Babbletype Review- Is Babbletype Legit?

Welcome to my Babletype review. There are so many websites that claim to help you make money online. Some are legit, most are not. If you are new to how making money online works, it could be hard to tell the difference.

This is why I write reviews. I know your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it. I want you to be able to make an educated decision.

With that said let’s see if you can make money with Babbletype.

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Product Name: Babbletype

Founder: No Info Available

Product Type: Transcribing from home

Price to join: Free

Best For: Those with little experience transcribing

What is Babbletype?

Babbletype is a website that sells audio-to-text, translation, and proofreading services.
It has been around since 2009. Babbletype charges companies a certain amount per word/minute to translate in many languages.

Babbletype employs people to work from home transcribing audio to text. And they focus more on general transcription as opposed to medical transcription.

If you are someone who has good typing speed and is accurate, Babbletype may work for you. Also, you have to be a native English speaker.

The company offers three kinds of jobs:

Transcription – With transcription, you listen to audio files and convert them to text
Proofreading-  As a proofreader, you will review transcripts and compare them with the audio for accuracy and correct any mistakes.
Translation – Translation is listing to audio in other languages and translating it into English. You would need to be fluent in more than one language.


Applying for work at Babbletype

According to the website,  Babbletype is “always looking for talented, capable independent contractors” to join their team.

In order to work with Babbletype, you need to show how competent you are by taking an evaluation test. This lets the company know that you know what you are doing and can deliver quality work.

The evaluation test is about three hours long, you will not be compensated for it. And there are no guarantees that you will be hired.

You need to have a good understanding of sentence structure, spelling, and grammar.

After you submit your test and application, they will be reviewed by a Babbletype team member. They will get back to you if you passed to tell you the next step to being hired.

The work does not require training to compete, so once you pass the initial test, you are set to begin working right away.
When given an assignment from Babbletype to complete, you have 20 hours to finish the work.

Pay rate

  • Transcription – you can earn anywhere from 40 cents to 60 cents per audio minute. For example, a 10-minute audio file will pay four to six dollars for transcribing it. This where your typing speed comes into play. If you type slowly it will take longer to transcribe.
  • Translation – you can earn anywhere from $1.30 – $1.60 per audio minute
  • Proofreading (transcriptions) – 13-18 cents per audio minute transcribed.

Based on the rates, this is where speed and accuracy are important. If you’re unable to keep up with the audio, don’t expect to make much.

That’s because you will have to keep going back to check your work. Babbletype uses Paypal to deposit the money you have earned weekly.


With an internet connection, you can work from anywhere.

Work on your own schedule

There is no minimum amount of work you need to complete.

If there are issues with your work you have a chance to fix it before the deadline is up



  • The pay is low for the hours you work
  • Your work can be denied if it is not up to standards
  • Audio can be hard to decipher which takes longer to translate
  • There is no training
  • The platform is not user friendly.
  • 24-hour deadline for all projects.

Is Babbletype Legit?

Yes, Babbletype is definitely legit. If you have a good grasp of the English language and you are a fast typist I suggest you try them out.

This could be a good opportunity to make some money online.

Babbletype is not the only website that pays for transcription services. I have reviewed other websites you may want to take a look at. Each one varies with what is needed to apply:


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I hope you found value in this review. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.

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