Is the Residual Income Code a Scam?

Welcome to The Residual Income Code review. I am happy to see you are doing your homework. It is best to find out what a program is all about before you invest your hard earned money. There are so many systems/programs on the internet that claim you can make so much money in a short time. Let’s see if Residual Income Code is one of them.

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Program Name: The Residual Income Code


Price: Free + Upsells

Owner: Jon Moss

What is the Residual Income Code?

The Residual Income was created by Jon Moss. He says you can easily use this funnel system by copying and pasting your way to making anywhere from $27 to $567 a day.

This sales funnel requires you to purchase products. These are the same products other people would have to purchase that comes into the system through your affiliate link.

You would make commissions from those sales, just like the person you joined under would make a commission from what you purchased.

Initially, the system is free, but you have to purchase products to make it work. There are some tools you will need to have and other products that you don’t have to have but makes using the system easier.

Let’s see what’s entailed below:

  • Engagely- $27- This is one of Jon’s products. He gets a commission when you purchase. It has attention-grabbing headlines and snippets. This is a one time purchase which is required to continue using the sales funnel.
  • Online Sales Pro – $25-$37 Monthly- This is a must have that contains lead generation tools. It gives you the ability to create custom capture pages for what you want to promote.
  • Aweber – $19 monthly- Aweber is an email marketing service. It has a list management tool that sends out emails to your email list.
  • Easy 1 Up – $25- $2000- This is what you make big commissions with. You are required to purchase what is known as a “high ticket” product. So when someone else purchases under you, you will get a fat commission. High ticket programs are not safe and could be shut down by the FTC.
  • Clickmagick- You are able to track all your marketing efforts with this online marketing platform. The cost is $97 monthly.
  • Udimi- It is a marketplace for solo ad sellers and buyers. It is free to sign up. You can also earn commissions with Udimi.


  • Affiliate marketing is a business model.


  • Cost is misleading.
  • Paid Traffic
  • High Ticket Programs.
  • Inadequate training- The training is approximately 25 minutes long. It has 6 videos in the members’ area.

News Flash

The creator, Jon Moss, has shut down the Residual Income Code due to technical issues he said. However, anyone who has purchased the third party products above can transfer them over to the new system he is promoting which is called Funnel XROI. Funnel XROI is a system created by David Dekel. Jon claims this system is better than his was.


I just want to say that I would not recommend this type of program. You have to buy into programs/systems in order to promote to others and when they buy into them under you, you earn commissions.  Or should I say if they buy.

And everybody is promoting the same system. How long do you think it would last if everyone is promoting the same thing?

These types of programs expect you to buy solo ads. Solo ads can be expensive.

A Better Way

Many people make money with affiliate marketing online. But there is a right way and a wrong way of doing it. There are no push-button systems that can help you make money online. There are no “done for you systems” that can make you a mint online.

Making money online takes the right training, work and time. I am so sick of these make money online systems that claim you can make a boatload of money in a couple of days, with a few clicks of the mouse.

When they make these claims they are targeting the newbies. People who have no idea of how making money online works. This is why I do these reviews. I want to educate my readers.

You should not have to be forced to buy things you don’t want in order to make that system work.

You should be able to promote what you want to promote. There are so many low-quality programs/systems on the internet. If you can not choose what you want to promote you could be promoting something inferior. That means people will want their money back. And you will not be able to gain people’s trust.

Promoting high ticket programs is very risky.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to make money with affiliate marketing.

Paying for traffic is expensive. You will always be spending money to make money.

Learn How to build your own online business.

Once you learn how to build your business online the sky is the limit. There are so many ways to make money online and it starts with a website.

There is an online training platform that is free to try. It teaches you step by step how to build an online business of your choice. There are no upsells involved. What you see is what you get. It is not a get rich quick type of thing. They do not give you hyped up income claims.

They have a realistic approach on how to make money online. This online platform has a community of like-minded people to help you through your journey.

Check out my #1 recommendation I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

What are your thoughts? Please post them below.

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What is Ez Bay Payday?

Welcome to my EZ Bay Payday review. There are many reviews online that claim EZ Bay Payday is the way to go with making money online. Most of those are affiliates marketing this product to make a commission. So of course they are not going to tell you the real deal with EZ Bay Payday.

Congratulations on doing your homework before spending your hard earned money. There are so many make money online programs/systems on the net. It is hard to know what is legit and what is not. That’s why I write these reviews.

If you are sick and tired of the B.S. make money online systems check out my

#1 recommendation.



Name: EZ Bay Payday

Website URL:

Owner: “Steve Richards”

Launched in: September 2018

Price: $37 + upsells

What is EZ Bay Payday?

EZ Bay Payday came on the scene in 2018 through Clickbank. It is a make money online product which claims to help you make loads of money with Ebay.

Ebay used to be the way many people made money doing retail arbitrage. Ebay is not the top dog it used to be. More people are turning to to make money online.

It claims on the sales page that you can make up to $2,000 or more a day. It takes 5 minutes and 3 clicks to get started.

Wow… that’s all? It’s amazing, isn’t it? Ok, now I have a bridge to sell you.

There was a time when ClickBank had nothing but quality products on their site. I don’t know who dropped the ball on that. Now I see more low-quality products the good ones.

How does EZ Bay Payday work?

All it takes are 3 easy steps:

  • Login
  • Choose a niche.
  • Connect your EZ Bay PayDay cash magnet.

Surprise!! You are making money on autopilot. If you want to stop making money.. turn it off. Who would do that? If it actually worked.

Ebay is an e-commerce platform. People sell products to make money. Where do you get the products from? The sales page does not tell you that part. They say, “choose a niche.”  Do they mean any niche? Or is it a particular category you have to choose from?

Are the products good quality? Or are they something people would want a refund for?

You see these are the questions that do not have answers before you buy. I like to see what I am getting before I give my hard earned money.

Is EZ Bay Payday a Scam?

I don’t like to call anything a scam if I can help it. But, EZ Bay Payday borderlines on being a scam. There are some red flags that make me say that. But because it is a ClickBank product you do have a 60-day money back guarantee.

On the sales page, they use the scarcity tactic to get you to buy.  At the top of the sales page, it reads, “Only a few copies remain”. “Secure your copy now”. That’s a laugh. This product is listed on Clickbank. They want to sell as much as they can. They just want you to think you may lose out if you don’t buy now. There is a timer next to it. Counting down the minutes.

When I tried to click away from the sales page the price went to $17. Wow! I unlocked a huge 30% discount. If the product is all that why do down on the price when I try to get away?

And don’t get me started with the testimonies on the sales page. I don’t know why these creators keep paying actors to lie about how much money they made with their system.

I have done many reviews and I see these people often. They give testimonies of how much money they made, in a short amount of time. When I see them I laugh. The money they make is not with the various systems, it comes from being hired from

On the sales video “Tamara Stone” claims she made $518.22 in one day. “Mike Long” claims he made $511.62 in one day. And  “Tony Willis” claims he made $565.47 yesterday.

Yeah, right! They really expect people to believe such hyped up claims.

Take a look at the images below. These same people are promoting other make money products. So which is it? Are they making money with Explode My Payday, Million Dollar Replicator or EZ Bay Payday? Are they confused or am I?

But as I mentioned earlier these people a blatantly lying about how much money they make using these products. They make their money from selling their services. Like this one for example.

This guy is really working hard these days. I see him a lot as I do these types of reviews.

The income claim for using this product is outrageous. There is no system/program that just takes a few minutes and a few clicks to make you hundreds of dollars a day in a short time. Products like these are targeted for people who don’t know how making money online works. They speak to the people that think there is a quick, cheap way to do it.

Making money online the right way takes time and work.

There are ‘secret formulas’ or ‘ made-for-you websites’ or automated systems that will make you a lot of money in a matter of days. Trust me on that.


I suggest you run fast away from EZ Bay Pay Day. Keep your money in your pockets. If you still want to learn how to make money online check out the learning platform that taught me.

It is an online training platform that teaches you how to make money online. There are so many ways to do it and this training covers them all. It is free join. You will have the ability to see all they have to offer.  I love programs/products that show you what you get before you buy. Everything is an open book.

Tell me what’s on your mind. Feel free to post below.

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What is Profit365 about?

Welcome to my review of Profit 365. Every day people are searching on the internet for ways to make money online. And almost every day there is a new system/product that has been created to help people make loads of money on the internet. So the owners of these systems claim. And the majority of them sucker you out of money and give you nothing of value.

It is so hard to know what is legit and what is not. That is why I applaud you for doing your research to find out what Profit365 is all about and is it worth the money.

Hold up… If you want to learn how to make money online the right way check out my #1 recommendation.



Name: Profit 365

Owner: Jamie Lewis and Sean Jose

Launched in: February 2019

Price: $34 + upsells

Whose behind Profit 365?

Profit 365 is another product by a well-known internet marketer named Jamie Lewis. Jamie has created many other making money online systems such as Profit Injector and Auto Chat Profits which I have reviewed also. Profit365 came on the internet marketing scene on February 9, 2019, and is a ClickBank product.

At the beginning of the sales video, Jamie is going around to random people and showing them the money he made with ClickBank. Now I don’t know if these are really random people or it’s all staged. But anyway he talks about how anyone can make money as he does. He claims it is so easy $2,800 a day if you follow his training.

Jamie launching product after product on Clickbank. How do we know if the money he makes is a result of using Profit365? Or is it an accumulation of all the affiliate sales that promote his various ClickBank systems?
Only Jamie really knows.

What is Profit 365?

Profit 365 is a product that shows you how to make money as an affiliate with Click Bank products. The training consists of videos about getting sales through email swipes and solo ads. The videos are outdated. They are over 3 years old.

Jamie has included emails he used in the past. He suggests you copy these emails to send to people through solo ads you have to pay for. Solo ads are not cheap. They recommend that you buy solo ads from them.

The email swipes Jamie gives you have no value to the customer. It’s all about buying something. Each email swipe is basically the same thing which can be considered as spam.

 Profit365 Upsells

It is sad but true. Most Clickbank products have upsells. Why can’t I get successful results without buying upsells? I can answer that. Because upsells make the creator and affiliates that promote it more money.


Upsell 1: Adwords Campaigns – $94

You get access to Jamie’s pay per click marketing campaign templates.

Upsell 2: Weekly Profit 365 Reinforcement Classes – $174

This upsell has an ‘all-access pass’ to Jamie Lewis’ weekly teaching webinars so you can get ongoing training. This is where you can ask questions live and meet special guests Jamie invites.

Upsell 3: Profit 365 Business in a Box – $194

This is a 2GB zip file of Jamie’s done-for-you website templates and video database.


  • Affiliate marketing is a viable business model.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • Hidden upsells.
  • Outdated video training.
  • No step by step training.


Jamie has created some successful products in the past and some not so. I would not recommend Profit 365, especially to a beginner internet marketer. Noone with experience would buy this training.

Profit 365 has no over the shoulder, step by step training. They tell you to buy solo ads from them. I am wondering if Jamie is an affiliate of a solo ad vendor. That is another way he can make money off of you.

In the video, the woman talks about how she used to promote Mobe and Empower network. Neither one of these is in business today. That goes to show you how old these videos are.

The training does not show you to create a website or landing pages. The training Profit 365 is really of no value in itself. Now maybe you get further training if you purchase the upsell. And this is what Jamie is counting on.

Is Profit 365 a Scam?

I would not call it a scam. It is a ClickBank product and so it comes with a money back guarantee. Even thou you may have to make several requests for a refund before you get it.

Profit 365 does offer some training for the initial $34. But it’s not enough training, in my opinion. I think Profit 365 is a mixture of other make money systems Jamie has created. That is one of the reasons it has videos dated back to 2016.

A Better Way

People make money with affiliate marketing every day. There is a right and wrong way of doing. I have learned the right way through an online training platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

I was taught that the way you make money online is through giving value to your readers. Help them solve a problem. Answer their questions. They need to be able to trust you. After they trust you then you can offer them suggestions using your affiliate links.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. Those types of things won’t give you a long-lasting online business. There is no push button system or made for you websites that can help you make loads of money in a small amount of time on the internet.

It just does not work that way. If that is what you are hoping for you will surely be disappointed.

I like a program that will show you what you will get before you buy. That way you have no surprises and you don’t have to worry about being hit with upsells.

What you see is what you get!

What’s on your mind? Any comments or questions? Please post them below.

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What is Instacash Keywords About?

Welcome to my Instacash Keywords review. Find out what Instacash Keywords is about and if it is something you should invest your money and time into. There are so many systems/programs on the internet that claims can help you make money. It is so hard to know what is legit and what’s a load of bull.

Let’s see if Instacash Keywords can help you get instant cash.

But wait……. If you truly want to learn how to make money online check out my

#1 recommendation.



Company Name: InstaCash Keywords

Owner: Travis Sago; Ben Cawiezell

Price to Join: $4.95 (7-day trial); $47 per month

What is Instacash Keywords?

InstaCash Keywords is a service that delivers targeted keywords for specific niches. It is a service developed by
Travis Sago and Ben Cawiezell. Travis is a well-known internet marketer. He refers to this program as The Ultimate Money Getting Short’  which costs $4.95 for a 7-day trial. Then after that, it’s $27 monthly.

Every week you get a list of targeted keywords for various niches. The list contains varies in amount every week. But on average, it is about 20 keywords weekly.

These are keywords for niches you may not have thought of yourself and are highly profitable. They are low competition keywords for a hungry buying market. These keywords can get you in front of that hungry market fast. You will also receive articles that can be rewritten for those niches.

The list consists of long tail keywords that you can create content for and rank in the search engines. The higher your website is ranked in the search engines the more traffic you get. Traffic equals sales.

Travis also includes information about the targeted audiences in each list. Each weekly email is titled “ICKY”.  That means the keyword list are sticky and profitable.

In the video below Travis how he finds low competition keywords. Check it out.

InstaCash Keywords Training 

InstaCash Keywords has useful training in their blog.

Such as:

  • How To Write A Press Release And Generate Floods Of Traffic To Your Site
  • 3 SEO Tips That Are Critical For Your Website’s Survival
  • How To Get Targeted Free Traffic From Youtube
  • How To Increase Your Energy Levels And Productivity
  • Fail-Proof Formula For Increasing Your Affiliate Sales
  • 7 Habits Of Successful Affiliate Marketers Worth Copying
  • How To Write For The Internet – 4 Critical Mistakes To Avoid

Who is Insta Cash Keywords for?

Instacash Cash Keywords for people who desire to make money online by creating content using keywords. That includes bloggers, copywriters and content writers that utilize SEO.
It is also for people who have problems finding keywords with low competition. Some people do not like to do keyword research or maybe don’t have the time. This may be a great alternative. And also if you pay someone else to write content.

How Much Money Can You Make?

That is hard to call because of various reasons. The keywords you are given have low competition and this will help you rank in the search engines. That’s great but not enough. You need to have a website and create valuable content to post to that website. The content needs to be helpful to your readers and cause your readers to take action. Such as:

  • buy a product
  • sign up to your mailing list.

You make money when the reader takes action. So unless you have some experience with internet marketing you may have trouble utilizing this service.

So, the bottom line is, you can make money with this system but I can’t be specific as to how much money you can make. It depends on how much you further education yourself on internet marketing, SEO, and content writing.




  • Travis Sago is very reputable in the online marketing world
  • You get very specific keywords
  • 5 articles for each niche
  • Inexpensive to try – $4.95 for one week


  • Information may not be up to date.
  • So many keywords for different niches can be overwhelming.


Instacash Keywords is not a scam. It is a legit source of various niche keywords on a weekly basis for a fee. But there are things I have a problem with. For instance, you will receive so many keywords. Weekly, it adds up. What are you going to do with so many keywords for so many different niches?  It could be a bit overwhelming. You will not be able to use every keyword.

You decide on a niche it should be something you have a passion for. This niche is something you will write a lot about to build authority for your website. That’s why you should start with one niche when you create an online business.  For example, my niche is about making money from home. Which also includes making money online.

So if that’s the case there is no need to spend money monthly for a list of various niches. That would be a waste of money.

Plus it’s not hard to find low competition keywords yourself. You can use Google Trends as one way to find them.

Complete Training

If you want to learn how to build an online money making business. Check out the online training platform I learned from. It covers all the topics Instacash Keywords training does in dept plus more. It teaches everything you need to know to be a successful online marketer, all in one place. No need to search around the internet for information here and there.

They even have a keyword research tool that lets you know how competitive it is and how much traffic you would get if you are ranked on the first page of the search engine.

You also get access to like-minded people that want the same thing you want. Both experienced and inexperienced. All ready and willing to help you. You will even have access to the creators of this wonderful online platform. Free to try.

I want to know what’s on your mind. Post your thoughts below.

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What is Freedom Shortcut About? Is it truly a shortcut to finanicial freedom?

Welcome to my review of the Freedom Shortcut. I applaud you for doing your homework to see if this is something that can help you make money or something that is out to take your money. There are so many programs/products that claim you can make so much money online with them. It is hard to tell what is legit and what is not. Especially if you are new to how making money online works.

Let’s see what Freedom Shortcut is all about and if it lives up to its name.

Wait.. if you are sick of scams and want to learn how to make money online the right way check out my #1 recommendation.


Product: The Freedom Shortcut


Price: $49 + Thousands in Up-sells

What is Freedom Shortcut About?

The Freedom Shortcut is a program that claims to have a shortcut to making $1,000’s online.

On the Freedom Shortcut sales page, there was this guy named Jordan who was not making ends meets as a salesman. He learned how to make money online from a guy named Jeff Lerner. Jeff has many online money making products.

Jeff invited Jordan to his home and showed him the ‘shortcuts’ he used to make large amounts of money online with his program. The sales video does not go into what the program is actually about. When you go to order you will see that Freedom Shortcut is actually a funnel for another program called 6 Steps to Freedom,  which is one of Jeff’s programs.

On the sales page, they claim the company was featured by the Newsweek, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. I have seen other people claim the same thing about their products/programs. It’s a tactic to make you think if these ‘well known’ companies featured it then it must be good. Don’t believe the hype!

6 Steps to Freedom was created by Jeff Lerner which is training on affiliate marketing. Jordan is an affiliate of this program in which he receives a commission when someone buys it. The program teaches you how to promote 6 Steps to Freedom to others.

Very Expensive

In the sales video, it says they are nothing talking about making small sums of money using this system. They claim the average commission is anywhere for $1,000-$3,000 when someone buys it.

You will learn how to promote this system which can cost thousands but in order to earn commissions from it you have to purchase it yourself. The is called “pay to play”. It costs $49 initially but the upsells are expensive. This is how the people that claim they are successful is making $1,000’s. If you really believe the people in the sales video.

Check out My #1 Recommendation for making money online.


I don’t know about you but I have a problem with being misled. It’s sort of like ‘bait and switch’. You think you are looking into one business, Freedom Shortcut, and it turns out to be another, 6 Steps to Freedom.

And they have the nerve to call it a ‘Shortcut’. There are no shortcuts to making money online.

In order to make the amount of money they claim you can make you have to shell out that amount of money. Unless you bought it you can not promote it and make commissions. This is called a ‘licensing’ or ‘reselling’ fee.

This is how it works- Let’s say you purchased a system that costs $200 and you begin to promote it. If someone buys it through your affiliate link you get a commission. But let’s take it a little further. Now that person has bought the system for $200 and later on that person buys an upsell for $10,000. You will not get a commission from that upsell because you did not purchase that $10,000 upsell for yourself.

There are various programs to choose from costing from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands. You decide based on the commissions you want to make and what you can afford to spend.

Finding people to buy into this system will not be easy. You will have to spend money on advertising to get people to the sales page. Without traffic, you will never get sales. So, therefore, you will need a large amount of traffic to get a percentage of people to buy. It’s all a numbers game.

Is Freedom Shortcut a Scam?

I am not going to call it a scam but I believe it’s a business model you should run from.

I don’t recommend this program. You might get some valuable information for the $49 but it’s a stepping stone to high ticket upsells. I don’t like the high priced upsells. And suppose you invest thousands of dollars into this program and it gets shut down? It can happen because the creators of this program main purpose is to sell high ticket upsells.

They remind me of the companies called MOBE and Digital Altitude which has been shut down by the FTC. The FTC does not like this type of business model.

You would not want to invest your money into something like this and never know when it will be shut down.

A Better Way

If you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing there is a much more economical way of doing it. Plus with affiliate marketing, you can pick what products you want to promote in whatever niche you want.

People build successful businesses by learning the right skills and putting those skills into action. Work, patience, consistency, all play a part of it. No automated, done for you system or “shortcut” is going to do it for you.

Affiliate marketing is what I do to make money online and it does not take a boatload of money to learn and implement.

I learned through an online training platform called Wealthy Affiliate which is free to join. Yes, it is free so you look around, sort of “test the waters” as they say. See if it is right for you. Not many training platforms are so transparent.

What are your thoughts? I want to know. Post your questions/comments below.

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Is My Ecom Club a Scam? Don’t Be Deceived!

Welcome to my review of My Ecom Club. I am so glad you are taking the time to do your homework. There are so many make money online programs these days it is hard to know what is legit and what is not. You work hard for your money and you don’t want to throw it away on any no good products/program. Let’s see if My Ecom Club is worth the money.

But wait…if you want to learn how to make money online the right way check out my #1 recommendation.

Program Name: My Ecom Club


Price: $37, $37/month, $97, Plus $1,000’s

Owner: Rocky Lin

What is My Ecom Club?

My Ecom Club is a program that teaches you how to make money online with dropshipping. Dropshipping is a good business model to make money with. You don’t need to have your own product or store any inventory. With drop shipping, you are acting as the middleman. You would put other companies products on your website and send traffic to it. When someone purchases an item they pay you and you, in turn, pay the supplier. The supplier then ships the item to the customer. You earn the difference between what you paid the supplier and what the customer actually paid for the item.

For example, You list a product that costs $15 and the suppliers’ cost is $10. When the customer pays $15 you sent $10 to the supplier. You earned $5.

My Ecom Club Memberships

You have to complete a form with your name, email and phone number to join My Ecom Club.

The membership area includes 6 free video trainings:

  • Overview of the concept of Dropshipping
  • How to select your niche & products
  • The right mindsets you need to have
  • How to find the best supplier using AliExpress
  • Setting up your Shopify store with Oberlo
  • Optimizing your store and getting traffic

These videos are over four hours long altogether. That’s a good amount of free, valuable information. The training gives you the basic of dropshipping with AliExpress and Shopify.

Your Shopify store merges with AliExpress. So when a customer buys, your AliExpress supplier ships the product to the customer for you…

If you have ever thought about making money with drop shipping this is some basic information to start with but this information is not enough to make a successful e-commerce business.

Check out this video about dropshipping and Shopify




  • Add A Coach – $37– After you have signed up for the free account you will see a sales video suggesting you get a personal couch and how important it is to have one for guidance.
  • Done-for-you Ecom Store – $1,997- The is the meat of the whole program. You are finished with the free video training there is a seventh video called “Strategy Session.”  In Strategy Session you are introduced this $1997 upsell.

The done for you Ecom store includes:

  • 2 Shopify stores set up for you
  • 100 top selling products in the niche of your choice added to your store
  • The written descriptions for these 100 products
  • A done for you theme and logo
  • training on how to generate traffic

What is not included in this is support. You have to pay $97 a month for that.

You can sign up to My Ecom Club for free after giving your information. And yes, you do get some value from the free training but as you can see you will be hit with a high ticket product.

More Upsells?

  • Instant E-commerce Website Template -$37
  • Inner Circle Membership -$37/month
  • Gold Membership -$97

Who’s Behind My Ecom Club?

There seem to be several people involved with this program.

  • Rocky Lin- Owner
  • Teo Vee- in training videos
  • Jordan- coach
  • Austin Daniel – Director of Operations
  • Glen Cheramie and Ash Ali- Ecom Freedom Call hosts


  • Basic training- The training is very good for beginners.
  • Viable business model- There is money to be made in dropshipping.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Hidden costs – It costs to have a Shopify and to pay for traffic.

Is My Ecom Club a Scam?

I would not call My Ecom Club a scam because you do get some training about dropshipping. I have a problem with all the upsells to get your money. And these upsells are not talked about in the sales video in the beginning. They wait as long as possible to spring $1997 on you and still act like they are doing you a favor by giving you a $500 credit.

Plus I found that some people are having a hard time getting a refund. Check out the complaints here.

People make money with drop shipping every day but this program is for a newbie. And if you don’t have $1997 to invest you will not get it. You will be missing information because the free training is not enough. It is just to get your toes slightly wet.

With a big ticket upsell like this the only person benefiting from it is the seller/affiliate of the program. I would not recommend you shell out that type of money. It is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to get started in this business model.

It can be done for a lot less money and with a lot more training also.

Why Spend So Much?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to own a successful online business. There is a business model that is much easier. Have you heard about affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is the business model I use to make money online. You don’t have to worry about shipping or inventory. No customer service issues to deal with. All for a very low cost to get started. In fact, it is actually free to get started.

Check out my #1 Recommendation for making money online with affiliate marketing.

So what’s on your mind? Have you had any experience with My Ecom Club good or bad? I would love to hear from you. Post your comments below.

Easy Cash Club Review- Can you make $379 a day or not?

Welcome to my Easy Cash Club review.  I applaud you for doing your research before you hand over your hard earned cash. There are so many make money online products these days. It is hard to figure out what is a scam and what is legit. Most of them claim you can make money fast and easy online, with little to no work involved.

The creators of most of these systems are hoping you are a newbie to how making money online really works.

Let’s see if Eash Cash Club lives up to its name or is another product you should run away from.

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Name: Easy Cash Club

Website URL:

Owner: “Steve Johnson”

Launched in: January 2019

Price: $37 + upsells

What is Easy Cash Club?

When I first started viewing the sales page it quickly reminded me of the other products I reviewed. Right at the top of the page, it says “$379 Per Day With No Work!” That is a bold claim and doesn’t seem realistic to me. As I was watching the video all I heard was how “Steve” was bragging about his software. He claims all you have to do is work 30 minutes a day and the software does everything else. He talks about how much money he makes with this software and states you can do it too.

Easy Cash Club is Steve Johnson’s revolutionary software. This software can transform text content into a video that will make you money after you upload it to Utube. He claims you don’t need to have any technical skills or experience in online marketing to make money with this software.

The software uses Artificial Intelligence that creates videos using a human-sounding voice. It will take audio or text file and create a video ready for Utube with pictures and narration included. After you select the text and images on the video you upload it to Utube. You can get a Utube account free. All of this sounds good but I think there are pitfalls to this automated software.



  • Outrageous income claims
  • Upsells
  • Fake testimonies
  • Utube is not that easy to make money with.

Massive Audience

People make money on Utube with affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. But in order to do that they have to have a massive amount of views. And this does not happen overnight. It is not instant money making thing as the sales video is trying to get you to believe using this software.

People who make money with Utube creates videos several times a week and have been marketing on Utube for quite some time. People have grown to trust them and look forward to what they have to say. They have entertaining personalities, not like a video generated software and they build a following.

As a beginner, you will not have a large Utube audience and this software will not get it for you. If I hear a robotic voice on a video I leave. I want a real person to connect with and think most people do also.

Not Newbie Friendly

Steve claims on the sales video that you don’t need any technical skills. He says it is easy to use the software to create videos and you can promote products with your affiliate links in the video description.

Now before you create the video you will have to know what it is you will be promoting. You will have to do research and find products and sign up to be an affiliate of that product. All this takes time.

Who is “Steve Johnson”?

I like to know who is behind a product and what is their experience and expertise in that particular field. I can’t find anything about this so-called owner “Steve Johnson”. I don’t see where Steve has any connection with Easy Cash Club after doing my research.

Which tell me its a fake name. So why is the creator hiding his identity?

Maybe it’s because he is making money with other systems that duke people out of there money with outrages income claims. I don’t know. But what I do know is… I want to give my money over to someone who is trustworthy and transparent.

This is a huge red flag for me.

During my research, I found that the images of people saying they make money with this software are fake. The images are stock images. This is a tactic used by some of the make money online products/systems.

I found this out doing research for other products. Such as:

Is Easy Cash Club a Scam?

I would not call it a scam. You will get software that helps you create videos but the income claims are outrageous. There is not you are going to make a lot of money in a short amount of time.

It just does not work that way whether you have an automated system or not. Because it is a ClickBank product there is a money back guarantee. Anything is possible. With that said, I guess it is possible to make money with Easy Cash Club’s software But I don’t believe you will make the money Easy Cash Club says you will.

My Recommendation

If you are willing to take time to learn how to make money online I suggest you take a look at my #1 recommendation.

This is the best online training platform to learn how to build an online business from the ground up and be successful.

Mind you… it is not a get rich quick scheme. It is not a push-button automated system either. It is an online training platform, which is free to try, that teaches you how to successfully make money online.

I would love you know what you’re thinking. If you have any comments or questions post it below.

Let’s Make Money Online.



Is Ecom Cash Crusher a Scam or Not?

Welcome to my Ecom Cash Crusher review. I congratulate you on doing your homework to find out if Ecom Crusher is a scam or not. There are so many make money online products. Few are legit. Most are not. It is hard for a newbie to tell which is which. This where I come in. Let’s see if you can make up $2000 a day with this product. Or is it something you should run away from.

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Name: Ecom Cash Crusher

Launch date: January 2019

Price: $37 plus upsells

Owner: David Anderson

What is Ecom Cash Crusher?

I received an email the other day about Ecom Cash Crusher and I wanted to review it. I see it promoted all over the internet by affiliate marketers and of course, they have nothing but good things to say about. So I did my own research to see if Ecom Cash Crusher is any good.

I look at the sales page. There was no surprise there. It reminded me of other make money online products I have reviewed.

First of all, they claim you can make up to $2K a day from the very beginning. This is a system that will change your life. At least that is what the spokesperson says on the sales video.

This is a revolutionary system. You do not need any special qualifications or skill set to earn thousands a month. And the system just takes 20 minutes to get up and running. Well, this is what they claim on the sales page.

How does Ecom Cash Crusher Work?

Ecom Cash Crusher trains you on how to make money using drop shipping as a business model and Shopify through a set of 20 training videos.

Drop shipping is where you would sell other companies’ products and make a profit from the sale.

After you make the sale you, in turn, give the order to the company. The company is responsible for shipping, customer service, etc. Usually, the product is shipped under your business name. So the customer does not know the product came from another business. What you earn is the difference between what the customer paid and what you pay the supplier.

The videos show you how to pick a niche and a domain name. It is better to pick a certain category of products than to sell a variety of them.

Ecom Cash Crusher also has courses about marketing through social media.

Fake Testimonies

Drop shipping is a viable business model. People make money drop shipping every day. But it is not likely to make the kind of money with this product as they claim. Especially in a short amount of time. It’s not practical with dropshipping.

As with other products I have reviewed, Ecom Cash Crusher has resorted to hiring actors to make false claims about their incomes using this product.

The guy below claims he started using the system two months ago and has made $100K in profits. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. If you look below you will see the same guy promoting another product.

He is not a real user of the product. He is just someone that was hired from a website called to tell this falsehood. How can you trust people that make such outrageous claims?

I have seen this guy in several other sales videos. He is making money alright but not with the products he claims to use.

Take a look at the images below. This woman said she makes a boatload of money using what she learned from Ecom Cash Crusher. You can see where her income comes from. She is also an actress selling her services on

I don’t understand how people can make false statements for money. But they do it every day.


I have reviewed many products and I put Ecom Cash Crusher is the same category as:

EB Formula

Explode My Payday

AZ Sniper 

Income League

These products all claim you can make $1000’s with very little time invested. They are hoping you are not familiar on how making money online works. So they make this hyped up claims to get you to buy the products.


  • Dropshipping is a viable business model
  • Money back guarantee


  • Fake users
  • Fake income claims
  • Upsells
  • Drop shipping will be a thing of the past. More people are shopping with Ebay and Amazon.

Is Ecom Cash Crusher a Scam?

As I said earlier the training is via video. You will get some information for your money. For that reason, I will not call it a scam. You can get the same information and more from Utube and don’t have to pay for it. But if you don’t have time to do the research on Utube then I would suggest you purchase Econ Cash Crusher. At least you will have the information you need from one source.

Some people would call Ecom Cash Crusher a scam because of the fake testimonials and income claims.


If you think you will be able to start a dropshipping business for just $37 you are sadly mistaken. There is a lot involved before you can begin to see a profit. You need to get a Shopify website, which costs $29 monthly. You have to find drop shipping suppliers in your chosen niche.

You also need an autoresponder. “The money is in the list”. This what all experienced marketers know. So you need to purchase an autoresponder like Aweber. You can try Aweber for 30 days free. For up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails, you pay $19 monthly. The more subscribers you have the more money you pay.

The next expense is traffic. If you don’t get traffic you won’t make any money. Paid advertising is very expensive especially if you don’t have any experience.

Plus Ecom Cash Crusher states in the sales video that is possible to make $2000 a day utilizing what’s in the training and Shopify. Here is my question. Is that $2000 in profits daily? Or is it $2000 in sales? You know there is a difference, right?

I make money online doing affiliate marketing. I think it’s a more stable business model. If you want to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing check out my

#1 recommendation. It’s free.

What’s on your mind? If you have any comments/questions please post it below.

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