30 Minute Money Methods Review- Don’t believe the hype!

Welcome to my review of 30 Minute Money Methods. I want to congratulate you on taking the time to research this product. There are too many make money online scams on the internet. And you are probably wondering is this is one of them. Read this review to find out if it is worth your time and money.

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Name: 30 Minute Money Methods

Website: www.30minutemoneymethods.com

Creator: “Shelly West”
Years Online: Since October 2017

Price: $47 (downsells and upsells)


What is 30 Minute Money Methods?

30 Minute Money Methods is a membership website which claims to teach you how to make $500 in 30 minutes easily.

Shelly West is supposed to be the creator of 30 Minute Money Methods. In the sales video, she talks about how she went from being a broke, single mother of two, to making lots of money on the internet.

She states she does not have a college degree and she didn’t have any money to feed her children. She tried different ways to make money. One way was filling out survey forms which only lead to them being put in a prize drawing. She had no luck at winning.

Next, she tried to make money blogging. With blogging, Shelly found she was spending more than she was making.

Eventually, she found these secret websites for making extraordinary amounts of money online.

According to Shelly, you will earn at least $500 a day as long as you follow the 30 Minute Money Methods. There are a few things you need to start. You need an internet connection, a means to work online and a website.

Shelly recommends a website hosting service using her affiliate link. In order to have access to the members’ page, you have to purchase the hosting service. Bam, another way for Shelly to make money.

The way that she promotes it makes it seem that you will continually earn at least $500 a day as long as you follow the 30-minute money methods that are included in the package.

All that is needed is an internet connection, a means to work online from home and a website for which Shelly recommends a hosting service via an affiliate link. The offer is available on her website, which requires a purchase before access to the elite members’ page is granted.


 4 “Little-Known” Methods

In 30 Minute Money Methods, there are  4 PDFs on different ways to make money online. These are the ways Shelly used to make millions of dollars.

  • Method 1: Making Money From Online Voiceovers
  • Method 2: Making Money Online With Stock Photography
  • Method 3: Making Money By Playing Games Online
  • Method 4: Making Money By Freelancing Online
  • Bonus Method: Making  Money By Being the Middleman
  • Secret Method: Making Money by Managing Social Media

The PDF’s gives you an introduction to the different methods. It does not give you a step by step action plan. That means you would have to research each method on the internet to get more information on how to implement them.

Cost and Price Plans

At first, the training is offered for $100. This training is what help Shelly make $35,000 a week. Then they give you a 52% discount which makes the training available for $47. And if you happen to click away from the sales page before buying the price goes lower to $27.

There is an upsell to have an automated system. You will not have to do anything but what the money roll in. Yeah, right.

Hyped Up Income Claims

I suggest you stay away from money making programs that claim lots of money can be made with very little work and time. This is aimed at the newbies who are not familiar with how to make money online.

If it sounds too good to be true, most likely it’s not true.

Shelly story sounds good. Her story is probably like many other single mothers at one time or another. I think she tells that story hoping people can relate to the struggle. Because let’s face it, if we had all the money we needed we would not look for ways to make it online.

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Fake Actors

Along with the bogus income claims, I see actors in the sales video claiming to have made money with this system. This person says he makes $10,000 every week.

Yet with a little more research, I found this person on Fivver. Maybe he makes $10,000 a week as a paid actor. Check out his profile on Fivver. I don’t know about you but I find this very deceptive. The red flag goes up on this one. If the program was all that, why are there actors claiming to have made huge amounts of money with it?

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Is 30 Minute Methods A Scam?

I don’t want to call it a scam but the income claims are outrageous. The different methods outlined above can make you money. But like I said you will have to dig further for information on how to do it. And no matter what they will not make you boatload of money right off the bat.

This training is targeting the newbies who have no idea how making money online works. The best thing about this is a money back guarantee because it is a ClickBank product.

Alternative Way to Make Money

Before you purchase any money making program see if it can answer these questions.

  • Can I try before I buy?
  • Does it have a great support system?
  • Do I have access to the creator in case I need help?
  • Do I have to give my personal information before I get access?
  • Do I have to pay for upsells to make the program work as it should?
  • Is it making promises of very high income with little work?

These are the things to keep in mind when searching for make money program online.

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