Complete at least 6 of the tasks on its $50 TaskWall
  • Have at least 25 clicks on your unique referral link
  • Generate at least $200 in earnings

Is Legit?

There are many red flags blowing in the wind on this one. I want to point 0ut a few.

  • claims to be the #1 earning network and was started in 2015. Now you would think that a site being around for five years could earn that title.

But according to, was registered on 6/27/2019. It has only been in existence for one year at this time.

  • Who is the owner? This is another red flag. If is the #1 Earning Network, shouldn’t it be obvious who the owner is? Why are they hiding? Is it because they don’t want to be associated with this website?
  • Where does get all this money to pay its members? That is a good question. GPT (Get-paid-to) websites like are known for not paying their members. When you want to cash out they will claim you have done fraudulent acts. You will not get paid and there goes time wasted.

There are many copycat websites I have reviewed that work the same way. Check them out.

Who is for? is solely designed to benefit the owner. Websites like are known as “harvesting data websites”. They lure people in with the promise of making big money fast without paying a dime. This is why you don’t know who they are. They want to keep putting these websites on the internet.

The owners can sell your information to a third party for a profit. And they also get affiliate payments when you complete tasks on the website’s taskwall.

If you signed up to don’t be surprised if your inbox gets flooded with make money online opportunities. You are part of a targeted market. You are looking for ways to make money and the owners of this website know it.

And they also know that people usually sign up for websites using the same information. They use the same email and password for everything they do on the internet. Even their financial websites like Paypal.

If you are the type of person that does this because it is easier to remember, change your passwords. Don’t let them get a chance to hack into your money.

Alternative websites

There are websites that pay you to do simple tasks online. They pay the standard for legit get-paid-sites. That means you can make pocket money. Here is a list of websites that are known to actually pay their members. They are free to join. I am a firm believer in not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Is CashForShare a Scam?

I don’t like to use the word scam. I will let you be the judge of that. I only know that there are so many of these types of websites coming and going rapidly. I can’t keep up. It is happening for a reason and the reason is not good.

I suggest you don’t waste your precious time with this one.

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I hope you have found value in this review. I wish you much success in whatever you decide to do.

Feel free to post any questions/comments below and share it.

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