Is 50 Cent Freedom A Scam or Really a Way to Financial Freedom?

Welcome to my 50 Cent Freedom reveiw. I am so glad to see you are doing your research to see if this program is legit. There are so many programs online who are targeting people who want to make money online. A lot of websites scam you out of money or your personal information and some do not.

Let’s see if this program is for you.


PRODUCT NAME: 50 Cent Freedom

OWNER NAME: Sheri Vine



Who is 50 Cent Freedom for?

The program is targeting people who think they can make a lot of cash by doing very little. It’s for people who believe it is possible to take pocket change and turn it into thousands of dollars.

If you are new to making money online I suggest you keep reading this review. There are many scam sites out there looking for people who want to make money online.

What is 50 Cent Freedom?

50 Cent Freedom doesn’t have any information on their website about who owns it. I further investigated and found the website domain was registered on July 10, 2017, and is owned by Sheri Vine with an address located in Thailand.

The email address used to register 50 Cent Freedom’s website uses the domain name Horizon Homestay.

Horizon Homestay rents apartments in Malacca City, Malaysia.

Horizon Homestay website has a Facebook link which takes you the Facebook profile of John Williams.

Williams says he is from the UK but is now living in Malacca City.

50 Cent Freedom is a multi-level marketing system that claims you can take $0.50 and turn it into a monthly income of $5152.00. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

50 Cent Freedom is an advertising program. You are able to promote 10 different products or business opportunities using just one link for all of them which they call a “10 site rotator”. When you promote the link people are able to view all your products/opportunities in rotation.

How Does It Work?

When you sign up you pay 50 cents, which they call “gifting.” You gift 50 cents which are paid monthly. In order to start making money, you have to refer two people. Those two people would be in your downline and they also gift 50 cents each month. They, in turn, refer people into the program and they each gift 50 cents monthly and so on.

The program has four levels. You start at the bottom level. As you move up in levels you earn more money. Each level you move into you pay a certain amount. As you can see in the payment plan below.

When you buy into 50 Cent Freedom you’ll be put into a 3×4 matrix. The compensation plan has four level. On each level, a person has three people beneath them. Each matrix has a different buy-in amount.

When you sign up you will be placed on level 1 of the matrix with 3 positions below you. When you refer 3 more people into the program the total earnings on level one will be $1.50.

The 50 Cent Freedom program automatically then moves you into the next level of the Matrix which has a buy-in amount of $1, the matrix has nine people positioned below you and pays out $9.

This goes on and on until you have reached the payout amount.

There is a discrepancy here. On the 50 Cent Freedom website, as you can see above, they say you have to refer two people to start earning. In the payment plan below they show you how much you make when you refer 3 people into your downline.

50 Cent Freedom matrix

I did the math. In order to make $5152, you and your downline would have to refer 10,304 people. That is a lot of people you and your whole downline would have to promote to and refer.

All 50 Cents Freedom is about is recruiting.

  • level 1 – gift 50 cents and receive 50 cents from three subsequently recruited affiliates ($1.50)
  • level 2 – gift $1.50 and receive $1.50 from nine affiliates ($13.50)
  • level 3 – gift $5.40 and receive $5.40 from twenty-seven affiliates ($145.80)
  • level 4 – gift $100 and receive $100 from eighty-one affiliates ($8100)

There is a total of four levels with 81 positions in all. You have to pay a gift in order for you to go to the next level and earn more money from your downline. That gift is deducted from your earnings.

10 Site Rotator

For your 50 cents, you are given a 10 site rotator to promote your products and business opportunities. That may sound great but most newbies don’t have anything to promote. The only thing they can promote is 50 cents Freedom.

People who have been making money online know that it is not an effective way to market your business. It is not very likely that people will purchase what you’re promoting with the link. Maybe a few will buy if your links are pertaining to making money online.

This program is so much like a pyramid scheme. The only people who make money in pyramid schemes are the people on top until the pyramid comes crumbling down.



  • This program is all about cash gifting which is illegal.
  • You have to consistently promote your link and hope your downline is doing the same. That means posting your link on social media, emails which is considered spamming
  • There are no refunds
  • The company is not selling or marketing any retail products/services to the customers. It’s all about recruiting.



There are people online promoting this program with good reviews in hopes that you believe the hype and join.

I suggest you stay away from this program. Some people would be willing to try it. It’s only “50 cents” to start.

You will be wasting your time and hard earned money. The only people getting the kind of money they claim you can make is the people on top of this pyramid scheme and that is Sheri Vine and John Williams. 

I hope this review was helpful. If you feel you still want to join this program you will need guidance with promoting it. I suggest my #1 Recommendation for the training to successfully promote this and any other online business.



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Fixed Monthly Income Reveiw- Is it worth Your Time?

Welcome to my review of Fixed Monthly Income. I am so glad you are here to see if this money making opportunity is for you. There are many sites online that take advantage of people who are looking to make extra money. Let’s see if this is one of them.


Is Fix Monthly Income a scam


Name: Fixed Monthly Income

Website: http//

Owner: unkown

Price: Free

What is Fixed Monthy Income?

Fix Monthly Income site leads you to believe it is one of the leading advertising companies online. Advertisers pay them for advertising and in turn, Fixed Monthly Income pays you to send visitors to their site.

They claim you can make money very easily by sharing your affiliate link with other people. You can use methods like social media, family, and friends. When someone clicks your link and go to the site you earn $5. If they sign up, you earn $10.

Sounds so easy and too good to be true, right?

You also earn $10 when you sign up for your own free account. But if don’t log into your account for 30 days you lose whatever money you earned. That’s not good.

In order to get paid your earnings have to reach $300. Doesn’t that sound high to you? That adds up to a lot of referrals (traffic) sent to the website.

They claim you can get paid through PayPal, Moneygram or check. But after you sign up if you earn the $300, which by the way, is about 60 referrals, the only option you have is to get paid by check.

This is the real deal

Even thou they claim companies are paying them to advertise, there are no advertisements to see. So either the companies are paying for nothing, or Fixed Monthly Income is not very truthful.


I have looked all around and do not see any advertisements. So companies would be foolish to pay for advertisements don’t appear. But with further investigation, I saw where they have a captcha test. In order to get paid you have to do the captcha test. That is where you will see an endless amount of advertisement.

All these advertisements want is your information. Name, address phone number and email. They offer things you don’t want. Every time you think you’re done… another advert appears.

After you did everything you are supposed to do you still won’t get paid. The only option they give you is paid by check. So you wait for it. And continue to wait. When it doesn’t come they will tell you to wait longer. Snail mail can be slow. You could be waiting 8-12 weeks before they acknowledge it could be lost. Good luck waiting for payment with a reissued check.

Who Is Really Benefiting?

It seems like the unknown creator of this site could be making money collecting and selling your contact information.

There are people who buy money-making opportunity lists. If anyone signs up with Fix Monthly Income it is obvious they are looking to make money online. The company can sell your information over and over again to other people who want to send you emails about making money online.

So now you will have all these so-called opportunities flooding your email inbox.

They are counting on you to use your referral link to send people to them and they sign up with their emails and passwords.

Sometimes people use the same passwords for their Paypal accounts. So if you did sign up and are using the same password as you did with your Paypal account. Go change your PayPal password immediately. You don’t want money taken from your account.

Learn How to Spot a Scam 

Since there are so many scammers online trying to take your hard earned money you need to know how to spot them.

These are a few questions you should ask before you join any money making program.

  • How much money will they pay you? Does it seem too good to be true for the type of work you will do?
  • How is the company paid? Like I have said, I don’t see any adverts with this program.
  • Who is the owner of the company? Why is it a mystery? It reminds me of 7Dollar Click and Email Sending Jobs. These are other programs to stay away from.
  • Do they support you can actually contact?

Is Fix Monthly Income a Scam?

If the shoe fits, wear it. I believe it is a scam. The only thing it does efficiently is getting a hold of your personal information. The owner can take that information and profit from it.

Even thou you will see earning adding up as you share your referral link, you will have a hard time getting paid.

Now let’s touch on the limit withdrawal which is $300. So now you have worked sent all these people to them. The owner has used you and others for their personal gain and insults you more by not paying you.

They result to the blame game. Blame it on the mail. Wait weeks longer for your check. Still did not come? We will reissue another check and so on.

Don’t Waste Your Time

I don’t want to see you get ripped off. Don’t waste your time with this money making nonsense. There is a better way to make money online. One of the most successful ways is with affiliate marketing.

You don’t want to sign up with a program does not have the right intentions like Fix Monthly Income.

You need to learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way so you can earn a sustainable income and make a full-time income in the future.

There is a platform I suggest which taught me all I know about how to be successful online. It is free to try. And has a community of like-minded people who are making money online also.

Check out my #1 Recommendation to see how we do it.

If you have had any experience with this or any other money making programs post it below.

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Seven Dollar PTC Review- Pays Seven Dollar Per Click Or Not

Name: Seven Dollar Click
Price: Minimum $79.99 per month

Owner: ?


Welcome to my Seven Dollar PTC review. I want to congratulate you on doing your research. You came upon the review because you are looking into making money online and possibly heard about Seven Dollar Click. This company claims it pays you $7 per click. Let’s see if their claims are viable.


Who is Seven Dollar Click for?

This program is supposedly for people who want to earn money a very easy way, by clicking ads. For people who want to put some extra money in their pockets. It does not take any experience. All you need is time. The program is targeting people who are new to making money online. They don’t have much experience with the programs online that claim to pay out a large amount of money for doing little work. Which sounds good to the newbie.

How does Seven Dollar Click Work?

Companies pay for advertising space on the website and the site pays its members to click ads. This site is free to join. After you join you go to the earning area. In the earning area, you will see a list of 147 links to ads. Each ad is 25 to 60 seconds long. You can only click those ads. If you want to click more ads you have to upgrade. The Ultimate Gold membership of $99.99 entitles you to earn 100% referral earnings.

You are required to upgrade in order to get paid. If not you don’t have access to the cash-out area. In order to cash out, you will have to earn $7000. That is 1000 clicks for $7 a click.

If you get to $7000 you still have to wait to 60 days to get paid unless you purchase a lifetime membership, then you will get paid faster.



As stated in their terms of agreement you must have an upgraded account for 75 business days. If not you don’t receive your earnings. If you happen to upgrade and you don’t keep it current you lose out on your earnings.

As I have stated above they have an Ultimate Gold Membership but it does not state if you pay $99.99 monthly or not.


Below you will see the membership options for you to purchase. I don’t see the Ultimate Gold membership is this option.

There are various options with different percentages of downline earnings. Meaning anyone you refer to this system that pays for membership, you earn a commission.




Companies are paying to advertise with Seven Dollar Clicks. They pay $10 for 1000 clicks.


Don’t Be Fooled

I suggest you don’t waste your time or money on this program. So there are so many red flags with this it’s not funny.

They say its free to join. Yeah, it is free to join but you won’t get anything at all with the free membership.

The companies are paying only $10 for 1000 clicks. So how can this company pay $7 per click? It does not make any sense.

I believe they get as many people as they can to join and click thinking they will make money and still collect from advertisers with no plans on paying members. They have so many rules to abide by. If they feel you broke one of their rules they won’t pay you..

How convenient is that? But still, the clicks were already made for the companies.

But I still don’t see how the companies gain anything. It is not like they are getting targeted traffic. Unless they are hoping members actually see something of interest and buy from the ads. Sound like hit or miss advertising to me.



Proof Of Payments

Seven Dollar Click claims they can show proof of membership payments. It really looks impressive, doesn’t it? It does not prove anything to me. Anyone can make up a list of payments like this. It’s not hard.

And another thing, why does it take 60 days to get paid? So that means you have to keep your upgrade for 75 business days and if you do make $7000 to get paid out, you still have to wait another 60 days to get paid. All together it adds up to almost four months before you see a dime.

Sounds like nonsense to me.

And to make it even worse, they want you to upgrade to be able to get paid quicker.

Imagine how much money they are getting from members who did not do their homework about this so-called earning opportunity.

It’s no wonder they have been in business for over six years. People join and click for cash for a few months, don’t get paid then leave or get banned.


Seven Dollar Click Terms and Conditions

Their terms and conditions are strictly in their favor. They can do whatever they want with your account. They can close your account and just pick whatever reason they want from their terms and conditions. There is nothing you can do about it. And all your time and money is wasted.


There is some legit pay to click sites on the internet. The pay is not much to speak of. You earn about two cents per click and that’s on the high side. On some sites, it is less than that. You can not make a full time living with pay to click sites. Legit or not.

But mostly these types of sites are looking for people who want to make quick money doing very little. In reality, making money online does not work that way. Not the kind of money I think you want to make.

If you dream of having an online business that makes you enough money to quit your job and spend more time with loved ones, check out my #1 Recommendation.

You will learn everything you need to know about how to make money online and it’s free.

If you have had any experience, good or bad, with this or any pay -to- click websites, I would love for you to post it below.

Comments which are beneficial to my readers are most welcome.

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Email Sending Jobs: Make Money or Waste of Money

Welcome to my review. Congratulations on doing your research before you spend your hard earned money. Many people are looking to make extra money online. But as you can see, this program suggests you can make more than extra money online. Sounds too good to be true, correct? Let’s take a look.

Name: Email Sending Jobs


Price: $75

Owner: Unknown

What Is Email Sending Jobs All About?

Email Sending Jobs is an online money making program that brings ordinary people you and me together with companies that are willing to pay for sending emails. They say you can make $25 or more for every email sent from the very beginning.

It cost $75 to become a member. After you sign up you are sent a list to where you can send and receive emails. You have a choice of what companies you want to work for and the type of products. After you sign up with various companies you are able to start making money immediately which is paid monthly by check or Paypal.

They have this calculator to show what you can possibly earn using this system.

email sending jobs calculator

I don’t see how that much money could be made in that short amount of time with the Email Sending Jobs system.

There are a lot of opportunities to make money online but not that quick and easy.

There are websites that pay to send emails and they don’t pay $25 per email to do it. That is because there are too many people willing to do it for pennies all over the world.

With using the email processing system you are required to read an email that’s sent to you and process it with the instructions given to you, then forward the email. The emails are pre-written.

You will receive emails every day, read them, then process them. They don’t give you an example of what the emails contain. And your email account could be closed if you are spamming people.


I don’t see any pros to this program. But I see plenty of red flags. The only benefit this program gives is to the unknown owner.

 Red Flags

As I researched this opportunity red flags popped up.

  • Why is there no mention of the owner of the program?  I have a problem sending $75 to an unknown person. And there is a no money back policy. Are they for real?
  • You have no idea why you are really paying for. They give nothing but dreams of making so much money a day.
  • I never paid money to work a job. A job is supposed to pay you for your time and services.
  • If they don’t just take your money and run, they probably have you spamming people’s emails.
  • There is plenty email automated software out there. Why pay people $25 per email sent when a software can do it for a lot less? Makes no sense to me.


Money is in the List

There is a term used on the internet which is “the money is in the list.” There are only two ways I know of to make money sending emails.

  • Working on a job for a company as an administrative worker.
  • Or having your own online business and collecting email addresses from visitors who opt-in.

I choose the latter option. This why I do what I do. I don’t like trading my time for money. That way you make limited money because there are just so many hours in a day.

When you build your own email list you are able to market to the list and make money from it. People opt-in because they are interested in is what you have to say. So they are open to your recommendations and your emails are not considered as spam.


email sending jobs so-called payment proof

This is supposed to be proof of payment. Are they serious? Let’s look at this for a second. Who issued the check? Check the date? 2006. Are you kidding me? And who’s to say the check was payment for sending email? Get real! They couldn’t come up with a better income proof than that?

Not Worth it

I am sorry if I burst your bubble. But I am giving you the low down so you don’t just give your hard earn money away. I know how many hours it takes me to earn $75 on a job.

It takes time, dedication and knowledge to build an online business. But when it’s done right it will generate a full-time income over time.

With your own business, you don’t have to worry about it shutting down.

Most of these companies that claim you can make a lot of money quickly don’t stick around. They take your money and the next thing you know their site is gone. You have no way of knowing who they are because their identities are hidden on the internet.

It Is Best To Have Your Own


If you are still looking to make money online I suggest you get the training I use. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s an online training platform which teaches you how to start and maintain a successful online business. Step by step. The training teaches you about email marketing and how to use it effectively.

In order to make money online, you have to help people. People are searching for solutions to problems all the time on the internet. Your business could be the go-to site for people finding the answers. That is when you can monetize from the traffic with products you are passionate about.

People can opt-in to your mailing list. This is when you can promote products to a target market.

There are too many scams on the internet just waiting for people who an ignorant to how it works to make money online. They promise to do most of the work with their systems. Your part is simple, quick and easy. And when its all said and done you will make hundreds of dollars in a short amount of time.

It’s all a dream they are selling. The dream of making money for doing next to nothing. I have learned you nothing for nothing.

Check you’re ready to start your own business. And learn how to make money the right way to check out my #1 Recommendation.

If you have had any experience with this program or any other programs post it below.

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DS Domination Review- Is It Worth Your Time- Find Out Here


Name: DS Domination
Price: $9.95/month for Affiliate, $19.95/month for Pro Level, $99/month for Elite Level, plus additional one-time costs
Founders: Hitesh Juneja & Kevin Hokoana


Welcome to my review on DS Domination. I congratulate you on doing your homework before you jump into anything. DS Domination was the buzz a few years ago. But the buzz has faded … find out why.

What is DS Domination?

The DS stands for Drop Shipping. This is a program that teaches people how to make money online using dropshipping.

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is done all the time with success. You purchase the discounted item and sell them to consumers. You don’t have to worry about stocking the products. The company handles the billing, customer service, returns etc. The keyword is “discounted” items. Not retail.



How it DS Domination Works?

Here the just of it. You research a product on Amazon to see how much it costs. Let’s say it cost $12. And you go to eBay and find the same item for $25. So now you put that item up for sale on eBay for maybe $23. You copy all the information to your eBay listing.  If and when the item sells you receive the money from the buyer plus shipping and handle fees. You, in turn, buy that item from Amazon. Amazon will ship the item to the buyer as if it was shipped directly from you. But from my research Amazon ships the item in an Amazon box. And you end up with $11 profit.

This is what DS Domination teaches you.





The 4 level of drop shipping courses are:

  • DS Domination Pro – $19.95/mth
  • DS Domination Elite – $99.00/mth
  • DS Domination Unleashed – $249.99 one time
  • DS Domination Monopoly  – $499.00 one time
  • Secret Affiliate training – $199 one time

If you want to be a part of the affiliate program you have to pay $9/mth.

DS Domination Pro- In this course Roger Langille takes you through the process of creating an account on and He explains what dropping shipping is all about.

DS Domination Pro includes 19 modules and each module has a 15-20 minute video.

Each upgrade gives you more information on tools and supplies to get products from.

Does this really work?

These days people are smart. They do their research to see where they can get the lowest price. I, personally, check both Amazon and eBay to see what the lowest price is. Maybe a lazy person will go to one source. But how often is that?

I don’t see anyone making a good money with that method of doing business.

Plus, everyone who learns from DS Domination has the same knowledge and doing the same thing as you. And maybe with the same products. Each with a lower price. That’s a lot of competition.

Don’t forget eBay charges for your listing. Listing fees take a percentage of your profit.

Now if the item is shipped in an Amazon box. I would feel some kind of way about it as a customer. I would look up the item on Amazon and if I saw the item was cheaper than I paid on eBay, I would be upset.

DS Domination – The MLM side of it

If you don’t want to do drop shipping you can make commisions referring people to DS Domination. In order to make commissions from their programs, you would have to purchase all of them. Otherwise, if you only purchase one program you can only get a commission from the program you purchased.

Let’s say you referred someone who purchased all the levels in the program. And you only purchased only one. You will not receive a commission from all the levels they purchased, only the one you have.

I don’t think that’s fair. The real winner is here are the people who put this together. The people at the top.

Below is the earning potential when the person you referred buys the training.

ds domination compensation plan


Below is a video explaining DS Domination’s Compensation Plan

If you want to learn the most successful way of doing drop shipping I suggest you go sign up with Shopify. And read  “Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping by Shopify”.

Things I don’t like about DS Domination

  • You have to pay to promote their products. With a true affiliate program, you don’t have to buy anything.
  • This DS Domination is not affiliate marketing it is Multilevel Marketing.
  • Too many upsell
  • No refund policy.
  • You get commissions from products you have purchased for yourself.
  • Most people make money selling the program to people like you not with dropshipping.
  • DS Domination’s Income Disclaimer states that the average annual income for affiliates is around $500-$2,000. Do the math. How much is that monthly? Not much.
  • Teaching you to buy retail from Amazon to sell on eBay for a profit is not the best way to do dropshipping. You can not use an image or description of a product from Amazon and put it on another website. That is copy write infringement. It is against Amazon’s policies.

Amazon has warned people about buying on Amazon Prime and selling on eBay. It can put your account in jeopardy.

Alternative Way to Make Money Online

The way I make money is through affiliate marketing. I select the products I want to promote. It doesn’t cost anything to be an affiliate. I have my own unique links to promote on my blog. When someone clicks the link and purchase I get a commission. I don’t worry about inventory or customer service.

I learned how to do this and a lot more through an online training source. It is free to join. You can give it a test drive. You know exactly what you are getting. Plus if you feel the training is not for you maybe you know people you can refer to it. If they join through your affiliate link you earn a commission.

Check out my #1 Recommendation.

Affiliate marketing may not make money as fast as drop shipping. And that really depends on what you are selling. But I know it is possible to put a listing on eBay one day and get a sale a few days later. I have done it.

But affiliate marketing has more staying power. You are able to make a full-time income in time.

If you have had any experience with DS Domination or dropshipping post your comments. 

Let’s make money online.




CB Passive Income 5.0 review scam or not Take a Look


Product Name:CB Passive Income 5.0.

Owner: Patric Chan.

Price: $47/month or one time fee of $497 + Up-Sells.



Inbox Pro Version $97–  An automated chatbox to promote digital products on Facebook Messenger.
Mass Bot Profits $97– This upsell enables you to attach your autoresponder to your CB Passive Income account.

CB Passive Income is an affiliate marketing system created by Patric Chan. This program was designed to help newbies make money with Clickbank products using affiliate marketing.

Patric Chan has written best seller books and he has success as an internet marketer. Patric is also an international speaker who teaches people how to start and run their own business.

This course what launched in 2013 in the beginning. It was about how affiliate marketing works. It was upgraded in 2014. In 2015 the company designed “multiple secret pages”. These pages enabled members to use other methods of getting traffic. In 2017 the system went mobile-friendly with the “Facebook Click-to-opt-in” feature.

Now with the 5.0 version, you can clone the whole system. The system that has worked for Chan and is students.

How does CB passive Income work?

  • You send traffic to a landing page that is created by CB Passive Income.
  • The landing pages are professionally designed and offer the visitor a free gift.
  • After the visitor gives their email address to get the free gift, they will start to receive emails from the programs autoresponder.
  • If they buy something, you earn a commission.


Things You Need to Know

  • Getting traffic is not easy and without traffic, you don’t make any sales.
  • Free traffic can take months to build up.
  • Your job is to send traffic.  Hopefully, they opt-in and become a part of Patric Chan’s email list your list unless you purchase the upsell.
  • Speaking of “cloning”, everyone who purchases the system has the same “secret page.”  No different from yours. How are you suppose to get traffic with duplicate content? You are not going to. Google frowns on websites with duplicate content.
  • After the person opt-ins, Patric Chan system starts sending emails to them. You won’t know how often he sends it. Or what type of email it is or what products he is promoting. You can assume that its Clickbank products he promotes. But not all Clickbank products are good.


What’s Included In The Training?

In the members’ area, you’re given an introduction to the program and training.


There are two steps:

  • After you purchase the program first thing you need to do is set up your profile. It’s very important for you to put in your Clickbank ID number. Without that, you are not able to use the program.
  • Once your profile is completed you will be able to get your links. These links are what you’re going to promote to get traffic.


Ways to Get Traffic

Solo Advertising:

It’s an easy way to get started because you just need to find internet marketers who will allow you to send on their lists. It works well on the internet marketing niche and the cost is affordable most of the times.

You will get a 35 page PDF ebook on solo advertising. The ebook is unique and included great training that covers all the aspects of this method.

Bing Ads:

In the training, there are two 30 minute videos teaching you how to use Bing ads with CB Passive Income.


Free Youtube Traffic Training:

Youtube is a way to get free traffic to your landing page. The program has videos, screenshots, and training showing you how to get started using Youtube.for marketing your links.


  • Chan only charges a one-time fee to promote his services
  •  lessons are easy to understand
  • Sixty-day money back guarantees, giving you a chance to go over it.
  • The freebie you’re promoting is ok hopefully it will convert.
  • It could be a good source of passive income if you can generate enough traffic to it that buys.
  • Chan updates the system.



  • Low conversion rate
  • You have to constantly drive traffic  for it to convert
  • Too many upsells
  • No control of your list unless you purchase the upsell
  •  training is incomplete
  • No community to support you



CB Passive Income is not a scam.  It is for people who are beginners in making money online. It’s supposed to be a way to get passive income meaning you don’t have to do anything. But that’s not true. You have to work your butt off to get traffic to the website. If you do succeed in getting traffic, they opt-in with their email addresses and Patric Chan takes over from there.

Chan sends emails to the list. The problem I have with that is you don’t know how often he sends the emails. And exactly what the email contains. You have no control over the email list. In this industry, the money is in the list. In order to get a copy of the list, you have to upgrade. But my question is… What are you suppose to do with a duplicate email list? Assuming you are a newbie. You cannot use that list and send other emails to it. It would be considered spam.

In the emails, Chan is promoting other products to subscribers. Products you may not get paid a commission for if they purchase.

In order to have success in any business, you need quality products that is relevant to each other. You must stay in touch with your target market. Do your research. Find out who your competitors are. How is your website ranking? Give your readers valuable content.

If you really want to make money online I suggest you learn the basics step by step. You will learn how to do everything this program does and more. That way you will have control over your business and you can pick which niche you want to promote. You don’t have to settle for what CB passive Income wants you to promote.


The best training I know of is with Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to join. It has tons of lessons and videos about how to make money online. There are thousands of likeminded people there ready to help you including me.

So if you’re serious about making money online check out my #1 recommendation.

Let’s Start making money!

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Five Minute Profit Sites Review- Is it worth it or a Scam


Name: Five Minute Profit Sites
Creator: Sam Smith (?)
Cost:  $37 (plus upsells)
Years Online: June 2018

What Is Five Minute Profit Sites?

Five Minute Profit Site has not been around long. It is a Clickbank product that came on the scene in June 2018. It’s supposed to be a system that takes advantage of $12.3 million loophole in a secret industry that will make you $519 a day in six days.

They claim you only have to work 23 minutes a day using this point and click software to make money with affiliate marketing. All it takes is 5 minutes and 17 clicks to have a website done for you.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? What they call a website is a landing page, you use this page to promote to other people.


Now people are making good money every day using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting other websites products/services and making a commission when its sold thru your marketing efforts.

But I can honestly say making money with affiliate marketing takes more than a few clicks and 5 minutes a day.


In order for you to gain access, you need to pay $37 or you may come across a sales page that offers $7


The front end product cost $37. Check out the other upsells:

  •  FMPS Faster Profits ($197) –  is a pre-built website with content (videos, articles, and reviews) in the make money niche.
  •  FMPS Double Your Profit Sites ($187) – It is a pre-built website with content (videos, articles, and reviews) relating to different topics such as weight loss, self-help, health etc.
  • FMPS Traffic Tsunami ($97) – It consists of training, ranging from basic to advance, designed to bring traffic to your sales page. You will learn here blog commenting, press release, video traffic and how to bring traffic through a blog.  

Traffic Methods

Now that you have created a landing page you are taught different methods on how to get traffic to it in the member’s area.

You have created a landing page as I have shown you above. Now all you need is to send it traffic.

There are few methods you were taught in the member’s area which are;

Solo Ads

  • With solo ads, you’re renting an email list which is expensive and cold. “Cold” meaning this list of people has no relationship with you. You have not given them any value. So why would they buy what you recommend?
  •  When traffic goes to the page they can opt-in and their email addresses are captured in the Aweber account.


Articles Marketing 

In the past, people wrote 500-word articles and posted them on article directory sites to get backlinks. Google cracked down on those sites and de_indexed most of them. This method of getting traffic is so out-dated. Why would they suggest you do that?


 Guest Blogging

If you are able to get permission from someone who has lots of traffic to their blog you may be able to get a good amount of referral traffic. But how likely is that?

 Forum Marketing

This is another out-dated way of bringing traffic to your site. The moderators in the forum don’t appreciate sales page links being posted in the forum. They take it off and could band you from posting anything in the future for not following the rules.

You can post links to content which has value to the forum members. If not, it’s considered as spam.


Blog Commenting


Blog commenting is when you place a link on someone else’s blog along with your comments. If the webmaster doesn’t allow it they will remove the link.

Blog commenting is not a good way to traffic these days

 Press Releases


The training suggests press release as a way to get traffic. I doubt is someone would see a sales page as news and have it go viral.



How to get started:


  • Click on “Create a website”
  • Join Clickbank or insert your Clickbank id.
  • Select a domain with the website name ending in .live
  • Join Aweber
  • Build a form inside Aweber and insert the form code into the website


training is minor

money back guarantee



By showing this on their sales page they are trying to get you to act before it’s too late and there are no more licenses. So you miss out on this money making opportunity.

 Outdated Methods

Most of the traffic methods are out-dated. People used these methods years ago but not now. Solo ads may get you traffic but it is not for the newbies.

Hyped Up Claims

Don’t believe the hype. There is no way you can make over $500 a day from the start. An online business done the right way can take a year or two to make that kind of money.

No Control

You have no control over the site. Their software is hosted on their servers. Which means it’s their site, not yours.

If  FMPS were to shut down so would your site. And that will be the end of it.

Won’t Rank

These 5-minute websites will not rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The sales page as no valuable content for the readers.

Spend Even More Money

In order for the system to work, you have to spend money an Aweber account. Aweber has a 30-day free trial afterward you will be charged $19 a month. You would have completed the final step by pasting in the Aweber opt-in form.

The next cost is for solo ads to get traffic as they recommend in the training.

Is Five Minute Profit Site A Scam?

This product is not a scam I think it’s a waste of money.  One premade sales page is not a worthwhile website that will get you targeted traffic and make sales. Especially the number of sales that total $519 a day in commissions.

In order to get ranked in the search engines, you have to have a website that has valuable content for your readers. Not just a sales page full of income hype.

You develop a relationship with your readers. Your reader begins to trust you over time and are more likely to buy products you suggest. This is how you get sales. Not the antiquated ways FMPS teaches you.

Five Minute Profit Site has only been around since June 2018. Not long. I doubt if it will stand the test of time.


If you want to know how to make money online check out my #1 recommendation.

This is the training I use to make money online with affiliate marketing since 2014. 



If you have had any experience with Five Minute Profit Site tell me about it in the comments below.

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Is Affilorama Worth it – find out here

Business Name: Affilorama

Website Address:

Price: Free, $1 for 30 days trial, $67 monthly + upsells

Business Owner: Mark Ling

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Affilorama is a web-based training platform that teaches affiliate marketing. There is a free membership which gives you access to many lessons and videos. This platform is for the new and experienced affiliate marketer.

The majority of the training is on point, but there is some outdated information. For example backlinking and PLR content.

Affilorama is a great first step in learning affiliate marketing.


Free Membership (Get Here)

  • Build Your Website
  • Create content
  • Learn what Pay Per Click (PPC) is
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing Ideas
  • affiliate marketing resources
  • Learn How to spot the Best Affiliate Programs
  • 20 hrs of training videos




AffiloBlueprint – $197 one-time (Get Here)

AffiloBlueprint is a course which teaches you how to build a successful website.  You will learn: how to search for profitable niches, finding great products to promote and creating your website.

It also teaches you how to market your business. Learn how to use search engine optimization, social media, and various other methods to generate traffic to your site.

  • Over 90 step by step video lessons
  • Downloadable lessons
  • Members forum
  • Lifetime access
  • AffiloTheme website builder
  • 1 year of hosting for one website
  • 1-month trial membership of Affilorama Premium – If you forget to cancel this trial membership at the end of that month you will be charged $67 going forward.

AffiloBlueprint costs $197 (one-time payment) which does not include support unless you are a premium member.

AffiloBlueprint is similar to the premium membership. If you become a premium member this product is not necessary. Save your money.


Affilotools (Get Here)

Affilotools is a web-based tool that will help you to track your keywords, traffic, social media, and revenue. Keywords are essential in getting ranked in the search engines. This tool will help you find the best keywords for your site.

This tool will help you to find out which keywords are working very well for you.

You can connect Affilotools to Google Analytics and get reports of your site’s performance.

  • keywords and SEO
  • Website health.
  • Traffic.
  • Revenue from affiliate programs
  • Social media
  • Tracking competitors

Check out the upgrade below.


AffiloTheme  $97 (Get Here)

AffioTheme is a theme for WordPress websites specifically intending to sell affiliate products.  Here are a few reasons you may want to consider this theme.

  • This website theme is created for the affiliate marketer to help increase profits.
  •  With Affilotheme you install it and it gives you the basic layouts that convert people into buyers.
  • SEO Optimized to rank and drive traffic for the search engines.


AffiloJetpack – $997 one-time- (Get Here)

If you’re a person who doesn’t have the time, patience, or the energy to work on building your affiliate website, you may want to invest in AffiloJetpack. Everything is done for you.

AffiloJetpack is for people who have the money to outsource. It’s like having a  business in a box. Even thou 80% of the work has been done. You still have to put in 20% work.

Mark Ling instructs you how to promote his products. This is what’s included in AffiloJetPack:

  • 5 Niche Packages (you should choose one niche that you like from these niches)
  •  A year worth of Newsletter email series, one per niche and professionally written
  • 3, 10,000-word ebooks, per niche, to help grow your email list.
  • Access to Affilotheme.
  • 20 PLR  Content Articles
  • Graphics for your niches.
  • 12 months of free web hosting
  • Content creation cheatsheets- this shows you are to create lots of original content easily. (Hold up!)

This last point concerns me. Content creation cheatsheets. I wondering if they are talking about spinning poorly written articles. If that’s the case, spun articles don’t do well in the search engines. You will never get ranked.



  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Free option to check out the platform.
  • Free downloadable 32-page PDF getting started guide.


  • Affiliorama offers basic information about affiliate marketing but is very limiting.
  • You are not able to contact the founder directly
  • Many costly upsells which is to be expected when you can join for free at the start.
  • Support takes time to respond
  • Some outdated training
  • Affilorama suggests using PLR content in the content creation lesson, which is duplicate content.  Using this type of content can ruin your business. Search engines, like Google, frown on duplicate content.

affilorama what do they teach

Final Verdict

Overall Affilorama is good for learning affiliate marketing basics in the beginning but for the long term, I wouldn’t recommend it. The training is not exactly in order. You can just pick a topic and read about it. Then jump to another topic and read about that. If you are a beginner I believe you need a more structured, take you -by- the- hand approach, to learning affiliate marketing.


A Better Alternative

Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform which teaches you affiliate marketing. Everything is explained to you step by step, not only through the written material but videos also.



wealthy affiliate process for making money online

Each course has a question and answers section. At any given time you can see Kyle, the co-founder, helping in the discussion area. Each lesson takes up where the last lesson ended. In which case you’re not just jumping around aimlessly and not making any progress.

Each lesson comes with a list of things you should do before going to the next lesson.

The online Certification course has 5 levels


what do you learn at wealthy affiliate

Training is updated regularly. Wealthy Affiliate keeps up with the affiliate marketing industry. WA keeps their members in the know.

Every Friday there is a webinar hosted by Jay. Jay discusses various topics to help further our education. It is an interactive webinar, you can ask questions and actually get answers. If you miss the webinar, it’s uploaded to the site the next day. Each webinar is over an hour long.


These are the tools included in Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership:

  • Hosting for up to 50 sites
  • SiteProtect- a spam blocker
  • SiteSpeed – increases website loading time
  • Site Rubix Web builder which includes over 2,00 WordPress Themes.
  • Website health Checker
  • keyword research tool

Premium membership costs $19 for the first month, after that its $49 a month. There are no upsells with Wealthy Affiliate. Everything you need to build a successful business online is all under one roof.


Wealthy Affiliate has an awesome community of like-minded people. People who are building online businesses just like you. Newbies and experienced affiliate marketers are cheering each other on. There is a 24/7 chat room where you can ask questions. Someone is always available to help.

Members blog about their successes all the time. Even if they make as little as $5 with their site, they are so excited to share that it works. Affiliate marketing works if you work it.

Give Wealthy Affiliate a test run. It’s FREE.

If you have been a member of Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate I would love to get your take on them.

Feel free to leave comments below that is relevant to this topic and helpful to my readers.