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Did you know there is money in your closet? Have you thought about the clothes you’re not wearing anymore? Take a look in your clothes and find those clothes you have not look at in years. You maybe surprised to find clothese with tags still on them.Let’s take  those forgotten clothes and turn it into extra cash. Don’t forget about the kids’ clothes. They out grow their clothes so quiclky. Get some of your money back, sell them.

Once you’ve found new homes for all your unwanted clothes you can visit the yard sales and thrift sales and do it all over again.


Here is a list of places to sell your clothes online.

Ebay- Almost everything is sold on Ebay. Ebay has very low commissions, they take approximately 10% of the selling price. Most of the time listings with free shipping sells faster. So keep that in mind with figuring the selling price.


Thredup is one of the  largest online clothing consignment store. It accepts a variety of items.

A “Clean Out” bag will be mailed to you. With is you’ll be able to ship your items for free. When TredUp receives your bag you’ll get paid up to 80% resale value. Items that don’t sell gets donated to charity.

A 10.99 return fee is charged if ThredUp decides not to purchase some of the items you send.


Material World

Material World offers instant payment. Material World with give you a quote for the items they accept.  Once you agree they pay you instantly. Whatever items they don’t accept can be returned to you for a free or donated to charity. It’s up to you.

3 ways to get payed

  • Paypal- commission is 15%
  • Shopping Credit
  • In-store credit



It’s easy and fast to sell on Mercai.  List your item in minutes. Mercari does not take a commission. It cost 10% of the selling fee to ship with Mercari. You don’t have to use Mecari shipping. All items shipped is required to have a tracking number. Once the buyer receives the item they rate the transaction you receive payment.



Poshmark takes a commission of $2.95 for sales under $15. For sales $15 and over Poshmark takes 20% and you keep 80%. When an item is sold the company provides a prepaid label for the package. After the order has been recieved by the buyer, then you get paid. Poshmark puts the money from the sale in the seller’s Poshmark account. Sellers can get their hands on their reward via direct deposit or by requesting a check.



ReFashioner- here is where you can sell designer ,vintage items. Behind every item sold there is a story about the seller. ReFashioner’s commission fee is 22%



Tradesy is good for selling designer clothing and bags.Their most popular brands are Gucci, Louis vuitton and Chanel. Tradesy’s commission is 19.8 percent for items sold for $50 and up. A flat rate commission of $7.50 is charged for items sold less than $50.

Your Own Website

After you have decluttered your closet and those of your family and friends, you may think selling clothes online is a good way to make money.  Along with the websites mentioned above, having your own website is the best way to sell online.

When you have a website about selling clothes you can not only sell your clothes but other companies’ clothes. There are many clothing companies that have what’s called an affiliate program. With your own clothing website you can become a clothing affiliate and promote those sites on your website and earn a commission.

When you choose to have an online clothing business its best to pick a certain category of clothes. You can’t sell everything. You have to narrow it down to a particular niche. With a certain niche you know exactly who your customers will be and where they hang out it. That’s where targeted promoting comes in at.

Learn what affiliate is marketing is…. watch the video below.

Here is a small list of Clothing Affiliate Programs








It’s not a complicated process but it is a doable step by step process. People are making money with their websites everyday. You can too. Get your free website and start your online clothing business today.  Yes,  you read it right.  You can get not just one but two websites free and all the help you need to build a profitable clothing business online.

Take a look at my #1 Recommendation. 

There you will get all the tools and help you need to make any online business a success.

Donate Clothes

It’s possible you will come across clothes that will not sell. That’s okay, it happens. If that’s the case donate the clothes. There are many charities that except used clothes. The Goodwill is one of them. Check your local papers, I’m sure you will find more, especially if you live in a large city. There are churches that would to receive donated goods. When you donate get a receipt. You will be able to receive a tax write off at the end of the year. Hey…. it’s money.

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