Auto Lotto Processor Review

Welcome to my Auto Lotto Processor Review. Have you ever played Lotto and wondered, “is there a system to winning?” I am glad you are doing your homework to find out if Auto Lotto Processor is a system that can help you win Lotto.

There are so many products/systems on the internet that claim it will help you make money. This is another product promoted on ClickBank. Many of the of not of good quality.

Let’s see if Auto Lotto Processor can make you a lotto millionaire or is it something you should avoid.

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Company Name: Auto Lotto Processor


Owner: Richard Lustig

Price: $97

What is Auto Lotto Processor?

Auto Lotto Processor is a software created by Richard Lustig. It designed to pick lottery numbers for you, that can possibly be winners. Richard claims this system is better than randomly picking numbers.

Who is behind Auto Lotto Processor?

Richard Lustig is known for winning various Lotteries 7 times. He shares with you his insights. He has won 7 major state-sponsored lottery prizes between 193 and 2010.

  • Win 1: $10,000 – Jan 1993 (scratch-off ticket)
  • Win 2: $13,696.03 – Aug 1997 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • Win 3: “Wheel of Fortune” Holiday trip to Los Angeles – June 2000 (valued at $3,594.66) (scratch-off ticket “2nd chance drawing”)
  • Win 4: Elvis Holiday trip to Memphis – Oct 2001 (valued at $4,966) (scratch-it ticket “2nd chance drawing”)
  • Win 5: $842,152.91 – Jan 2002 (Florida Mega Money)
  • Win 6: $73,658.06 – Nov 25th 2008 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • Win 7: $98,992.92 – Aug 9th 2010 (Florida Fantasy 5)

As a result of his winnings, Richard has a few products under is his belt to tell others how they can be lottery winners also.

Such as:

Lottery Winner University
Lotto Annihilator

He also has a book selling on Amazon entitled, “Learn How to increase your chance of winning the lottery.”

How does Auto Lotto Processor work?

The Auto Lotto Processor is computer software that is the result of Richard’s personal system. With the help of three computer science engineers, four advanced game theory experts and five statisticians they analyzed his personal lotto winning system and made it into a computer program. It took a lot of hours and money to put this system together.

Inside the Auto Lotto Processor, you will have access to 13 videos Created by Richard himself. Each video is approximately 4 to 9 minutes long examining the strategies for winning various types of games.

Is Auto Lotto Processor a Scam?

I would not call it a scam. I think it is possible to win the lottery to some degree with it. I don’t want to totally dismiss it as a scam. Richard has some good tips when it comes to playing the lotto. He says you play the same numbers. Do not choose quick pick when playing. Choose numbers over 31 and if you hit you are less likely to split it with a lot of people. Most people play their birthdays. When he plays scratch-offs he buys a bunch of them at the store.

The experts say that buying multiple tickets will increase your chances of winning.

Now, this is the question I want to know the answer to. If the system is all that, why is it that Richard only won the lotto 7 times?  If I had a legit system to help me win the lottery I would win all the time. Not just 7.

Richard does not tell you how much money he spent to win these lotteries. And if the system is all that why is he selling thing software to make money?

There are some good reviews concerning this software. Some people say it took them months to learn the system and actually win something.

But the experts say Lotto is about randomly picking numbers. Now if you keep up with every single drawing you may be able to increase your chances of winning. But it is still the luck of the draw.


  • 60- day Money back guarantee
  • The guy behind the product actually won the lotto.
  • The software might increase your chances of winning.
  • The software is user-friendly


  • Richard goes from hitting the lotto to selling software. What’s up with that?

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If I play the lotto often I might purchase this system. But I don’t. I prefer to invest my hard earned money. One of the things I invest in is learning how to make money online. I don’t want to depend on the luck of the draw or a man-made software for my financial independence.

There are so many products/systems online on how to make money. Some of them are not worth a dime. I tried many products over the years and they did not work as they claimed. Which left me broker and disappointed.

But I kept looking because I knew there had to be away especially with the introduction to the internet. I knew there was a legit way to make money online.

Finally, I found an online training platform that teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing. Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Check out the video below for more information.


This online training platform called,  Wealthy Affiliate, teaches you, step- by- step, how to build a successful online business. This platform has everything you need to build and maintain a website. There is also a community of like-minded people ready to help you 24/7 with any questions you may have. Plus you have access to the owners as well because they are dedicated to seeing you succeed.

I would rather do this then cross my fingers and hope a piece of software has given the winning numbers.

I would rather gamble on my training, the work I put into, perseverance and time to make money in the long run.

What about you? What are your thoughts? Post it below.

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