Atomic Profits Review- Is it really Worth It or a Scam?

Welcome to my Atomic Profits review. I commend you on doing your due diligence to find out if Atomic Profits is worth your time and money or is it a scam to run away from. The internet is full of make money online systems and products. If you are new to making money online it is hard to know what’s legit and what’s not.

That is what the scammers are hoping for. Newbies are the people they are targeting with these money making systems. They tell them that it is so easy with their system to make money. And in a short amount of time and with no experience needed.

If you are naive to how making money on the internet works then you will fall for the hype.

Let’s see if  Atomic Profits is legit or not.

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atomic profits review


NAME: Atomic Profits

OWNERS: Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer

& James Sancimino

PRICE: $7.97



What is Atomic Profits?

Atomic Profits is supposed to be an online marketing software that was launched in October 2018. This system was created by Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer and James Sancimino to help people earn money online.

As I was viewing their sales page and listening to the income hype I kept wondering “What is this?'”  In the sales video, they say you can make over $6,000 following some simple steps.

In the sales page, they tell you everything you would want to hear to make it sound good. You don’t need any technical knowledge. No list needed. Make money with 24 to 48 hours. The Atomic Method could make you $6,000 to $8,0000 a month. Anyone can make money with this method.

But what is the method? I still don’t know from the sales video. But with further research, I found how Atomic Profits really works.

Atomic Profits is nothing more than a 25-page pdf. But on the sales video, it suggests there is video training. This is a red flag for me. It seems like they are not talking about the same product.

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Atomic Profits 25-page pdf training consists of 7 steps:

  • Step 1 – What are you good at? Is it making things? Or cooking? Or singing?
  • Step 2 – What are your “Bankable” Talents? Can you make money with your talent?
  • Step 3 – Finding an Atomic-ly PROFITABLE Niche- This shows you how to find the most profitable niches.
  • Step 4 – Finding the GOLD in the Hills
  • Step 5 – Don’t Underprice Yourself- Finding your worth is important. Don’t sell yourself short.
  • Step 6 – Quick Clients On Demand
  • Step 7 – Sell yourself like a pro even if you’re terrified & think it’s impossible. This is all about mindset. Even thou you may be scared you never let them see you sweat. As the saying goes “fake it til you make it”.

It appears to be training on how to freelance your talents for money. But what does it have to do with what is on the sales page? This appears to be so misleading.

Take a look at the screenshot below.


Setting up your first Atomic campaign. The closely guarded sources that help make $1,000’s. Looking over James’s shoulder via videos.

Choosing the right offers.  If you are trying to make money as a new freelancer does that mean you will be given so many offers you have to figure out which ones are the right ones choose? This doesn’t make any sense to me.

This is not the same product as described on the sales page.


  • Upsell #1 –Atomic Profits Fast Track $27- In this upsell the creator gives you the top 15 niches to go after and the quickest way to make money with them. This upgrade is not necessary but suggested.
  • Upsell #2 –Full Resale Rights to Atomic Profit– $37- With this upsell you get 100% full resale commission rights to Atomic Profits and two other proven products and funnels.
  • Upsell #3- Stealth $10k Ninja- $197- In the past, this training cost $297. This training will show you the exact steps you need to take to get you to make $10k a month. You also get access to Bill and Spencer who are experienced marketers.


It’s cheap. This is what makes people want to buy. But if you really think about it …How can a $7 product make you $1,000’s? It does not make sense.


  • Hyped up sales page. The sales page overly exaggerated the income that could be made with Atomic Profits. This product is full of nonsense.
  • No videos– The sales video is misleading as I stated above. It suggests there is video training and you will be able to look over Mike’s shoulder and follow step by step. Too bad this is not true because a lot of people want to see what they are supposed to do.
  • 25-page pdf– Maybe this information can have you thinking on the right track but it has no real substance and is information you can get from the internet free.
  • Where are the closely guarded sources they claimed in the sales page? There is nothing about it in the pdf.
  • Upsells– The main product is cheap but you are hit with upsells as I noted above.

Is Atomic Profits a Scam?

I would not call it a scam because you get something for the little money you pay. But I don’t like how you think you’re getting one thing and when you buy it its something else. So because of that, some people would call Atomic Profit a scam.

I think the creators of products like this should take a better look at what’s said on their sales page. Or maybe they just don’t care and it’s all about the money.

I suggest you save your money. You can learn about freelancing on the internet for free.

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