Cash Formula Review- Make up to $5,000 a day or not?

Welcome to my Cash Formula Review.  I recently heard about this product through an email I recieved. I want to congratulate you on doing your homework before you spend your hard earn money. There are so many make money online products on the internet. It is hard to know which are legit and which are not.

That is why I write these reviews.

Let’s see if Cash Formula has the shortcut to earning $5,000 per day or not?

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Name: Cash Formula

Website URL:

Owner: “Michael Grant”

Launched in: January 2019

Price: $37 + upsells

What is Cash Formula?

When I first saw the sales video I said to myself, ” Here we go again with another hyped up product”. It kills me when I see claims about earning more than $5000 per day with this system.

Cash Formula is supposed to be a done for you free money system. It uses a secret loophole discovered by a Ukrainian coder. In the sales video, the spokesperson makes a lot of hyped up outrageous income claims. They claim this system has created 52 new millionaires.

The sales videos claims you could possibly make up $5000 in profit in the next 24 hours and could possibly make $100,00 in 30 days.

What is Cash Formula really about?

Cash Formula is about making money as a power seller on Amazon. You do this by creating Cash Formula affiliate stores.

If you go to you will find courses about making money as an Amazon affiliate.

What’s inside Cash Formula?

In the members’ area, you are given links to a list of tools that are used to generate profits with Cash Formula. These are the tools the owner uses to create profits with Cash Formula. All of these tools cost money and I would bet that the owner is an affiliate of all them. So when you purchase these tools he gets commissions. That is just another way to make money off of you.

  • Siteground– – is a hosting service.
  • KWfinder– is a keyword research tool
  • EasyAzon– With these products, you are able to get commissions from Amazon online stores all around the world not just
  • Junglescout– is an Amazon product research tool.
  • Quuu– This is a platform where people share your content on social media.

You also get video tutorials in the members’ section that show you how to put your themed store together technically.

There is an ebook which 94 pages long. It is an overview of selling on Amazon.

You also have access to other ebooks to download they include:

  • Amazon Affiliate Essentials
  • Amazon Affiliate Blueprint
  • Fulfillment by Amazon Guide


  • Amazon Affiliate program is legitimate
  • Money back guarantee
  • Low price


  • Insane Income Claims
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Fake Creator
  • Limited Positions Lies
  • Up-sells

This product reminds me of other products I have reviewed such as:

Fake Testimonies

In the sales video, there is a man who claims he is making a boatload of money thanks to Cash Formula. Everything is done for you with this system he says.

But check this out…

Here he is selling his services on If the system is all that why pay people to tell lies? Why can’t they show legit testimony from real users? This guy probably never heard of Cash Formula before.

Is Cash Formula a Scam?

I will not call this product a scam, other people would. But I think it is not far from being a scam. On the sales video, it says “free money system”. There is nothing free about this product. It costs $37. And all the tools associated with it cost money also.

They call it a “100% done-for-you system.” Videos and ebooks don’t make a done- for -you system. And why would you want a done for you system anyway? You can’t trust it. It could shut down at any time. You would have no control over it.

But let me tell you there are no done-for-you systems that can make you tons of money online.

Take a look a the scarcity tactic. On the sales page, it says, “only 7 new spots available.” They tell you this so you won’t miss out on this incredible chance to make all that money. Yeah right. This is a product that is sold through the ClickBank marketplace. They want as many people to buy as possible.

Who is “Micheal Grant?” I never heard of him before. Below is an image of him in the sales video.

As you can see below it is a stock photo. Talk about a scam. This is very misleading. The owner is hiding. Why? Is it because he wants to keep making products like this without being caught? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

People who have good intentions would not hide. They tell you all about themselves and also give you access to them.

Too many upsells. In order to make the money, they claim you can make, you need to buy the upsells which are the tools I mentioned. So you see? You will be paying more than $37 to use this so-called “done-for-you” system.


There are so many red flags blowing wildly in the wind with this product. Don’t waste your time or money. If you really want to learn are to make money online check out my #1 recommendation.

It is an online training platform that teaches you how to build your own online business. It is free to try. There are no upsells. Everything you need is all under one roof.

You get access to me and a large community of like-minded people to help you with any questions you may have.

You will also have access to the owners. They are very transparent with nothing to hide.

What are your thoughts? I would love to know. Post them below.

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